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I got a fake job at the academy C40

I got a fake job at the academy C40: Flora Lumos (2)

Chapter 3/3 for the week.

Ever since I pointed out to Flora, I have been monitoring the condition of several students and giving them advice.

‘It’s not that difficult to tell.’

The manifestation of elemental attributes is the foundation of the basics. Some may think that it is easy and trivial, but there is nothing more important in < Elemental Attributes> than to get the basics right.

‘Actually, I didn’t even know the foundation would be so important.’

Elemental magic used by wizards is slightly different from simple elements that exist in nature. To be precise, the mana floating in the air is close to mimicking the elements with a strange power. Of course, if the world recognizes that ‘imitation’ as ‘real’, and is hit by fire magic, it burns.

Naturally, things that cannot occur naturally, for example, the warm and cozy flame that Aidan created a while ago, can also be created with magical power. In other words, the element created by magic coexists in two contradictory terms, both fake and real.

Elements created by such magic naturally follow the inclination of the wizard. The ice magic used by a cold and sober person and the ice magic used by a hot blooded person produce completely different results.

A wizard who has more and more diverse experiences while wandering the world can put more diverse ’emotions’ into the magic than a wizard who is confined to a room.

After all, magic itself is close to putting human emotions into magic. Just like there are songs that have emotions in them and songs that don’t. However, as the current magic unfolds only through theories and calculations, this method is very old and doesn’t remain in the history books anymore.

Perhaps it was written in an old and worn out book in the far corner of the tower’s library. It’s not that everyone doesn’t know, but still, only a small part of it is known compared to the past.

‘Even though Master originally taught me to maximize elements through the senses.’

This method was only taught to me as a disciple, but this insensitive disciple is now disclosing Master’s tips to the public because he wants to live.

I’m sorry, Master. However, if I don’t do this, my life will be in jeopardy. Anyway, magic is such a mysterious science.

‘I remember the first time I learned it.’

When I first found out that magic existed in this world, I believed that I would become an archmage that would go down in history. The fact that I was reincarnated in another world was enough to make me hope.

Of course, that dream was soon abandoned because I didn’t have a great talent to learn magic. It’s possible up to the basics, but that’s all.

It was virtually impossible for me to be a great wizard who will go down in history. So I had no choice but to change the direction of learning magic.

Basically, my limit is up to the 3rd rank, and if I overdo it I can use the basic magic of the 4th rank.

In terms of my level, I am at the beginning of the 4th rank and this is also my limit. I couldn’t use more magic than that, so I chose to increase the quality of magic that could be used up to the 3rd rank.

It was for that reason that the foundation was laid down. Above all, because I had memories of my previous life, I was able to look at magic with a slightly different perspective from others.

For them, the scientific knowledge of the early 21st century was grafted into the procedure. Source code was a prime example of that.

In addition to that, I received Master’s spartan teachings, so I was able to confidently say that my basics of magic were more solid than anyone else’s and the method I have been adhering to so far has shone in Theon.

‘At that time, I complained about why I had to do this, but now that I think about it, there is nothing better than this.’

Perhaps magic using the five senses is a method not taught even in the Magic Tower. It’s like a secret sauce for a restaurant that’s only told to the important talents that are pushed from within by the schools and I said it in the open.

In fact, the students were satisfied because there were noticeable changes or achievements.

‘Still, I can’t help but be vigilant.’

Overlapping elements is not simply merging different elements together. It is necessary to modulate the composition of the magic so that they do not collide with each other, but it is a dangerous thing that could lead to more serious consequences if mishandled.

Therefore, when overlapping elements, those that are compatible with each other were often combined. Like water and ice, fire and wind, wind and electricity. However, Flora superimposed elements opposite to each other: fire and ice. However that alone was not enough and she tried to overlap 3 elements.

I realized anew that Flora wasn’t called a genius for nothing in this group of people.

‘Even so, it would have been a failure.’

I desperately suppressed it, consumed too much mana and got dizzy. Fortunately, there was a magic potion that I had poured into my mouth beforehand, and I recovered quickly, otherwise I might have staggered in front of the students.

That’s why I didn’t feel like I was scolding Flora a bit harshly. In the past, I was so confident in this new magic trick, but I was so broken by Master. At that time, I also did a lot of dangerous things, thinking that I would unleash some great magic.

Flora’s shrugged nose after successfully stacking two elements overlapped with my old self while learning magic from Master. That’s why I pushed Flora a little harder. Belatedly, I thought I was a bit harsh but she’s still a girl called genius, so I’m sure she’ll get through this.

I decided to turn off Flora and focus on the rest of the students.

‘Because this is Theon, I only give some simple advice, but everyone made good progress.’

There were a few students who stood out in particular. The first one was a brown-skinned schoolgirl with beast ears on her head that embodied an element that looked as if it had pulled up a vein that existed deep underground.

‘Iona Obeli was it?’

I saw her on the first day. In the first place, she was the only benefactor in this classroom. She looked back at me to see if she felt my gaze. I simply nodded her head lightly to express that she embodied her element nicely.

Was my behavior strange? She said ‘ah’ and opened her mouth. I ignored her and looked at her other students.

Next was a blue-haired girl with her hair in two braids, wearing large, round glasses that covered half of her face who was manifesting the wood element. Her looks say ‘I’m good at studying’, and she was a girl supported by the Alchemy School, who had a reputation for herself among the freshmen.

‘Her name was Clara Harness? She’s pretty good.’

In addition the twin sisters from aristocratic families that are quite famous in the Eastern Kingdom, and even newcomers who are supported by the tower. This rookie seems to have quite a rivalry with Flora Lumos.

‘I heard that only amazingly great students gathered for this year’s freshman year. I also came in at a very odd time.’

Can they be called the golden generation? At first glance, it seemed that Selena had heard that there are many such children in this first year and surprisingly, most of them are taking my classes.

When I try to teach these good guys one by one, I feel like I’m getting nervous.

It was then.

As the class was almost over, I found a student who was the only one who couldn’t manifest an element.

‘That kid.’

I was familiar with that striking light gray hair and heavenly beauty.

“What happened, Rene?”

“Ah. Mr. Rudger.”

“Is something wrong?”

“Oh, no. That’s……”

Rene hesitated to answer.

Next to her sat princess Erendir. Have you two been friends since then? When I glanced at Erendir, she shook her head without saying a word.

Eventually, Rene sighed and released her own magical energy, floating her sphere. She has the basic knowledge and talent for magic as long as she was enrolled in Theon.


She was fine up until there, but the problem was next and I caught exactly what the problem was.

“It seems that the element cannot be manifested. No. To be precise, the element itself does not exist.”


Rene was a possessor of non-attribute magic that was said to appear very rarely.

* * *


Rene was afraid that she was wasting her time for nothing. As she bowed her head, the clock bell rang in the classroom, signaling the end of the class.

“Today’s class will end with this. Let’s all review what we have learned today. The homework will be replaced by that. Don’t even think about going overboard. I’ve memorized all the elements you used today, so I’ll check it out in the next class.”

Once again, some students, who were delighted to hear that there were few assignments, hurriedly averted their gaze when they met Rudger’s.

“The guys who don’t practice properly will get a kick out of it. I look forward to that time.”

The students ran out of the classroom. Just as Rene was about to get up from her seat, Rudger called her.


“Yeah? Yeah!”

“You follow me to the office.”


Rene swallowed her breath involuntarily.

The remaining students looked at Rene with pity. In the manifestation class, elemental attributes are the most important specialization after magic release, but non-attributes are not like that.

Perhaps he is calling her to advise her to look into other lectures because she cannot participate at the lecture properly. Although this is only the second week, Rudger’s class has already been rumored to be one of the best in the world.

In particular, his teaching, which strengthened the foundation of their elemental attributes, was enough to set a wedge in the students’ expectations. Not being able to take such a class in the future was more than just learning in Theon and it’s probably a loss of nearly half of her life.

She wouldn’t know if she didn’t participate from the beginning but it was a different matter for her to drop out of a class she had already taken. Of course, most of the students were relieved that the subject was not themselves.

Following Rudger’s slow walk down the hallway, were Rene staggering footsteps

‘Why did he call me? Maybe a personal interview? Is he trying to kick me out of class?’

Although she had only seen him three times, including the incident at the training ground the day before, Rene knew enough about who Rudger was.

‘Ahhh! I’m done.’

Rene got depressed for nothing, so she bowed her head. It was very painful that she had to change classes during the semester. She accidentally picked up a jewel on the way, and nothing would be sadder if she had to throw it back on the roadside.

“Come in.”

Arriving at the office, Rudger opened the door with his nameplate on it and went inside. Rene entered Rudger’s office with the spirit of a death row prisoner heading to the gallows.

The interior itself was quite stylish and neat. Was it said that the place also resembles the owner? It was a space with an old-fashioned atmosphere like the man was.

“Sit down.”


At Rudger’s words, Rene sat down on the sofa, completely frozen. Obviously, the leather of the luxurious sofa was too soft and should be comfortable, but Rene had no choice but to keep her back straight.

Rudger sat down at his desk, opened a drawer and pulled out a pile of papers. Seeing that, Rene closed her eyes tightly.

‘Ahhh! He’s trying to send me to another teacher’s lecture!’

Should I get on my knees and beg him to let me go to his class? But what if he would despise me even more?! At that moment when my head was spinning, a thin book was suddenly handed to her.

Rene closed her eyes tightly and shouted.

“I’ll do anything you tell me to do, so please don’t tell me to stop taking classes! If I can’t attend this class, I’ll be in trouble!”

Despite Rene’s desperate appeal, Rudger did not waver.

“What are you talking about? This is not about that.”

“Yes Yes? This……Isn’t this a course change application?”

“What do you mean?”

“Wasn’t it that I couldn’t attend Mr. Rudger’s class anymore?”

“You sound weird. Come on and get it.”

Rene politely accepted the book Rudger had handed over with both hands.

‘What kind of book is this?’

With that thought in mind, Rene, who looked at the title of the book, had no choice but to open her eyes wide.

[Understanding non-attribute magic]

The large letters on the cover of the book caught her attention.

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  1. has author dropped novel or what? it’s been 10 days I mean when he is going to post the new chapter. I was waiting for quite long. Hopefully he posts it.

  2. epochsaint

    I really wanted to keep reading that novel but the more I read it the more I despised it.

    The characters unlike this novel except few in number felt shallow and one dimensional in their actions and how they are written, also the setting of the world being a game could be why they are bad but that’s a reach, the time travel aspect also was a problem.

    The MC as well felt like an illogical character that the author masked all his dumb decisions as intelligent to make us believe that and even worse him being a mixture of the OG and transmigrator souls isn’t my favourite.

    I think the problem was that the author tried to jam too many plot points into the story which made a mess, also the drama and romance bloat didn’t help.

    This is my own opinion and I encourage everyone to read it to have your own understanding of it.

  3. Midori

    He reminds me of professor from the villain wants to live.
    Their personalities are somewhat same. But professor has got a bit darker personality. Both are perfectionists, are not innately talented so try harder than anyone else, exceptionally powerful basics, revolutionary ideas that others don’t think of, both are excellent teachers with many competing to attend their classes except that professor accepts other wizards and teachers too and holds big seminars, gives quizzes,presents his own theories ideas etc, both have female companions around that are not lollies or annoying, they treat them according to their statuses strictly i.e student, knight, emperor, college (professor has an unrequited love though so he’s one person man with exceptional devotion)

    So if anyone likes this novel. Do read the villain wants to live as well.
    Since this novel hasn’t progressed much so I can’t say much but the other one is kind of dark, tragic, super action and fantasy with loads of magic, loyalty, politics, world building etc

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