I was sold at the lowest price C396

I was sold at the lowest price C396

I was sold at the lowest price C396: Another Crisis / Jean


Struggling with the unfamiliar work and the unfamiliar parts, I managed to remove the box-shaped equipment.

“I got it! What’s next?”

“Next, you need to remove the detonator. Remove the box that contains the meter, but you must be more careful because there is a measure in there that can trigger the explosion. Look at the structure first, and then we’ll figure out the steps to remove it. Try to open the meter box without too much vibration.”

Shivering a little, I remove the cover of the box where the meter is located. There are countless wires inside, and I have no idea what they do. How am I supposed to convey these things over the comms?

“Rafishal, I opened the box, but it’s so complicated I can’t even explain it!”

“Don’t worry, it looks complicated, but most of it is dummy wiring. There’s only one wire that matters, and that’s the one that leads to the explosives, that’s all you need to find.”

“You speak lightly, but how am I supposed to find it?”

“There are several structural patterns that we can follow, but……it’s hard to explain them over the comms, is Feri around?”

“She’s in the middle of a battle with a powerful giant beast in Arleo-2.”

“Well, that’s a problem, but let’s go after them one at a time, check them out one by one.”

Rafishal does not seem the least bit perturbed to hear that Arleo-2 is fighting a powerful giant beast. It must mean that he trusts Arleo-2, Yuta, and Feri that much.

As Rafishal said, it was difficult to get a description of the explosives over the comms. I gave detailed information on the status of the wiring, to which Rafishal would tell me to check some items, and further instructions would be given based on the results. We repeated this several times to analyze the structure of the detonator.

“Okay, now all we need to do is cut the red line above to disconnect the detonator from the explosive device.”

As instructed, the red line is snapped off and the work is completed. When I told him this, Rafishal also expressed his relief.

“I’m glad it’s disarmed.”

“I was relieved to hear that, too, but then I heard that man’s voice.”

“I had miscalculated that there was a technician who could disarm that thing.”

It was the voice of Demiurgus, the master of this place. The voice sounded like an external output sound, and I could not tell where it was coming from. I looked around for the source of the voice then I spotted a figure in the glassed-in terrace room.

“However, it seems you are at the limit of your ability just by disarming the detonator,” he said. “Rest assured, that explosive can be detonated without such a thing.”

“What the hell? What do you mean?”

“Pfft, well, it would be useless to explain it to someone who is going to the other side, but I’ll tell you. All I have to do is apply a strong external force and the liquid in the center will explode. It’s that simple.”

When he finished saying this, the ceiling section collapsed and a vicious head emerged.

“A giant beast!”

It was the Giant Beast that was supposed to be fighting Arleo-2. What the hell is going on!?

“I called it here to blow up the explosives. It would be the quickest way to get rid of it, since it would be obliterated when the fusion liquid exploded.”

Hearing those words, I feel a little relieved. It seems that Yuta was not defeated.

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