I was sold at the lowest price C390

I was sold at the lowest price C390

I was sold at the lowest price C390: Fear


It was quite an impact, but thanks to the shield and shock resistance, the damage to Arleo-2 was minimal. I was grateful for Feri’s quick response and thought about my next move.

From the feeling of the sword in its stomach, I don’t think it took much damage. Even if I continue to attack it with my sword, it would be difficult to defeat it. However, even so, a powerful attack with firepower such as the four-element cannon could destroy the epsilon core in its head, or if I’m not careful, the facility could collapse before it explodes.

“Feri, what should I do?……How can I beat that monster?”

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t come up with a good idea. In a moment of weakness, I asked for advice from the erudite Feri.

“Yuta, you’re not even using 20% of the Arleo-2’s capability right now. Could it be that you are afraid of that giant beast?”

I huffed when she said that. It was true that I had never seen such a huge monster before, only in the movies. The giant beasts and the giant beast weapons I had fought before had been powerful but they had never given me such a sense of despair.

No matter how strong I am, I still have little to fear from those within my imagination. However, when it comes to an unknown opponent that I have never imagined before, I feel more fear than I should…….I remember Nagisa’s father telling me such a story a long time ago. It is true that I never imagined that such a huge beast existed in real life.

I wasn’t aware of it, but it seemed that I was terrified of this giant beast. Maybe it was because of its size and the fact that its appearance resembled that of a fearsome monster from an old movie I had seen.

I’ve been shrinking in fear more than I should but there’s no need to be afraid. With the power of the Class 2 magicraft Arleo-2, I should be able to defeat that monster.

The giant beast that had been chasing and repeatedly attacking Arleo-2 suddenly looked up. I thought it was going to roar again, but it didn’t. The giant beast bent forward and made a squirming motion. Then, pale blue lightning appeared around the beast. It began to buzz and discharge, spreading wide.

The range of the electric discharge spread out quickly and hit Arleo-2 directly. But Arleo-2 repelled the attack, which I believe was quite powerful.

“Yuta, you’re doing great, your Ludia concentration rose since a moment ago, and the power of the shield has increased.”

I need to focus more. Arleo-2 power is way higher than this.

As the giant beast thought I couldn’t be defeated with electrical discharge, it switched to physical attack again. It approached me, swaying its huge body, and attacked me with its large tail.

Maybe it was because I had cooled down a bit, but I could see its movements better. I avoided the attack of the tail by a paper-thin margin and approached the giant beast to attack it again with my sword.

Quickly and sharply! Harder! I put all my strength into my grip on the sword as if I were injecting energy into it. Then, as if my feelings were transmitted to the sword, a pale aura appeared to envelop it.

“Automatic enchantment activated! Self-boost manifested! It appears to be a hidden gimmick set up by Rafishal.”

I remember Rafishal’s face when he smiled and said, “There are a lot of tricks in Arleo-2.” I don’t know what the function is, but it seems to have increased my attack power somehow. All right, this is a great opportunity…….

I swung my sword which was enveloped by a pale aura and seemed to have doubled in size at the giant beast.

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