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I was sold at the lowest price C386

I was sold at the lowest price C386: Battle against the Giant Beast Weapons


The white threads that had been restraining me burned away and I was free. Now, here comes the real battle. Most of the encircling cocoons were engulfed by the flames and were set on fire. Spider-like giant beast weapons hurriedly jumped out from inside the cocoons.

“Disgusting! You should burn up quietly!”

Linnecarlo unleashes a magical strike of lightning with high penetrating power. It pierces and defeats one of the giant beast weapons that jumped out of the cocoons.

“I’ve already seen through you. You are no longer my enemy!”

Kiyone read the giant beast weapon’s movements and approached it while avoiding its attacks. She then attacked it with quick strikes to the head, chest and stomach. The behemoth collapsed while screaming. It seemed that she had spotted its weakness and attacked it with pinpoint accuracy.

“Oh, no!”

Nagisa didn’t like the creepy look of the giant beast weapon. I could tell that she was aggravated. This was evident in her movements as well. She punched one of the giant beast weapons that had jumped out of its cocoon a little too roughly, destroying its head. She then grabbed another one and dragged it down to the ground, stomping on its head and destroying it.

Even so, all three of them seemed to have gotten a little more accustomed to the giant beast weapon, or rather, their combat power was clearly improving. I remembered that Rafishal had told me once that those who started Ludia training would be able to produce the same effect as training in normal combat. Perhaps all three of them had an increase in their Ludia value due to their combat experience.

Even though the three of them had grown up and become stronger, it would be shameful for the only boy to be left alone so I headed for the remaining giant beast weapon.

The cocoon reacted to my approach and released a white thread. I dodged the strings and closed the gap between us. Then I released one element, spitting out flames and showering the cocoon with them.

The cocoon burst into flames. The fire was too weak to burn out, but the flames spread throughout the cocoon.

Unlike Kiyone, I cannot control the wind, but I can create it. I swing my sword quickly and use sword pressure to create a gust of wind. When the oxygen increases due to the wind, the flames grow larger for a moment. The giant beast weapon inside the cocoon sensed the danger of this situation and jumped out.

I swung my sword down on the giant beast weapon that had jumped out. It was sliced in half and fell to the ground.

Whether it was fear of being burned or confusion, the remaining giant beast weapon that had its cocoon intact jumped out by itself and I fired a series of magic light bullets at it.

I approached the giant beast weapon, which cowered after being hit by a magic bullet, and cut off its head. Even though the head was gone, it still moved and attacked, so I avoided it. I then swung my sword sideways to cut it down.

There were quite a few of them, but I was able to eradicate them in a few minutes of fighting. Now we can enter the medical facility with peace of mind.

“All right, that’s it.”

“They’re weaker than when we first fought.”

“They certainly didn’t seem that threatening.”

At first, I was in a hurry when I was restrained, but after that, I was able to eradicate them with ease. It was partly because we found out that fire was their weakness, and partly because we got used to fighting this type of giant beast weapon, but I think it was also because we all grew up before we knew it.

Just as I was about to return to Mirai, relieved that the threat was gone, someone spoke to me in a loud voice that echoed throughout the……large floor.

“Hahahaha, interesting. It’s really interesting that you can defeat my giant beast weapons so easily.”


“Who is it?”

As I was responding to the mysterious voice, the other side introduced itself.

“I am Demiurgus and I am in charge of this facility. I forgive you for intruding without invitation but you will pay for it.”

The owner of the voice said his name was Demiurgus and Feri reacted to it.

“No way……Demiurgus is still alive!”

“Do you know him, Feri?”

“Yes, it’s the name of the scientist with the most atrocious ideas I know.”

Feri said this with a lot of disgust. If she dislikes him so much, I can imagine how bad his character is, even without actually meeting him.

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