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I was sold at the lowest price C393

I was sold at the lowest price C393 – Sword Aura


The sword, enlarged by the pale aura, effortlessly sliced through the solid skin of the giant beast. Moreover, the sword’s wide blade seemed to have caused too much damage for the giant beast to ignore. The giant beast’s shoulders were sliced open and it began to flail violently, whether in pain or to avoid danger.

I rose up and temporarily left the giant beast that was rampaging wildly. I thought he might have lost his mind due to anger, but he remained calm and fired a breath at the rising Arleo-2.

I felt that I could cut it. I didn’t avoid the breath and slashed down with my aura sword.

When the blue aura and the breath collided, sparks scattered and just as I expected the sensation to be, the aura sword twisted and scattered the breath.

“I knew that Rafishal had been researching the high compression of aura……for a long time, but I am surprised that he had managed to perfect it to such a level.”

As a fellow researcher, Feri was both surprised and mildly jealous.

The giant beast unleashed more breaths. Looking at it calmly, the giant beast was full of gaps when it was releasing its breath.

I accelerated towards the giant beast at once. It consumes a lot of ether to fly at super high speed, but I decided that this was the time to attack. I zigzagged to avoid the breath it released, closed the gap between us, and slashed its torso.

His chest was slit wide open and an indescribable colored liquid sprayed out. The liquid seemed to be it’s blood. The giant beast howled into the sky, splashing blood. Then something went wrong. It seemed to be excited, looking up and roaring again and again.

“It appears that the giant beast is getting serious. Please be careful. The SSS-class giant beast that once slaughtered tens of thousands of riders is about to show its true colors.”

“He wasn’t serious before!?”

“It’s his survival instinct.”

He started to breathe strangely and the way it looked at me changed. Its muscles began to expand and its body seemed to have grown a size larger. Then, with a single glare, it flew towards Arleo-2 in the sky.

He jumped rather than flew, but his leaping power was tremendous. He got close to me at once.

“Too fast!”

As the giant beast approached, it waved its swollen arms and slashed at me with its sharp claws. I immediately used my aura sword to repel the claws. However, it was so powerful that even Arleo-2 was forced back by the recoil.

It was quite a powerful attack, but Arleo-2 was not defeated. The claws that bounced back with the Aura Sword were cruelly destroyed.


The giant beast seemed to be even angrier now that its claws had been broken, and unleashed a breath attack. I felt that it would be dangerous to assume that the close-range breath attack of the giant beast would have the same power as the previous ones.

“Shields fully deployed! Defensive field is rapidly expanding!”

It was an incomparable breath attack from earlier. The swirling heat rays came at me in such a large mass that there was no way to escape. But even so, the current Arleo-2’s defensive performance was better. The white light of the breath dispersed in front of Arleo-2 and scattered in the air.

Since it was not flying, the giant beast released its breath and then fell so I accelerated to follow it. After the breath, the giant beast was full of gaps. If I attacked its head now, which was its weak point, I could kill it. However, when I saw the people inside the epsilon core in its head, I decided to abandon that option.

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