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I was sold at the lowest price C380

I was sold at the lowest price C380: Enduring


After all, it is difficult to attack the bare core in the middle without damaging it. I could only shoot magic bullets at the feet of the four arms machine, or swing my sword at it’s legs and arms but the four arms machine attacked me without mercy.

Not only the four arms machine, but also the zombie magicrafts rose up one after another and attacked me. There were many of them, and they attacked without fear, making this battle even more troublesome. “Why are these things moving?”

I felt angry at the magicrafts that were moving even though there were no people on them. Feri didn’t seem to have a proper answer as to how they worked.

“I’m sure it’s telekinetic puppet technology, but it must take a lot of energy to generate this much power. However, it’s odd that I can’t see any interference other than from that magicraft.”

“It hurts……it’s painful……help me…….”

“No way…….That’s not……”

“What’s the matter, what have you found out?”

“If my guess is correct, the person who developed that magicraft is an outcast.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yuta, what is the most powerful power that a person can create?”

“Huh? Well, I’ve heard that the power of the legs is many times greater than that of the arms, so I guess legs.”

“Physical power is tiny compared to mental power. The strongest power we generate is our emotions. Among them, negative emotions, pain, suffering, anger, etc., easily generate huge amounts of power.”

“Wait a minute! What does that mean?”

I had a bad feeling when I heard that. No way, could that be true?

“Not only is it incorporated into the Epsilon Core, but it seems to extract incredible energy by constantly inflicting pain and suffering. In addition, if they suffer a mental breakdown, the energy they produce will be reduced, so it is thought that they are simultaneously taking measures to keep the person in the core awake and alive.”

I feel like throwing up when I imagine her situation. How long she’s been suffering and in pain…….

“Yuta, you must promise me one thing. If you decide that there is no chance of saving her, don’t hesitate to give her eternal sleep…….”

I couldn’t reply. She was made a part of the magicraft and suffered just to get some produce energy. Such a life is too sad. That’s why I will definitely help her. That’s what I thought once again. However, if there is really no chance that I can help her……then I have to be prepared to…..

Kiyone made good use of my distraction and got behind the back of the four arms machine. All that was left was for me to create a chance for an attack.

I approached the four arms machine so that his attention would be drawn to me. However, as if they were aiming for that moment, more than ten zombie magicrafts quickly stood up and tackled Arleo-2 to hold him back. I cut down two of them with my sword, but I couldn’t deal with the surprise attack. They swarmed Arleo-2 and blocked its movement.

The four arms machine slowly approached the immobilized Arleo-2, pointed his staff at him and he unleashed a magic strike. The right chest area receives a large impact from the close range blow. If it had been an ordinary magicraft, it would have been destroyed.

Damn, I could wipe out the swarm of zombie magicrafts if I went into serious mode, but I was too close to the four arms machine. He lost his armor and hesitated to do so when I saw the bare capsule.\

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  1. Easykiln

    This world has weak flesh and strong machines. A situation where assassins aimed at riders outside their mechas seem like they ought to be a lot more common than it would appear from reading the story, actually. If this technology could be repurposed to create small cores that can be implanted in people or, even better, be worn as light equipment one carries with them everywhere, that would be valuable. Even if the power is incomparable to a mech, it could at least allow a skilled rider some level of control over their fate without their partner present.

    The system of using pain for a power output increase would also still be useful if applied in a more humane way. Yuta is the ignorant hero type, which I’m not a huge fan of in general, but I can respect it if they recognize that the best ending they gamble everything on is something one can only reach if you have the power to see it through, and are accordingly desperate to get stronger. This pain system represents a way to pull power basically out of nowhere, a temporary boost that only needs the “hero’s” temporary sacrifice of great suffering.

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