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I was sold at the lowest price C387

I was sold at the lowest price C387: The Descent


“I apologize for entering without permission, but we didn’t expect anyone to be there either…….”

“Yes, you should have told us if you had a problem with it. There is no need to scare us with strange spiders and magicrafts!”

Feri reacted with disgust, but the fact that we had intruded without permission made me apologize through the external sound output.

“I don’t need excuses, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve decided to discard this facility.”

“What do you mean, discard?”

“I’ll blow it up and erase everything.”

Demiurgus said something outrageous. If he did that, I wouldn’t be able to revive father or heal the girl.

“Wait a minute! You can’t do that!”

“I’ve already made up my mind, and I don’t care what you do. But we still have some time before the bomb goes off. It would be a small price to pay for breaking into this facility to let you off with a mere explosion. I’ll let you die while tasting despair.”

Good, it looks like there’s still time. We have to stop the explosion somehow. But I’m curious about the word “despair”. Is something else going to come up?

“Jean! What’s going on? It looks like he’s going to blow up this facility!”

“Feri, do you know where the explosives are?”

I asked Feri.

“I don’t know the exact location, but I don’t think there are enough explosives set to destroy this vast facility. He’s probably trying to destroy the pillars that support the facility. After analyzing the map, the explosives are probably located at a point on the bottom of that medical facility.”

“Okay, okay. Let’s hurry up and disarm them!”

Just as everyone was about to rush to the medical facility after hearing Feri’s words, a sound like an earth tremor echoed.

“Yuta! I can feel a huge energy! I don’t think Demiurgus was bluffing when he said that earlier.”

“How huge is huge?”

“Rank SSS giant beast corresponds to that of the highest class of giant beasts ever. Be careful, an SSS-ranked giant beast far surpasses the combat power of a class 3 magicraft!”

She said it was stronger than Class 3! That’s a big deal……

The unidentified giant energy opponent blew the ground away like a volcanic eruption.

“It seems to be a giant beast after all. It’s also a mythical SSS-rank……I never thought I’d see something like that here…….”

The SSS class giant beast was bigger than Mirai and had the appearance of a dragon from a CG movie I saw some time ago. It was intimidating, aggressive, reptilian looking and strong.

“Oh, no…….Look at that! On the head of the giant beast.”

Nagisa said this with a sorrowful cry. It is true that there seemed to be something foreign buried in the forehead of the giant beast.

“Wait a minute…….That’s the same……as that magicraft.”

“Epsilon core! And that core has…….”

It was a situation that made me want to cover my eyes. In the epsilon core on the forehead of the giant beast, there were more than ten people squeezed in.

“Is he trying to use the Epsilon Core to control the Giant Beast? That’s impossible! There’s no way he can control an SSS-class giant beast!”

If Feri says it’s impossible, then it’s probably impossible. And with that many people trapped in the core, what kind of guy is he?

“Even a class 3 is no match for him. I’ll deal with the giant beast, and you guys go stop the bombs!”

I had a feeling that the giant beast was dangerous and if we all fought together, someone would die. That’s why I chose to fight alone, even if I was nervous and Feri agreed with me. She seemed to understand that the only ones who could fight that monster were me and Arleo-2, a class 2 magicraft.

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  1. Easykiln

    Please recognize that you don’t have the leeway to save those people on top of preserving the facility and defeating the mythic beast…

    Since it won’t let me make a direct reply for some reason, I’ll also post here: Yes, class 2 is superior to class 3, but remember that those are potential ratings, not strength. The class 3s he speaks of were the top warriors of their time and much further along in their training than Yuta is. You can also expect that they will all have mechas custom made for them out of rare materials. Yuta would probably be able to participate in that level of battle after a short period of experiencing it directly, given his talent, but he hasn’t had that opportunity yet. There’s little chance of him being able to adapt partway into a single battle either, so this is gonna be rough and probably center around using the epsilon core somehow.

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