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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C98

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C98

I was sick and couldn’t do any work but I’ll post the last 3 ch from last week today.

“Tina! You’re late!”

As soon as they entered the inn, Tina was hugged by a man. Right after that, the man was hit on the head by the woman. As Lilia looked dumbfounded, Tina chuckled and told her.

“Mom and dad sorry about the commotion.”

Tina’s parents looked at her with a strange look on their faces and then looked at Lilia. Then they looked at her hand. Tina had taken her hand on the way here, and she was still holding onto it.

I don’t suppose you’re Tina’s……friend or……?”


Lilia nodded, her cheeks tugging slightly as she could not predict the man’s actions. Then the man broke into a big smile.

“Oh! It’s you! Welcome to the hot spring inn Breha!”

The man takes Lilia’s hand and shakes it up and down. Lilia was at his mercy but the woman had a difficult expression on her face.

“The friend from Tina’s letter, could it be……?”

The woman’s words caused the man to stop moving. He hurriedly let go of Lilia’s hand. As expected, the man’s cheeks were also pulled together.

“You can’t possibly be the duke’s……?”

It seems that they had heard about it from Tina beforehand. If so, she thought, it would be too late to notice, but Lilia said with a smile.

“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Liliane Aldis.”

“I’m very sorry!”

The man bows his head vigorously. I think it’s too much trouble.

“I understand your joy at being reunited, but could you please go through the formalities first?”

“Not now! We have to deal with Lady Aldis first!”

“Lilia is my friend, but…”

“I’m so sorry!”

Some fathers are restless. Tina gave an annoyed chuckle and the woman sighed. Seeing this, Lilia’s cheeks relaxed.

L–You have a very nice family. I envy you, Tina.

S–Hahaha. That’s right.

Sakura also saw this and smiled happily. I couldn’t tell from the outside, but it seemed that the inn was built extending into the back. As soon as you enter the front door, there is a small entrance with a reception desk, and a staircase in the corner.

At the top of the stairs, the second and third floors have a straight corridor with the doors to the rooms lined up on both sides. The rooms were lined up on the second and third floors, while the first floor was used for the dining room and the residence of the Breha family.

The room assigned to Lilia and the others was on the third floor, at the far end, and was said to be the largest room in the inn. It was indeed the largest room when you looked at the distance between it and the other rooms, but it was still a little larger than Lilia’s room in the main residence.

S–No, it’s just that Lilia’s room is too big.

L–I know, I know.

I put my stuff in the corner of the room. By the way, my brother is in the next room. It’s a smaller room than this one, so I thought that my brother should use this room, but he prefers the smaller one.

L–It’s a surprisingly small inn, by the way. It doesn’t seem like an inn run by a nobleman.

S–It’s definitely not a big inn, but it’s a very old inn. Of course, I’m sure it’s been rebuilt, but it’s a fact that the Breha family has been running it for a long time. It’s not the size of the inn, but the length of time it’s been in business.

L–Wow. You really know your stuff. It’s really creepy,

S–That’s terrible.

There was a knock at the door, and Lilia broke off her conversation with Sakura. It could be her brother or Tina. She opened the door and,


I hurriedly held back the scream I was about to let out. I stared at the face of the man who had come to visit me, though I couldn’t make out his face.

“What do you want, Broso?”

It sounded a little harsh, but Sakura didn’t pay attention this time. The reason was simple: Sakura was seriously surprised.

Broso didn’t say anything, but slowly looked around Lilia’s room. Lilia’s eyebrows lifted slightly as she wondered what was really going on. After a quick look around, Broso nodded his head in satisfaction for some reason. He then bowed to Lilia and walked away.

“Um…….What are you really doing……?”

Lilia watches where Broso is going. This time he stopped in front of my brother’s room and knocked. My brother answered immediately and was still looking around the room in the same way. He didn’t say anything in particular, but rather moved to the side so that he could get a better look.

Satisfied, Broso nodded again, bowed to his brother and walked away.

“Brother, do you understand the meaning of that thing?”

Lilia asked, and he turned around, a little surprised, as if he had just realized that Lilia had left the room. He quickly nodded and said.

“He was probably looking at the state of the room, to see if there was any place for someone to hide. Only Broso knows the exact criteria. Do you want me to ask him later?”

“If that’s what you want, it’s fine.”

Lilia let out a sigh of relief, and her brother smiled wickedly.

“By any chance, Lilia. Were you afraid of Broso? Lilia has a cute side too……”


“It’s nothing. Forget it.”

At Lilia’s smile, her brother quickly averted his gaze. Sighing, Lilia said.

“In general, anyone who sees someone dressed like that out of the blue is going to be scared…….”


While Lilia was saying that, a cute scream came from the far end of the corridor, towards the stairs. I wondered if that scream belonged to Tina.

My brother and I looked at each other and waited there for a while. Soon Tina appeared and walked toward us, looking at the stairs several times.

“I was surprised to see…….Broso, can he at least take off his helmet?”

“I’m sorry…….”

Turning away from Tina, my brother apologized in a muffled voice.

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