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I was sold at the lowest price C399

I was sold at the lowest price C399: Desperate Kill


Feri exclaims in admiration when she sees the aura sword that has changed to a golden color.

“The golden fighting spirit materialized into a highly compressed energy reaction……No way, the divine transformation phenomenon! I even thought it was a pipe dream, but I never thought it would come true…….”

Furthermore, Feri warns me.

“Yuta, be careful. The current attack power of Arleo-2 is far more powerful than the explosives used to destroy this facility. It has the power to destroy the Epsilon core of the giant beast along with the facility.”

The serious tone of her voice tells me that this is not an exaggerated warning. I must avoid destroying the facility by mistake.

“I understand, I’ll attack the base of the tail carefully.”

“No need for that. With the current Arleo-2, it is possible to defeat the Giant Beast even by attacking it head-on.”

“Good! Then I’ll aim for the center of the giant beast!”

“Yes. That will be enough to defeat it!”

I’m feeling the energy of the golden aura sword and I am a little afraid of what will happen if I swing the sword in such a state but I’m sure I’ll be able to do it.

While I was wondering what to do with the surplus power, the giant beast was about to release its breath toward me. Jean and the others were behind me so I decided to block it because it would be dangerous for Jean and the others if I avoided it.

“Feri, deploy the shield I’ll block the breath.”

“Shield deployed! Yuta, please point your sword at the giant beast.”

I pointed my sword toward the giant beast as Feri instructed. At that moment, an intense heat ray shot out from the mouth of the behemoth. However, when the heat ray touched the golden aura sword, it disappeared as if evaporating.

“Now! Let’s end this fight!”

Nodding at her words, I headed toward the giant beast at high speed flight. Bringing my aura sword forward, I charge straight into the belly area of the Giant Beast.

The impact spreads in a circular motion around the spot where the sword touches, like a whirlpool. The shockwave engulfs the beast like a black hole. Pieces of flesh and other debris disappear without a moment’s time to dissipate.

The giant beast screams its last cry and its huge body disappears without any way to regenerate but the shockwave does not stop spreading, and Feri gets agitated.

“Oh no! It was more powerful than I imagined──the body of the Giant Beast was obliterated without a trace, but the head barely remained. I’m relieved. If the core had been destroyed by this, it would have been nothing to laugh about.”

I quickly approached the rolled head and removed the epsilon core. Then I destroyed the last remaining part of the giant beast.

The tension finally dissipated as I the Giant Beast finally died. Feri’s tone of voice also changed to a slightly calmer one.

“It was very powerful. It makes me wonder how much of the equipment in this facility is safe.”

“Ah! Oh yeah! If the equipment is out of commission, we’re screwed…….I hope it’s okay.”

“I’m just kidding, don’t worry. Looking at the equipment, this area is considered to be the experimental building, so the impact on the medical building that we need, will be minimal.”

“That’s a relief.”

It’s rare that Feri makes a joke. She seems much more human than when I first met her in Viktor.

“Yuta! What happened?”

“Is everyone all right?”

Nagisa and Kiyone, who were not present, rushed over and asked me. I was a little worried about where they had gone, but I was glad they were safe.

“Demiurgus is dead, the explosion has been stopped, and the giant beast has been defeated. I feel like we’ve solved some problems.”

I explained the situation to them in a simple way. At any rate, I was relieved to hear that everyone seemed to be safe. All that remained was to revive my father and heal the girl, and then we would be able to accomplish our goal.

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