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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C90

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C90


It has been about a week since Ray came to Aldis’ mansion and he still hasn’t left. As a result, there were slight changes in Lilia’s life.

Ray began to be present at her morning study time. She has to teach both of them, so her workload has increased a little, but it’s not too much. After noon, it was business as usual, and Ray seemed to be taking some of the servants who worked at the mansion for a walk around the area.

“Brother, how much longer will your work take?”

One morning at the breakfast table, Lilia asked her brother, and he nodded.

“Yes. It will take more time. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait a little longer.”

“I understand. If there is anything I can do to help, I will.”

“Keep your hands to yourself.”

She had hoped that she could help in any way she could, since she was the one who was forcing herself, but it seemed that her brother didn’t like her.

S–I don’t think so.

L–Yes? I don’t know, it just seems like he doesn’t like me.

S–I think he probably cares about Lilia. Maybe he doesn’t want her to help him with his work, maybe he wants her to focus on something else.

L–What other things?

S–Let’s see…….Like, other jobs? To give you more options.

I don’t understand Sakura’s words at all.

S–Lilia. What are you going to do when you graduate from the academy?

L–What will I do…….?

I was at a loss for words as I tried to answer. I hadn’t even thought about it until she asked me. I only vaguely thought of a future where I would marry someone. I used to be the prince’s fiancée and now I will be married to someone else. That’s what being a daughter of a noble family means.

S–That’s not what the family wants, is it?

L–Well, come to think of it, they don’t.

The engagement to the prince is what Lilia wanted. Other than that, there has been no talk of an engagement. She was asked the other day about her preferences, but in the end, nothing special was said after that.

S–I’m sure they’ll respect Lilia’s wishes. I think that’s why he wants you to look at so many things, not just the work of a nobleman, you know.

“I see,” Lilia nodded. But she couldn’t think of anything else.


At the sound of her father’s voice, Lilia looked up.

“I’m sure you’ll be bored if you stay here forever. Why don’t you go to the villa in the north? It would be a nice change of pace. We can wait for Cross and head to Tina’s parents’ house. What do you think?”

I think it’s not a bad suggestion. Indeed, I was beginning to feel a little bored lately. A visit to the villa would be nice.

“Wow. You have a villa…….”

Tina, sitting next to her, said in surprise. Lilia tilted her head and said.

“We do have a villa. Don’t you have one at Tina’s house?”

S–No, she doesn’t.

L–Is that so? Aldis has four mansions, so I thought it was only natural for her to have one.

S–It’s impossible for a low-ranking nobleman…Wait, there are four? That’s not fair!

I don’t know what’s unfair, but apparently not really is normal. I looked at Tina and saw that she was laughing.

“I don’t think I have one in my house. So I have no idea what a villa is like.”

“It’s just a normal house. It’s not as big as this one.”

One of the villas is about three days by carriage north of here in a small town, more of a village. It used to be a place I didn’t want to visit because it was too quiet, but now I find it a little more appealing.

L—How is it Sakura? Do you want to go?

S–I want to go.

L–All right.

Lilia nodded and turned her head to her father.

“I think I’ll go.”

“I see. I’ll make the arrangements here. It will be tomorrow, is that all right?”


Lilia nodded and glanced at Tina. She saw that Tina was trying to say something.

“Father, may I take Tina with me?”

“Of course.”

“I want to go, too.”

Ray raised his hand as if to take advantage of the situation, and before Lilia could say anything, her father nodded.

“I will make arrangements.”

“You’ll need an escort. Shall I send one of my men, Father?”


“I’ll take care of the guards, okay?”

Ray smiled, while my father and brother looked at each other and chuckled, as if they were troubled. I’m sure they didn’t understand the meaning of his reaction, so Ray tilted his head.


Lilia called out, and Ray turned to her.

“You’re the third prince of Claviles, aren’t you?”


“Are you aware that you need to be protected the most?”

Ray blinked his eyes a few times. Lilia sighs and explains again,

“You’re the one who needs to be protected the most, so why are you waving your sword in front of me?”

“Oh…….That’s right.”

It really hadn’t occurred to him. Lilia held her temples with her fingers to hold in her headache, and let out a long, deliberate sigh.

“I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize. Brother, please make arrangements for that as well.”


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