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I was sold at the lowest price C385

I was sold at the lowest price C385: The power of numbers


I defeated the first giant beast weapon. Maybe it’s because I’m getting used to it, but I think I won more easily than when I fought the previous one.

“Hey, guys! Look around!”

Nagisa suddenly raised her voice.

“How long has this been going on……?”

While we were fighting one of them, cocoons of giant beast weapons had gathered around us and their number of them had multiplied to an uncountable extent.

I had assumed that they would not move in their cocooned state, but I had never imagined that this would happen.

“Watch out! It looks like they’re using the white threads to move!”

Jean seemed to have witnessed the movement and told us. It seems that they use the white threads for attacks and to move.

A white thread was released simultaneously from the dozens of cocoons surrounding us. The amount of white threads that was released was too much to count and could not be avoided. The threads entwined around all of us.

“Damn it! There’s so many of them.”

“Ugh, squishy and disgusting!”

“I never thought I’d……be strapped into one of these things.”

“No! Let me go!”

The tangled white threads tighten up the magicrafts mercilessly with tremendous force. I have to do something about this white thread, or I’m going to be killed.

“I checked the material of the thread. The weak point of this cocoon is the flame! A hot flame can burn the thread!”

At a time like this, it would be nice to have Alana, who uses flame magic strikes…….

“Feri! There’s nothing to burn!

“The material to be burned is the white threads of the cocoons.”

“How do I ignite them?”

“One of the elements of the four-element cannon is fire. Arleo-2 and Viktor, who can use the four-element cannon, can make fire.”

Oh my god, I didn’t know the four-element gun had such a use…….

“Yes! Linnecarlo, you heard Feri!”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I’ve sent the single element release instructions to Feri II of Viktor. Please follow the instructions.”


“Everyone gather around, whether you roll or crawl!”

There is a possibility that the flames will not reach the target if they are far apart. The success rate will be higher if we are as close together as possible.

Despite the restraints and tightening, we all managed to crowd close together. There, I execute a single elemental release.

Flames billowed out from Arleo-2 and Viktor. It was not very powerful as a means of attack, but it was enough to ignite the white threads. In the blink of an eye, the flames spread to the surrounding area.

“Yes! It’s working!”

That’s what it seemed like to me, but Feri told me the reality.

“No! It’s not hot enough! At this rate, the fire will be extinguished before it burns out.”

“What am I supposed to do?

“Increase the oxygen level and the flame temperature will increase.”


Kiyone, who was listening, immediately reacted.

“Leave it to me. Kiku Ichimonji has a wind magic strike!”

A tornado-like movement of air is created around Kiku Ichimonji. It is not strong enough to extinguish the burning flames, but it gently pumps oxygen into them. Then the flames gain more and more momentum.

The flames that had been engulfed by the tornado flared wide as they rose, turning the threads of the giant beast weapon’s cocoon into charcoal.

It worked, the white threads that held us in place were burned away and we were free.

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  1. Easykiln

    Feri. That would have been useful the time they couldn’t use the cannon for fear of a cave in, as well as the time they had to fight underwater. Both times I thought the cannon was defective in design for not being able to make use of the component part individually, but apparently your documentation was just terrible. Reflect on this.

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