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I was sold at the lowest price C388

I was sold at the lowest price C388: Roar


“I’ll stay and fight too!”

Linnecarlo started to get self-centered again.

“No, Linnecarlo! If we don’t stop the bombs, we’ll all die anyway!”


“Just go!”

She still seemed to want to say something, but Nagisa intervened.

“Linnecarlo, let’s leave this to Yuta. The way he said it means that he knows what he’s doing. When that happens, he’s often making the right choice.”

As expected of my childhood friend, Nagisa. We’ve known each other for a long time, and she seems to have understood my feelings.

At Nagisa’s words, Linnecarlo reluctantly agreed. Leaving me behind, the three of them, along with Mirai, headed for the medical facility where the explosives were believed to be planted.

After seeing everyone off, I slowly confronted the giant beast that was coming towards me.

“Feri, does that beast have any weaknesses?”

I asked hopelessly.

“It has no fatal weaknesses. However, I believe that an attack to the head would be most effective.”

“The head…….”

“The head has an epsilon core. I’d rather not attack it if I can help it…….”

The giant beast unexpectedly looked up. Just as I was wondering what it was going to do, there was a burst of sound so strong that it resonated directly in my brain.

The volume was so loud that I panicked and covered my ears. However, even though I covered my ears, I could still feel the shock that shook my brain. I felt like I was going crazy with the unpleasant sensation of severe seasickness.

“Lethal roar! A less resistant rider would have died of shock from that.”

Feri said a scary thing without hesitation.

I’m not sure if it recognized me as its prey or not, but the giant beast came towards me.

“A powerful energy is being generated within the beast’s body! It’s probably going to unleash a breath!”

“What the hell is a breath?”

There was no need for Feri to explain. The moment I saw that the giant beast’s mouth was glowing faintly, a strong flash of light flashed and then a light like a beam cannon was shot towards me.

“Please avoid it!”

My consciousness tells the operating sphere to evade immediately. I leap to the side and roll to avoid it but the moment I felt the heat, the ground where I was gouged out and disappeared.

In addition, the heat rays from the giant beast are moving in pursuit of Arleo-2, who has evaded the attack. Thinking it would be dangerous to run sideways I took flight.

The heat ray pursued Arleo-2, who fled into the air for a while, but as I zigzagged to avoid it, the giant beast’s breath finally stopped.

“That’s a lot of power……Feri, would Arleo-2 have been able to withstand a direct hit from that?”

“You can barely survive one hit without a shield. Even at full throttle, the most you can withstand is two or three blows.”

This is an attack that I must take seriously.

I’m not going to win if I keep getting attacked and fired a barrage of magic bullets. But I was still worried about the epsilon core and hesitated to aim at the head, so I just aimed at the body.

The magic bullets that landed on the thick skin were flicked off and didn’t seem to do any damage.

“An attack like that won’t be able to damage an SSS-class giant beast.”

“I have to approach it and attack with my sword!”

“Please be careful. Even Arleo-2 won’t be able to survive a physical attack from that huge body.”

“All right. I’ll try not to get hit.”

With that, I flew and approached the giant beast. The giant beast turned to face the approaching Arleo-2 and prepared itself.

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