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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C105

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C105


L–You’re sure this is the right thing to do?

S–I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it. Good work.

This time, it was Sakura’s idea. She said that since they were back home, she wanted him to have a little more free time. Lilia herself had been thinking about talking to Tina’s parents a little more, so she agreed and asked her brother for permission.

I told Tina about Broso and she agreed with me. In fact, she said she wished I had told her sooner.

L–I guess it’s time to go to dinner.

S–That’s right! Let’s see what’s for dinner tonight!

Lilia smiled at Sakura who started humming in a good mood and left the room.

Next day as I headed to the door to go out with Tina again, my brother stopped me. Next to my brother was Broso, which surprised me a little. He usually leaves the inn a little earlier than me and the others and follows us at an unobtrusive distance. Therefore, it is not often that he is seen before leaving.

“Broso has a message for you.”

My brother is smiling.

“He said his family was very happy. He wanted me to tell you thank you.”

“Why is brother speaking for him when he is right in front of me?”

“There’s, well…….You get the idea.”

My brother chuckled and waved me off.

The first place they headed to was the same for the past few days, the pastry store. This is not because Lilia wanted it to be, but because it is always the first place she goes when Tina shows her around. she didn’t know if Tina was concerned about her or not, but there is no reason for her to object, so it stays that way.


I could not complain because Sakura seems rather happy.

“Lilia always has strawberry daifuku, right? Don’t you eat anything else?”

After swallowing the strawberry daifuku in her mouth, Lilia looks at the pastries lined up in the store. She had eaten them all at least once. The flavors seem to vary from store to store, but so far she has not found them all that appealing.

Lilia nodded to Tina with a wry smile.

“I’m fine with this.”

“If it’s okay with Lilia, I won’t say anything.”

After that, we continued to visit the stores as usual. When we found food I had never seen before, I asked Tina about it and even tried it out.

Occasionally, something did not suit Lilia’s palate, and she would make a bitter face, but Tina would laugh and seem to be enjoying herself.

As Lilia was about to leave, she bumped into someone running out of the crowd. She didn’t raise her voice and almost fell down, but Tina helped her to stay on her feet.

“Thank you, Tina.”

“No problem.”

“Who are you?”

Lilia slowly smiles. Tina giggles as she’s about to call out to someone who’s just come out.

S–Lilia, calm down, okay? See…….

Tina and Sakura froze at the same time. Lilia looked at that someone as well, frowning, and then understood.

It was the red-haired boy, Keith. Keith stood up, muttering a small swear,

“Sorry, I was looking away!”

He bowed his head vigorously. Then he looked at the faces of Lilia and the others and gasped.

Tina: “……”

Keith: “……”

They looked at each other for a while, but soon Tina came to herself and tried to say something to Lilia.

“Why are you still here?”

Keith barked.

Lilia’s brow furrows and Tina’s face contorts. Sakura remains silent. Tina quickly pasted a smile on her face and said.

“Don’t say that. I’m just showing my friend around.”

“I don’t give a shit! Get the hell out of here! Nobles don’t come over here!”

“We used to play together.”

“That’s because I didn’t know you were a noble!”

Keith glared at Tina, and then, as if suddenly remembering, he glared at Lilia as well.

“You’re a noble too?”

Thinking about how to answer, he turns his attention to Tina. Tina was staring sideways at Lilia. Lilia gave a small sigh and said.

“Yes. I am a baroness like Tina.”

Tina breathed a small sigh of relief. Apparently, this was the right thing to do.

“You’re a baroness, too! Shame on you, you want to be a nobleman so badly……!”

Lilia’s cheeks pull slightly. Tina hurriedly intervened.

“Lilia has nothing to do with this, does she? I will listen to you as much as you want.”

“What does it matter? A nobleman is a nobleman!”

Keith glared at Lilia, and Lilia exhaled slowly. This is Tina’s problem so Lilia says nothing.

S–Lilia. Lilia.

L–I’m fine. It’s just a bug screaming.

S–Ha, ha ha……..

Keith was still ranting about something, but Lilia decided to push them all out of her consciousness. Without asking anything at all, she quietly looked around. Everyone was looking at them, but their expressions were grim. Not again, they seemed to be saying.

“Are you listening to me?”

Keith exclaims. He must have realized that Lilia wasn’t listening, because Keith tries to grab onto Lilia and,


Lilia’s vision was blocked by a black wall. She looked up a little to check and saw that it was Broso.

S–As expected of an escort.

L–He should have come out earlier…….

“Why…….Why is brother here?”

Keith’s words were shocking. It seems that Tina was the same way, staring at Broso, her eyes wide with astonishment.

“Don’t stop me, bro! You are the one who should be complaining to them! It was the nobles who took away my brother’s voice!”

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Whaaaaat!?!?! It wasn’t the Prince?!?! No way!

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