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I was sold at the lowest price C397

I was sold at the lowest price C397: Behavior of Giant Beasts


Aimed at the base of the tail, the full force of the blow blew off the lower half of the Giant Beast’s body. The beast was cut in half, and its upper body rolled off the ground.

“Not yet! The Giant Beast is alive!”

Feri shouts at me as I let my guard down. I looked and sure enough, the upper body was still moving.

“I won’t let you go!”

I tried to chase it but I stalled in the middle of the flight and then fell down.

“The ether has been depleted, use the ether pod to rapidly recover.”

“No way, I almost took him down!”

I can no longer fly due to depletion of ether. During the rapid recovery, my actions are limited and I cannot chase after the giant beast.

In the meantime, the giant beast flees toward the domed building in the center. What was even more frightening was that even while it was fleeing, its missing lower body was beginning to regenerate.

“Feri! How soon can I recover?”

“In about five minutes, you will recover to 50% of your minimum to be able to act at full strength.”

“Five minutes?!”

Even so, natural recovery takes several months, depending on the ether concentration. I can’t complain about ether pods that can do it in a few minutes.

During rapid recovery, flight is not possible so I chase after the giant beast on foot, but I can’t seem to catch up with it at all.

Somehow, the giant beast manages to get inside, destroying the building in the center. I think there are more ways to escape, but it seems to have chosen a closed area.

“We’re back up to 50%, let’s go after the giant beast as soon as possible! It would be a nuisance if we let it completely regenerate!”


I fly toward the central building, chasing the giant beast. It was not difficult to chase it because its escape route had been blocked.

The giant beast was aiming for the basement of the building, destroying the floor. Half of its lower body had already been regenerated.

“Yuta, that is the area with explosives. There is a high probability that Jean and the others are there, so you better check the situation before attacking.”

“Seriously? He ran off to another nasty place……”

I could no longer attack carelessly and had no choice but to give up attacking the giant beast once and turn around and head for the basement.

The first thing I noticed in the basement was Linnecarlo’s Viktor fighting with three Guardians. Although it was three against one, Linnecarlo seemed to have the upper hand, and two of the three Guardians were already so beaten up that they could barely move.


I thought it was only a matter of time before Linnecarlo would defeat them without my help, but considering that the battle with the giant beast was about to begin, I decided it would be better to eliminate them as soon as possible.

I closed the gap with the Guardian, the most energetic of the three, and sliced it in half with the Aura Sword that I had already manifested.

The appearance of a new enemy confused the Guardians but Linnecarlo did not miss the opportunity.

“Lightning Bolt!”

Countless lightning bolts produced by Viktor strike the two Guardians. Although the Guardians looked like they were capable of evading the lightning, it was impossible for them to avoid it when they were caught in the gap. The Guardians who were directly hit collapsed with a cloud of white smoke.

“Yuta! Did you defeat the Giant Beast?”

Linnecarlo, who has calmed down after defeating the Guardians, asks me about the situation.

“I haven’t beaten him yet. He ran this way, so I chased after him.”

Just as he said this, the ceiling in the back collapsed and a huge beast appeared. Upon closer inspection, the worst part was that I could see Jean and the others below the place.

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