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I was sold at the lowest price C400

I was sold at the lowest price C400: Medical Building


We freed people who had been used in the Epsilon core of the Giant Beast. Unlike the girl we rescued from that graveyard, they all seemed to have been embedded in the core for only a short time and they were all in less serious condition. In turn, they were allowed to rest while being treated in the medical pods in Mirai.

Then we were finally going to revive my dad. We head to the medical wing, which has advanced astral medical equipment that we need.

“Don’t let your guard down yet. Demiurgus may have left a trap, and there may be something else.”

As Jean said, there is a possibility that traps remain. We headed for the medical building with caution.

The medical building was located northeast of the laboratory where the explosives had been found. Since Feri had located it based on the map she had memorized, we did not get lost. Fortunately, there was no damage from the battle, and the facilities appeared to be safe.

“Let’s carry Mr. Swordsman and the girl’s medical pods.”

Me, Jean, Feri’s pseudo body, Emitz and Mirti will carry the medical pods. Nagisa and Kiyone will guard us, keeping an eye out in case something comes up. Linnecarlo was asked to wait outside in her magicraft in case of emergency.

“I’m not used to this kind of role.”

Linnecarlo complained since she was the only one on standby in her magicraft. Well, since she is the least powerful and the least capable in hand-to-hand combat among the members of this group, it was inevitable that she was assigned to such a role.

It was unnaturally quiet inside the medical building. Not only was there no noise, but the air was so quiet that there was not even a trickle of breeze.

According to Feri, the entire building is sterile, temperature and humidity are controlled. The entire building is constantly scanned to prevent foreign substances from entering and to prevent even the slightest change from occurring.

However, the quietness of the building changed drastically, and the sound of sirens began to echo loudly. It seemed that the AI managing the medical building had decided that we were trespassing.

Feri’s pseudo-body acted calmly in this situation. It approached a nearby electronic terminal and began operating something. The sirens immediately stopped.

“I hacked into the management program and registered us as guest users. We can now move freely in the medical building.”

“You’re good at this. Why don’t you check out where we have to go while you’re at it?”

“I’ve already checked. The medical room is on the seventh floor. There is an elevator at the end of the hall.”

Feri is so good at her job that even Jean is impressed to the point of being dumbfounded.

Perhaps it was because we were registered as guest users, but nothing interfered with our activities. We smoothly arrived at the seventh floor in a large elevator that could accommodate two medical pods with room to spare.

“Please place both medical pods in the center of the room.”

Feri began to examine the equipment in the room, nodded and said,

“The equipment seems to be working fine.”

“I’m glad to hear that. If the equipment was unusable, all the hard work we’ve done up to this point would be meaningless.”

All that was left was to perform the reanimation and Feri is working diligently on the preparations. The work was too advanced for us to help, so all we could do was wait and see.

“Please put the materials you brought for reanimation in there by type.”

We did as we were told and put the materials we brought into several circular boxes. When we were done, everything seemed to be ready, and Feri said emphatically,

“Then we will begin the revival.”

Finally, the revival of my father begins. I had heard that it is not always a success, so I watched anxiously.

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