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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C103

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C103


By the way, Lilia still has a stuffed bear in her hand. After all, we spent a whole day together, looking at it, and then opening the door of the room again.

There was a bear. On the bed in the room sat a stuffed animal that looked like it was two sizes larger than the bear she was holding. I couldn’t help but feel my cheeks tense up. What the hell was that?

S–Isn’t that your brother? He saw Lilia’s stuffed animal before we went out.

I nodded my head and headed for my brother’s room. As soon as I knocked on the door, my brother came out.

“How is it? Do you like it?”

It was her brother’s work, after all. He must have expected that Lilia would see it and visit him. Lilia said to her brother with a big smile on her face.

“Go take it back.”


“I thought I told you that I wasn’t interested.”

The tone of voice was still polite, but the timbre of the words showed Lilia’s anger. Naturally, her brother seemed to have guessed, and his eyes flashed.

“I’m afraid I can’t return it…….”

“So you’re saying I have to bring it back to the main residence?”

“Well…….That’s right.”

I wanted to shout at him, but he was my brother.

Lilia had no choice but to sigh out all her emotions and let them out slowly.

“Thank you.”

He would understand that Lilia was reluctant to say anything, but her brother still let out a sigh of relief.

“Next time I’ll ask you what you want.”

Lilia’s brow furrowed suspiciously at his words.

“What is the matter with you all of a sudden? Brother has never bought me anything before.”

“I’ve been buying Theo a lot of things. I thought I’d give you a little something too since you’re not being so selfish these days.”

Lilia rolled her eyes in surprise, not expecting him to think that. When her brother saw this, he chuckled, but then quickly turned serious.

“I’m honestly glad that you’re reflecting on what you’ve done. But you know what, Lilia? You’re not straining yourself, are you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not the most articulate person, so I can’t really put it into words…….I hope you’re okay. Don’t worry about it.”

Hurry up and go to bed, my brother said as he walked back into the room. Lilia also tilted her head, but began to return to her room.

L–I’ll have to think of a place to display something that big…….

I thought of my room in the main residence but there are many furnishings there so I would have to organize a lot of things.

S–Lilia is still so kind when she seriously considers the place. Or were you actually happy?

L–No, of course not. It’s just that if brother ever comes to my room, I wonder what he’ll say if I don’t decorate it.

However, if someone says something to me, I can just ignore it. It’s my room, so I should be free to do as I please. However, since it was given to me, I wanted to display it.

As I returned to my room and prepared for bed, I was thinking about my plans for redecorating when I heard a subdued knock on my door. I headed for the door, tilting my head to see who it was at this hour.

“Lilia, are you awake?”

It was Tina’s voice.

“Oh, good. I didn’t know you were still awake.”

“I was going to take a break, but…….What’s wrong?”

“Can I have a moment of your time?”

“I don’t mind, but……”

Tina thanked her and entered the room with a small basket in her hands. She put it on the table and took out the contents.


“Yes, I baked them. I thought we could share them.”

There was no tea, but smiling, Tina also took out two small plates and laid them out on top of each other. In the meantime, Lilia sat down in front of Tina. Placing the plates in front of Lilia, Tina also sat down.


At Tina’s urging, Lilia picked up one of the cookies. She put it in her mouth and started chewing.

S–Oh. Surprisingly delicious.

L–No disrespect to Tina…….I agree with you, though.

When I looked at Tina, she was staring at me with serious eyes. I think she wants to hear what I think.

“It’s delicious.”


“Yes. I would never lie about something like this.”

Tina instantly smiled. “Good,” she said quietly. I don’t think it’s something to be worried about.

Tina also ate a piece of the cookie and nodded in satisfaction.

“But it’s still not as good as the ones you buy at the store…….”

“You can’t help it. I think you’re comparing them to the wrong people.”

Tina wants to be a pastry chef? When I asked her that, Tina immediately shook her head.

“Don’t worry about it too much. I’ll go make some more.”

“It’s okay.”

Tina laughed, and Lilia smiled.

The academy’s vacation is still long. Lilia decided to stay here for about two weeks. When she suggested it to her brother, he seemed rather surprised, as he had not expected her to stay here until the last minute.

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t know what your question is about…….I just saw that Tina was talking to her family, and I wanted to talk to her father and mother as well, even if only briefly.”

“Well…….I understand. I’ll arrange it that way.”

The smile on my brother’s face when he said that was a very happy one.

Tina helped a little with the inn, but as before, the two of them studied together in the morning. After lunch, we changed our clothes and went out to the south district to look around at various things. There are a lot of things that I can’t see in the city, so it’s a very refreshing day.

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