I was sold at the lowest price C394

I was sold at the lowest price C394

I was sold at the lowest price C394: Regeneration

Sorry for not posting for so long but I was sick.

I catch up with the falling giant beast with my super high-speed flight. Then, using the speed of flight, I slash its torso with my aura sword. The flesh ripped open and blood sprayed. However, the durability of the body, which was not its weak point, was still high, and the giant beast was still in good health.

“SSS-class giant beasts also have the ability to regenerate. If we take too long, we will be at a disadvantage, so think about defeating it quickly.”

“Oh, no, it’s going to regenerate!”

“Yes. Moreover, it has a mechanism to generate energy inside its body, so the giant beast has unlimited stamina.”

“That’s tricky…….”

“But I’ve analyzed the battle data so far, and Arleo-2 has the better fighting power. The key will be how to inflict fatal wounds in a short time, but we have a good chance of winning.”

“Are you suggesting an attack on the head?”

“……Rationally speaking, that would be the best option. But I understand that Yuta will not do so.”

“Yes. I still think that attacking that epsilon core is impossible for me.”

“Then let’s aim for the base of the tail. It may not be as effective as the head, but it will damage it more effectively than other parts.”

I’m glad Feri understands me. If she were a hard-headed support, I’m sure she’d have me aiming for the head.

And then I witnessed its regenerative ability. I saw that the wound on his torso, which I had slashed several times, was wriggling and trying to close up. If the damage is healed like that, we are at a disadvantage because of the energy consumption.

In order to get to the base of the tail, as Feri said, I need to go around the back. However, it is not going to be easy, as the giant beast is always looking at me.

Before I knew it, the claws I had destroyed had recovered. The giant beast landed on the ground and attacked me, swinging the claws on both arms. It was a very quick and powerful attack, but since I had already beaten it earlier, I had plenty of time to receive it with my Aura Sword.

However, the claw attack seemed to be a feint. Immediately after a series of claw attacks, the giant beast unleashed a breath attack with all the power it could muster. The unexpected breath hit me directly, but the shield and defense field dispersed it.

“Yuta! Neither the shield nor the defense field is infinite! They consume aether, so you can’t defend over and over again!”

Feri reminds me of this. It’s true that the amount of ether remaining was decreasing rapidly. I don’t think it’s possible, but does the giant beast know this and is aiming to consume it with its breath attack?

Maybe the giant beast is smarter than it looks. At this rate, I’ll be forced into a battle of attrition and be killed.

I can’t fight sluggishly. Concentrate your attack – I’m going to concentrate deeper and harder. I’ll save my strength and prepare for a powerful strike.

The giant beast fired a series of breaths at me, probably because it doesn’t need to worry about exhaustion but I evaded them, conserving my concentration and strength.

I will probably only attack it once with all my might, considering how much ether I have left…….I will defeat the giant beast with that one blow!

I decide to use super fast flight to get behind the giant beast. This also consumes a lot of ether, but it can’t be helped. Seeing the timing of the giant beast’s breath attack, I accelerate all at once to get behind it. Then, I unleashed all the power I had stored up…

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