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I was sold at the lowest price C392

I was sold at the lowest price C392: Intrusion / Jean


As a precaution, I tore off the spirit box that was installed on Mirai and carried it on my back. If the need arose, I would ask Feri for her wisdom in disarming the explosives.

“Linnecarlo, I need you to break down the door to the building!”

There was no time to pry open the lock and break in so Linnecarlo destroyed the door without hesitation.

We quickly entered the building through the broken door. The building seems to be unoccupied, there is no sign of anyone inside.

“The explosives must be at the bottom of this building. Is there a staircase or something that leads down?”

I opened the door and searched for a staircase, but couldn’t find one. Linnecarlo, who had come in through the narrow entrance of the destroyed door, heard my words and made a suggestion.

“Jean, how about I destroy the floor with Viktor?”

It was an absurd suggestion, but it might be the fastest way. However, the equipment in this facility is planned to be used later, so destroying too much of it would be a problem later on.

“We’re going to use the equipment in this facility. There’s definitely a route down there somewhere, so let’s find it.”

After searching around for a while, I finally found a sturdy looking shutter. There seemed to be a good chance that I could get to the bottom from here. However, I don’t know how to open the shutter. I guess I’ll have to ask Linnecarlo for help.

“Linnecarlo, please pry open this shutter.”


Viktor put his fingers under the shutter and lifted it as hard as he could, the shutter opened with a cracking sound.

“Okay, the passage leads down as expected.”

“I think I can get Viktor through here.”

It certainly looks like a corridor for transporting materials with a magicraft, and it’s about that big. We proceeded down the passage with Viktor in the lead.

At the end of the passageway was a large space with a large pillar stretching out in the middle. That was probably the support pillar for this facility. Around the pillar, there was a lumpy object about the size of a magicraft attached to it.

“That’s the bomb.”

“There’s something approaching!”

After all, they were not going to let me disarm the explosives easily. Three quadrupedal machines that appeared to be Guardians appeared.

“I’ll take care of them! Jean should concentrate on the explosives.”

“I’m counting on you Linnecarlo!”

All three Guardians turned their attention towards Viktor, as if they recognized him as an enemy rather than a flesh and blood human. I, Emitz, and Mirti approached the explosives in the meantime.

However, it also seemed to be prepared for human opposition. A strange thing with wheels was coming towards us, making a shuffling sound.

“Damn, small guardians…….”

“Mirti and I will hold that one off, you deal with the bomb.”


With that, they nodded, took their swords, and confronted the small guardian.

In the meantime, I approached the explosive.

I had to check the structure first…….I tried to use the tool to remove the surface of the explosive, but it didn’t go very well because the tool I brought seemed to be of a different model.

Damn, if I forcefully remove it, it might explode…….

Frustrated, I managed to remove some of the parts of the explosive device. Then I looked inside and was stunned.

I don’t know what the hell is going on. I’m not even sure what the logic behind the bomb is, let alone the details. A large bead of sweat ran down my forehead…….

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