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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C97

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C97


As soon as they saw off Ray’s carriage, the carriage for Lilia and the others seemed to have been prepared. The servants were reporting what was going on to Cross. Lilia and Tina were urged by the butler to get into the carriage.

“I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you. Can you tell the others?”

The butler nodded firmly.

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll let them know.”

My brother walked over to me and sat down. Tina was standing next to him, her mouth half open in surprise, as if she hadn’t expected my brother to sit down. Lilia let out a slight laugh and smiled at the butler as well.

“I’m off.”

“Take care and don’t overdo it too much.”

Lilia tilted her head, wondering what he meant, but the butler said nothing more. But for some reason, she could feel Sakura gasp slightly.

At the same time as the butler bowed reverently, the carriage began to drive away.

Life in the carriage was not comfortable, but it didn’t seem so bad sometimes. Just like at the villa, she studied with Tina in the morning and enjoyed reading in the afternoon.

Occasionally, she would sit on the lectern and have a little conversation with her brother. Sometimes she spent more time in silence, but when she did, it was when she was talking with Sakura.

S–It’s a dog! It’s something that looks like a dog!

L–Calm down. It’s a horse.

Sakura is always so noisy. Just talking with Sakura can be fun. The only thing is that it’s a conversation in my mind, so if I focus too much on it, Tina and my brother might look at me worriedly.

“Are you feeling sick? Here, have some water.”

As her brother said this, a cup of water was offered from the side. Lilia took it with a wry smile and looked at the person who had given it to her. She saw a man in black armor and a helmet that covered his face.

This man, who had joined them on the first night, was one of her brother’s subordinates and seemed to be her escort from here. He didn’t talk much, but he was good at what he did.

“Why don’t you talk a little?”

When I asked him that, the man backed away without saying a word. This guard had not taken a carriage, but had come here on his own horse. I was surprised to learn that he had dexterously prepared water on his horse.

Without even introducing himself, I heard his name was Broso from my brother.

The carriage was rocking, and we were moving north, with Broso accompanying us. It’s a leisurely journey with no major problems.

S–It’s going well.

Sakura said to me one day when we were lying down on the blanket after dinner.

L–Yes. They say we’ll be in Tina’s town tomorrow.

S–Yeah. That’s right, too, though.

Sakura’s words were slurred. Lilia tilted her head, but Sakura didn’t say anything more.


Lilia is asleep, and the place Sakura is in is shrouded in darkness but Sakura was pensive the whole time.

No problem. Everything is fine. Things should go on like this. That’s what she thinks, but Sakura’s expression doesn’t clear up. Things are going too well.

Isn’t there something important I’m overlooking? If things go on like this, I feel like I’m going to make a big mistake somewhere. A strange sense of frustration washed over her, but the cause of it was unclear.


Yeah. Disgusting. Lilia is trying to change. She’s following Sakura’s words and trying to change. But is it really that easy to change?

Sakura has been living in a corner of Lilia’s mind, but she can’t look into her entire mind. Even if she tried to ask Lilia herself, she would probably be taken aback. There is a possibility that even she is not aware of it.

“It’s okay……..It’s okay.”

In the end, Sakura could only tell herself that. All through the darkness, Sakura kept muttering that it would be okay. She hoped that somewhere in Lilia’s mind, she would hear her.


“Lilia! I can see it!”

Lilia looked up from her book at the sound of Tina’s happy voice. She left the book where it was and headed for the platform.

She could see the town ahead of the carriage. It seemed to be a reasonably large town, and several carriages were leaving and entering the town while Lilia was watching. It seemed to be a town where people came and went.

As she approached the town, Lilia’s eyes widened in surprise.

It was a very bustling town. The streets were lined with stalls, and many people were coming and going. The stalls were not only for buying and selling, but some were also offering small games. There were children playing with them. They looked like they were having a lot of fun, and it made her curious.

“Lilia. I’ll come with you later.”

She was able to guess something from her expression. Lilia’s cheeks tinted slightly, and she gave a small nod.

It seems that this town is divided into the north and south wards. The south district is lined with stalls and stores, and is said to be very lively until nightfall. I was told that it was like this all year round.

The north district, past the south district, is lined with residential areas and accommodations. Tina’s inn was located in the center of the north district. It was a three-story wooden inn, and did not look noticeably different from the others. However, the site is large and faces the main street, so it is convenient for those who come by carriage.


“Yeah. Oh, Mr. Cross. There’s a space in the corner of the yard where you can park your carriage, so please use it. We also take care of the horses for a fee.”


I entered the grounds and parked the carriage at the spot Tina indicated. There was a small shed right next to it and an old man came out of it. He looked at the carriage and the horses, and then at Tina.

“Hi, Grandpa.”

“Welcome back. Sir, would you like me to take care of your horse?”


Apparently, this old man was Tina’s grandfather. My brother handed over the money to the old man and headed for the inn in the back.

“Ho ho ho. Tina’s friend. I’m glad. It’s been years since Tina’s friends have visited us.”

The old man’s face broke into a happy smile. I can’t help but feel embarrassed when I see that.

S–The embarrassed Lilia is cute. Okay, I’ll call you Telia.

L–Shut up.

S–I’m sorry.

With a small sigh and at Tina’s urging, Lilia also headed for the inn.

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