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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C89

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C89


In front of Lilia’s eyes, the two of them are still beating each other with their swords. Currently, they had two victories against each other, and this would decide the match. As she watched, Lilia unconsciously sighed in admiration.

Lilia had no idea who had the upper hand. It’s just that she honestly thought it was cool.

When she suddenly realized it, the match was over.

“Who won?”

“Mr. Cross did.”


Ray had lost but he didn’t look too disappointed. My brother and Ray shook hands with each other.

S–It’s male friendship. Youth!

L–Youth. I like youth. Even though it smells like sweat.

S–You’re ruining it!

As I was watching them, my eyes met Ray as he turned to look at me. He ran towards me, stopped right in front of me and smiled embarrassedly.

“I’ve lost.”

“It seems so.”

So I punctuated my words, thought for a moment, and said,

“But you looked good.”


Ray’s eyes widened in surprise, as if he hadn’t expected to hear such words. He turned away from me and smiled. Lilia turned her head away from the smile and snapped back.

“I’m going back to my room.”

“What? Oh, yes…….”

Ray’s voice sounded somewhat disappointed. I feel a little guilty, but I think I’ll say something unnecessary if I stay here.


Ray stopped me. I was a little annoyed, but when I turned around, I saw Ray staring straight at me.

“I can protect you, Lilia!”

Strong words. Lilia nodded,

You can say that after you beat my brother.


Ray looked back at my brother resentfully, and my brother quickly looked away, wondering where the male friendship that he had just experienced had gone and chuckled thinly.



“Don’t use honorifics or anything like that. It makes you look weak.”

“What? No, but……”

“I don’t know what you think of me, but it makes it easier for me to get to know you.”

Ray’s eyes widened slightly and he nodded slowly.

“I get it. It’s Lilia……..Lilia.”

“You’re awkward. It’s okay.”

Without saying another word, I entered the house and immediately closed the door. The garden immediately became noisy, but I didn’t care and started walking to my room.


L–What is it?

S–I’m asking because it’s too much trouble, but you know that Ray likes you, right?

Lilia nodded her head as she moved her feet.

L–I don’t know how long it’s been, but I’ve had that feeling.

S–What about you, Lilia?

When asked, Lilia was silent for a while. She stopped and thought. She thought of Ray’s face, and smiled thinly.

L–I’m not saying it’s bad, but I’m honestly not sure.

S–Hmmm. If you’re worried about me, I’ll be quiet, okay? I’ve been quiet on dates!

L–Making fun of me when I get home.

S–Mmm! That’s rude! You’re right, though!

I don’t think it’s a bad idea. It would be embarrassing to be watched by Sakura all the time, but she would be able to learn a lot from me later. I don’t think Sakura has any romantic experience.

L–That’s rude but I won’t deny it.

S–Hmmm……….By the way, Sakura, do you want me to fall in love with you? You’re asking a lot.

She laughed and spoke.

S–To be honest, I don’t think I want you to do it.…

That’s when her words trailed off.

L–What do you mean?

S–Oh…….It’s nothing. Forget it.

Lilia smiled to herself as she thought about it. I guess it’s nothing to worry about now.

L–Let’s eat some of the sweets I bought yesterday.

S–Oh! I was wondering when we were going to eat them!

Sakura said as she started humming happily. Lilia listened to her and headed for her room, humming the same tune that she was slowly starting to learn.


While enjoying the taste of Lilia’s sweets, Sakura vaguely recalled a memory from before. It was a memory from when she was still alive, when she was living as Fuyutsuki Sakura.

She at least had the experience of falling in love with someone. Although she hadn’t confessed her feelings for him because they were going to the same high school, she now wished she had. Her friends always told her to get on with it.

Once she remembered, a wave of memories hit Sakura. She remembered not only the people she fell in love with and her friends, but also her family, her neighbors, and her cozy home. Truly, she had lived a fulfilling life.


I found myself bursting into tears. I hurriedly wiped them away, but they would not stop. They continued to flow unceasingly.

L–Sakura. What’s wrong?

Sakura’s eyes widened slightly when she heard Lilia’s voice. It seemed that Lilia had heard her as well. Sakura immediately put on a deceptive smile.

S–It’s nothing. What’s the next pastry? Hurry up!

L–Okay, okay. Then let’s eat this next one.

Whenever Lilia put something in her mouth, the taste would spread to Sakura’s mouth as well. Sakura enjoyed it and kept a lid on her own memories.


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