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I was sold at the lowest price C398

I was sold at the lowest price C398: Conclusion


The giant beast broke through the ceiling and entered the underground space. Jean and the others are in danger if this continues, so they immediately went to help them.

The beast descends to the basement, destroying the ceiling. It then slithers toward Jean and the others. Jean, Emitz, and Mirti are trying to get away from the Giant Beast while fighting with the small Guardian.

“Jean! Move behind me!”

I leap in front of the giant beast to protect Jean and the others. The approaching beast stopped moving when it saw Arleo-2’s figure. It seems that the blow I had given it earlier had an effect on it, and it recognized me as a strong enemy.

“Yuta! Demiurgus on that terrace! Don’t let him get away!”

I looked at the place Jean mentioned and sure enough, I saw a person standing there.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Destroy them with the fusion liquid! And prove that I am a genius!”

Demiurgus also said something I didn’t understand but Feri reacted.

“Demiurgus, as usual, you seem to see nothing but yourself.”

Hearing these words, Demiurgus stops for a moment. However, after taking a breath, he said, as if surprised.

“Feri, you’re Feri Rudia! No way…….weren’t you supposed to have disappeared!”

“I knew you sent that magnetic attack. Unfortunately, I was already gone at that time. My colleagues who sensed I was in danger moved me from that storage medium.”

“Damn……well……I’ll just bury you right here with my own hands!”

“Your hands? You’re just inciting that giant beast, aren’t you?”

“Shut up! I am in complete control of that giant beast! Then it is my power!”

“You can’t possibly control a……SSS class beast like that.”

“Hmph! You are a fool not to see reality! And yet, here it is, listening to my commands! Giant beast! Kill them quickly!”

However, the giant beast did not come toward us, but glared at Demiurgus then it slowly approached the glass-walled terrace room.

“What are you doing? I say kill them! You! Do as you’re told!”

“Demiurgus, you have so much talent, but you don’t get results because you don’t try to understand the true nature of things. The giant beast did not come here to follow instructions. He came here to cut off the source of the radio waves that commanded him.”

“What the hell? That’s absurd! Now, wait! Stop it! I am your master!”

“Ignoring its voice, the giant beast moves even closer to the glass-walled terrace. Then, as if to unleash its fury, it slammed a powerful breath into it. Not even a scream was heard. In an instant, the place where Demiurgus had disappeared.”

“Poor scientist…….”

Feri showed some pity at the death of someone she had known for a long time.

However, the death of Demiurgus did not mean that the threat of the giant beast disappeared. Most of its lost lower body has regenerated.

“Linnecarlo take Jean and the others and get away from here.”

She was about to say something like, “I’ll fight with you,” but she reluctantly agreed to do so, understanding that the protection of Jean and the others was also important.

“Yuta, be careful with the explosives.”

“I know. I won’t let the giant beast do anything. This time, I’ll take it down with a single blow!”

The attack earlier had barely cut off half his body. That wasn’t enough, I had to concentrate more and deliver an even more powerful blow……sharpening my awareness and squeezing the power out of the depths of my being.

As I was concentrating my energy, the blue-white aura of the aura sword became even bigger, and the color changed even more. The aura changed from blue-white to gold…

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