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I was sold at the lowest price C391

I was sold at the lowest price C391 – Bomb Disposal / Jean

Chapter 7/7 for the week.

Leaving the giant beast to Yuta, we went to deal with the explosives. The dome-shaped building in the center was large and had multiple entrances. We wanted to go in through the nearest entrance, but since we were so close to the giant beast, we took the long way around and headed for the gate at the far end.

“Jean. I was just wondering, are you capable of handling explosives?”

Linnecarlo asked with concern.

“I can do simple things.”

“What if the explosives are complicated?”

“We’ll think of something else then.”

It would certainly be very troubling if it was a difficult explosive, but I don’t have time to think about that right now. I just hope it has a simple structure.

“I don’t want to be buried alive. We’ll have to take care of it any way we can.”

I don’t want to die that way either so I’ll take care of them somehow.

“Jean! There’s an enemy presence at the gate!”

Nagisa, who was ahead of me, announced.

“Damn, I knew it wouldn’t be so easy but there’s no time! Mirai is going to go right into it! I’m sorry, but please follow me!”

As she said this, Nagisa’s Diatena and Kiyone’s Kiku Ichimonji stepped in front of Mirai to prepare for the enemy’s attack. Linnecarlo followed Mirai for defense.

The enemy is more than two dozen magicrafts. If all of them are the same type as the magicraft that Yuta and Kiyone struggled with, it’s pretty bad. I hope that they are somehow lower level enemies.

Even as we approached the enemy, Mirai did not slow down.

Diatena and Kiku Ichimonji stood against the approaching enemies. At first contact, Kiyone’s Kiku Ichimonji repelled the sword from the enemy’s machine. I was a little relieved to see that, it seems that they are not too strong.

Nagisa handles the enemy approaching from the right. Diatena, who had been holding a relaxed stance against the enemy with a huge axe, suddenly accelerated.

She quickly closes the distance between them, knocks down the axe, and then hits him in the face with a palm strike. It seems that Diatena’s close combat ability far exceeded that of her opponent. The enemy’s machine that received the palm strike had its head blown off.

“Kiyone! Nagisa! I’m leaving this place to you!”

I called out as I passed between the two of them. They responded by raising their hands lightly.

“Linnecarlo, I’m counting on you from here. If anything comes up, you’re on it!”

“You can count on me and Viktor to eliminate any enemy.”

Linnecarlo was confident.

There were several more structures inside the dome-shaped building. In the center of the dome, a large pillar stretched out as if to pierce the sky. That was probably the important pillar of this facility. The explosives are probably planted there.

“Linnecarlo check with Feri II! Are you sure the location of the explosives is under that central building?”

When I ask this, I hear a voice on the comms whispering to Feri II to confirm.

“She says there’s a pretty good chance they’re there. Let’s stop them as soon as we can!”

When I reached the central building, I brought Mirai to a stop. I then grabbed some tools and tried to leave Mirai.

“Mister Jean, we’ll accompany you!”

The ones who said that were Emitz and Mirti. They are armed with swords and ready to go.

“Sorry, I’m not much of a fighter, so that helps.”

I gratefully accept the proposal. There was a possibility that we would have to fight hand-to-hand. I knew that I could rely on the strength of the two soldiers.

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