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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C102

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C102


“I’ll go get the food then.”

Tina said, and left the place with a short run. It was as if she hadn’t forgotten to greet every guest she passed along the way. But when I look at Tina today, I can’t help but think.

L–She doesn’t look like an aristocrat.

S–Hahaha…….Well, if anything, she’s a commoner who was given a noble rank. The lower nobility, especially the barons, are all like this.

Lilia’s previous relationships naturally did not include lower class nobles or commoners. Tina was her first lower class friend so she naturally had no idea what other baronial families were like.

When I looked at my brother, he was drinking the water that was offered to him without any particular caution.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“Are all baronial houses like this?”

When I asked this, my brother’s eyes widened for a moment, and then his cheeks relaxed.

“I never thought I’d see the day when you’d be interested in the lower class nobles…….To answer your question, yes. It’s not just the barons, but all the lower class nobles are like this. Many of them are engaged in some kind of business. They don’t have territories or anything like that.”

Then my brother stopped speaking. He thought for a moment and shook his head.

“We assume that they do have a territory, at least.”

“Do they have one?”

“Yes. Well, here it is.”

Her brother lightly tapped the floor with his foot. When Lilia tilted her head, her brother said.

“It’s one of the privileges granted to baronial families. To use the example of the Barony of Breha, the grounds of this inn are the domain of the Barony of Breha.”

“It’s a small estate.”

“It’s still a fiefdom. A commoner can’t have it…….Oh, I think she’s here.”

When I turned around at the sound of my brother’s voice, I saw that Tina was bringing in the food. She was bringing two plates of food, but for some reason, Tina’s face showed a hint of confusion. The dishes were lined up in front of Lilia, who was wondering what was going on.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting. Let’s see…….I heard that your father asked Mr. Cross for this, is that correct?”

The dish lined up in front of me was a stir-fry vegetable that I’ve eaten at school as well.


My brother was smiling.

“You can’t eat these things unless you’re on a discreet errand. I’ve taken the liberty of deciding, is that okay with you?”

“Yes…….It’s fine.”

“Good. I used to eat them from time to time when I went to school. It’s my favorite.”

As he said this, he picked up his chopsticks and lifted a chunk of vegetable. Lilia froze at the sight of it. Without noticing Lilia’s condition, her brother opened his mouth wide and started to eat.

“Yes. It’s good.”

Her brother looks very happy. Lilia looks down at the food in front of her. She can’t help but feel her cheeks pull together. There’s nothing in it that Lilia doesn’t like.


S–………….Be patient……..

She sounded very tearful. Lilia holds her chopsticks with a nervous look on her face, but she can’t move and stares at them. Stir-fried vegetables mean green bell pepper.

“Lilia, what’s wrong?”

Tina asked.

When I looked at her, I saw that she was also smiling.

S–What should I do? I thought she was an angel until now, but that looks like the smile of a devil.

L–Sakura, are you okay?

S–I’m fine. Don’t underestimate me!

Lilia can tell right away that she’s straining. She gave a small sigh and put down her chopsticks.

“Tina, I’m sorry.”


“I just can’t eat this vegetable.”

She pointed to the green pepper and Tina nodded with a satisfied expression. She took Lilia’s plate.

“I’ll go ask my father.”

With that, she ran outside.

As I breathed a sigh of relief, I looked at my brother and saw that he was frozen looking at me.

“You hate……it, don’t you?”

“No, it was…….There’s a lot going on…….”

It’s a good thing that he didn’t pursue the matter any further and just nodded his head.

S–I’m sorry, Lilia.

L–Don’t worry about it.

Even as I say this, Sakura has gone quiet, as if dejected. I don’t know what’s bothering her now, but I honestly don’t know how to talk to her.

In the end, Lilia didn’t say anything and decided to wait for Tina.

When she came back, Tina brought a dish of stir-fried vegetables without peppers. Apparently, she had taken the trouble to make it for her. Lilia thanked her and began to eat it.

After dinner, of course, it was pitch black around us. The moonlight illuminated the town, but the light was so faint that few people were out and about. All the houses were leaking light, probably due to the magic circle that emitted light, but even that would probably disappear soon.

In the inn the corridors are lined with papers with magic circles drawn on them at even intervals, so it’s not that dark. We have no trouble getting back to our rooms, but they will start turning off these lights once everyone is back in their rooms.

“I keep a piece of magic paper in my room that I can carry around with me, but don’t go out too often. There are people staying here that you don’t know anything about.”

Nodding at Tina’s warning, Lilia returned to her room with her brother. She left her brother in front of the room and opened the door to her room.


And then I closed it.

S–What was that……thing?


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