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I was sold at the lowest price C381

I was sold at the lowest price C381 – A Killer Sword


Trusting in the sturdiness of Arleo-2, I decided to take the attack here. With that, the attention of the four arms machine turned completely toward me.

Kiyone seemed to think that now was her chance, and she quickly approached without a sound, and with a sharp sword blow, she sent the head of the four arms machine flying.

“Yes! We did it!”

“No, not yet! It’s not shutting down!”

As Feri had said, the four arms machine was moving without a care in the world even though it’s head had been blown off. He turned around and unleashed a magic strike at Kiku Ichimonji.


Kiyone didn’t expect the headless attack, so she took the attack head on. Unlike Arleo-2, Kiku Ichimonji was not that strong. He was damaged to the point that his armor came off from his chest to his shoulders.


Kiyone will be in danger if this continues. I shook off the clinging zombie magicrafts and grabbed onto the four arms machine.

Then the four-armed machine made the most of the advantage of having four arms, holding me down with two and attacking me with the other two. It has a lot of power, but this level of attack doesn’t faze Arleo-2. I’m more worried about the damaged Kiku Ichimonji. It’s dangerous, so I told him to stay back.

“No, this level of damage is not a problem. I won’t be blindsided again, so don’t worry.”

In spite of my concerns, Kiyone refused to step back. It seems that she was very frustrated with the blow that she just received.

However, I don’t care about Kiyone’s strange pride. In its current state if Kiku Ichimonji is hit again it will be fatal. In order to prevent that, it is necessary to stop the movement of this thing as soon as possible.

“Feri! That thing on his back, can you hit it from the front?”

“The Great Elemental Line, yes. It is possible. But most of it is behind the capsule, making it very difficult to aim.”

“I know it’s difficult, but if we destroy it, it will stop.”

“The Great Elemental Line is the second most important part after the Ludia Core, where the nerves of the magicraft are concentrated. There’s a pretty good chance we’ll be able to shut it down.”

“All right! Give me the exact location!”

“Yes. If you’re going to hit it from the front, you need to aim as close as you can for the bottom of the capsule.”

“Just under the capsule.”

The four arms machine also reacted to my movements. However, perhaps it was during the cool time of the magic strike, it attacked me while waving its staff around. I didn’t fight back and kept my aim steady since there was no room for error.

“Yuta! Watch out!”

Kiyone shouted a warning when she saw the enemy’s movement. Perhaps the cool time was over, the four-armed machine stopped hitting with his staff and made a gesture of unleashing a magic strike. But I had been waiting for this moment.


The moment he unleashed the magic shot, he stopped moving so I thrust my sword towards the lower part of the capsule. After the feeling of piercing the armor, the sword penetrates the body of the four arms machine and reaches its back.

Okay! The capsule is safe. The question is whether or not the four arms machine will stop.

However the four arms machine did not stop. He threw down his staff and made a gesture to pull out the sword that stabbed him.

“Damn it! It’s not stopping!”

I thought, but the movement of the four arms machine became slower and slower. Finally, it came to a complete stop.

“Yuta please remove the capsule and return to Mirai immediately. The magicraft is shutting down and so is her life support system. If you don’t get her into a medical pod immediately, she will die.”

“Oh, okay.”

I took out the capsule from the four arms machine and hurried to Mirai.

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