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I was sold at the lowest price C389

Episode 389: Monster


The giant beast roars at the approaching Arleo-2. The violence of the strong sound strikes me however, the pressure is not as heavy as it was when I was hit earlier.

“The external sound of Arleo-2 has been cut off. Since you can no longer hear any external sounds, please use your vision to judge your opponent’s movements.”

It’s certainly quieter than usual. It might be a little difficult to fight since I can’t detect the enemy’s movements using sounds, but it might be the only way to counter that roar.

The giant beast moves towards Arleo-2. It swung its tail in a big swing and slammed down. I couldn’t avoid it fast enough and the moment I made contact with it, I felt a heavy impact.

“Damn! It’s so fast!”

I almost lost my balance, but managed to get back up. However, the onslaught of the giant beast did not end. It attacked me with its tail again.

“Yuta! Please escape upwards!”

There is no way to escape against a horizontal swinging attack. As Feri said, I’ll avoid it by going up.

The giant beast pursued Arleo-2, who had escaped by climbing up. It opened its mouth wide and released a breath. A destructive heat ray attacked.

As I turn to avoid it, I come into contact with the high-temperature radiation emitted by the heat ray. This caused some of the parts of Arleo-2’s legs to melt slightly.

If I don’t avoid the direct hits, I’ll be in trouble…….

I circled around, looking for an opportunity to approach but the giant beast turned its head to match Arleo-2’s movements and threatened me.

If I approached it unexpectedly, I would fall prey to its breath attack. I wish I could somehow distract it, but I can’t think of a way.

“Feri, is there any way you can make a distraction?”

“I’ve been analyzing it, and it seems that the giant beast doesn’t have good eyesight. It seems to be reacting to sound and heat. We’ll use that to our advantage.”

“How do we do that?”

“First, get right on top of the giant beast.”

As Feri said, I flew right above the giant beast. The giant beast followed me and looked up.

“Now! Drop the Quake Bomb.”

The Quake Bomb is a mine-like weapon, two of which are attached to Arleo-2’s waist. I didn’t think I’d ever have a chance to use them, but now seemed to be the time. I did as I was told and dropped the Quake Bomb.

“Shoot the Quake Bomb with the magic light bullets. As soon as the bomb is destroyed, turn and approach the enemy.”

I finally understood Feri’s intentions so I fired a series of magic light bullets to destroy the falling Quake Bomb. A large explosion occurred with a roaring sound and flames. Of course, this kind of attack couldn’t damage the giant beast, but the beast, which reacts to sound and heat, focused its attention on the explosion.

While it was paying attention to the explosion, I went around and jumped into the bosom of the giant beast.

Okay, it worked. The giant beast didn’t seem to notice my approach.

With the momentum gained from the turn, I aimed my sword at the beast’s stomach and stabbed it. The sword bites into the belly. However, the sword did not budge from there. It was neither pulled out nor stabbed.

With this attack, the giant beast seemed to have noticed Arleo-2’s approach. I was swung around by its movements, but I held on tightly to the sword to keep it in my hand.

As I felt that I was about to lose the sword, I decided to pull it out and leave. Holding the sword firmly in both hands, I put my feet on the giant beast’s body and pulled it out with all my might.

However the giant beast opened its large mouth toward Arleo-2 and tried to bite him with its sharp fangs. I managed to escape the fangs, but the giant beast used its tail to launch a series of attacks. There was no way to avoid this, given the timing.

“Shields deployed! Shock resistance system activated!”

Just when I thought I was in trouble, Feri’s voice was heard. The next moment, I felt a strong impact and Arleo-2 was blown away.

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