I got a fake job at the academy C46

I got a fake job at the academy C46

I got a fake job at the academy C46: A Dangerous Bet (3)

Chapter 3/3 for last week.

To be honest, at first, when Chris wanted me to bet with him on the result of the duel I was happy on the inside but I didn’t show it on the outside because this was a sure win bet since Aidan managed to enter Theon then he must have enough talent and skills.

Even though students from wealthy merchant families and aristocrats have been thoroughly educated from an early age, so it is natural for them to be far ahead of commoner students at the beginning of the semester.

It was only two weeks after the new semester started and the common students did not have enough time to catch up with the aristocrats but Aidan is different from normal students.

‘Mr. Chris Benimore doesn’t seem to know that at all.’

If I were in charge of the first-year manifestation system class, I would have checked the list of students who were unusual among the first-year students. Still, Chris didn’t think much of Aidan.

Here I realized one thing; Chris Benimore said he didn’t even pay attention to the commoner students.

‘Perhaps he only memorized the names of students from noble families whom he should be concerned about.’

It is a disqualification as a teacher, but I understand. A person who was born as a noble, lived as a noble, will continue to live as an aristocrat. If such a person had a commoner living in a world completely different from his own, he would of course be offended. In that case, it is quite wise to simply not even pay attention to it.

I have no intention of blaming students for judging by class or discriminating against students because this is such a world.

‘But he never thought it would hold him back.’

Even if Aidan lacked magical knowledge, he was able to enter Theon because of the [Unusual] type of magic he possessed. He got some sort of admissions benefits, but that doesn’t mean Aidan is bad because it is the president’s greatest wish right now for more students who have learned such rare magic to gather at Theon.

‘Perhaps it will be too late to realize what kind of magic Aidan has learned later.’

The bet has already been placed. Claiming invalidity for not knowing is rather an act of revealing one’s own shortcomings in not being able to confirm information in advance. Even if Chris would probably realize Aidan’s skills, he would have no choice but to carry on the bet.

‘But what the hell is this guy talking about?’

What? You want to win with your own strength? For a moment, I didn’t understand what the heck he was talking about. I had no choice but to realize how outgoing and righteous this guy Aidan was. He is a guy who is willing to help a werewolf who was threatening his own life.

I was thinking of saying something to calm myself down, but I got a little worried.

‘Isn’t it a good thing to check it out once in a while?’

It didn’t seem too bad to take this opportunity to check his will and talent to learn something new. The elemental manifestation was too basic, so it was impossible to gauge Aidan’s talent with that alone.

‘I should teach you something a little more advanced.’

I glanced down at Aidan. Perhaps he sensed my gaze but I could see him shaking his shoulders.


“Yes, yes.”

“If that’s what you want, it’s fine. For the remaining three days, I will teach you how to prepare for the duel.”

“Really? But that’s…….”

“The dices have already been cast. Maybe Mr. Chris will give Jevan some advice or teach him how to polish his basic magic. This isn’t a confrontation between students, it’s a matter of pride between me and Mr. Chris as teachers and wizards.”

If it is something completely basic, such as implementing an attribute element, there is no need to think about it again.

“But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to teach.”

A match between wizards and wizards is not purely magic. The casting speed, the magnificence of magic and the magical accuracy are not enough. It is only a prejudice that wizards fight only with magic.

“Aidan. I will teach you how to fight against wizards.”


“Yes. However, the remaining period is 3 days. It’s tight, so what I can teach you will be only the very basics. It will be very difficult and you may fail. Will you still do it?”

“Yeah! I’ll do it.”

Aidan answered in a loud voice that he had made up his mind.

‘Good attitude.’

“Then let’s start today.”

“Yes? Really?”

Aidan had a slightly confused face as he didn’t know that we would start right now. I nodded and pointed at the two who were watching us from a distance.

“The same goes for both of you.”


“Me too?”

Leo and Tracy were both embarrassed when I called them, but they couldn’t refuse. Aidan is not going to be the only one that has to improve and I think they will continue to be together in the future.

With 3 days remaining Chris and Jevan must have been thinking that they had won and I let them enjoy themselves for now. But, will they still be able to smile after what will happen three days later?

I started to look forward to the day a little.

* * *

“Ugh. I will die.”

In the dark night after the sun has completely set, Aidan returned to the dormitory and laid down on the bed with his exhausted body. He prided himself on not skipping training since he came to Theon, but Rudger’s training was unimaginably hard. Maybe it was because he was also a soldier.

Aidan remembered the arduous training of Rudger, who was teaching Leo and Tracy with him, and rubbed his stingy body with his hands.

‘I didn’t know I could use my body like this.’

What Rudger taught him wasn’t the manifestation magic or other spells, but how to use his body.

He has to use his body and his head at the same time. Because of that, he didn’t know how many times he rolled on the floor of the alternate training ground. He couldn’t believe he had to do this for the next two days.

‘Still, it feels like something has improved.’

Rudger’s teachings were difficult enough to overwhelm the body, but Aidan did not harbor any dissatisfaction and silently carried it out because he instinctively felt certain that this method would help him.

‘More than that, why did Mr. Rudger say that he would trust me?’

Didn’t he think he was going to lose to Jevan? If so, what is the reason?

‘Is it because of the magic I use?’

There was a possibility since teachers have the right to access students’ information but it didn’t make sense for Rudger to be convinced of something with that one thing.

Rudger must have never seen him use [Unusual] type magic himself, so why was he so sure? The magic he learned was passed down directly from his master, so it would be difficult to fully understand just by hearing his name.

‘Does Mr. Rudger know anything about my teacher?’

Aidan closed his eyes with that thought in mind. The day was so hard that he fell asleep without even thinking of changing his clothes.

* * *

Two days after that Aidan was running through the outdoor training ground out of breath.

“Heh heh heh heh.”

On the road that Aidan was heading to, Rudger was standing with his back clasped.

Aidan, who discovered Rudger, spurred on running even more. Rudger, who was holding his back, stretched out his right hand. At that moment, a sphere of pure white magic flew towards Aidan.

Aidan looked at it, clenched his teeth and turned his body to the side and at the same time his magical powers awakened.

His leg was twisted and he fell but he managed to avoid the magic by rolling several laps on the ground.

Rudger slowly approached Aidan.

“The cycle of magic is circulation, and moving the body is moving the body. Don’t try to overlap them, but recognize them separately.”


Aidan, who had become muddy, jumped up from the ground.

“You failed again so run another lap.”


Aidan ran back to the training ground.

Leo and Tracy, who were sitting on chairs at the training ground and were resting, stared at Aidan with the same gaze as if they were looking at a monster.

I’m already tired and I don’t have the strength to run anymore, but Aidan has good stamina.”

Tracy was purely admiring Aidan’s tireless stamina. She had been cultivating her stamina even before she entered the age of three, but she was not at the level of Aidan. She clenched her teeth and tried to catch up with Aidan, but she eventually lifted the white flag.

“He has great will.”

On the other hand, Leo was taking a break first because his stamina was inferior to that of Tracy due to his small stature but his eyes were sharper than Tracy’s.

Although it may seem okay to Tracy, ​​Aidan was in a situation where he was physically at his limit. Nevertheless, the reason for running is probably because of the will to not lose in the duel.


Tracy ignored Leo’s words and stared blankly at Aidan. He was a boy who didn’t say he hated her even though she acted so badly. Rather, he smiled and asked her to eat together and was the stupid guy who reached out his hand first as her friend.

She couldn’t take her eyes off of Aidan’s hard training. He looks dirty with sweat and dirt, but is it too far-fetched to think that he is cool?

At some point, Aidan had completed one lap again and was rushing towards Rudger and Rudger raised his hand.


Leo and Tracy were nervous and a cold sweat was forming on their clenched fists.

Rudger’s magic flew towards Aidan, who was panting on the verge of exhaustion. It was the [Shining Stone], a basic manifestation type magic.

Because Rudger was watching and shooting, it was not a problem to avoid it as long as he focused on it. The problem is that it’s not easy to dodge while running but seeing Aidan swiping sideways in his running stance, almost avoiding Rudger’s magic, Tracy jumped up from her seat without realizing it.


“Not yet. What’s important is the next step.”

Leo said.

Dodge the magic and then counterattack. Aidan immediately gathered his magic power while running and wanted to activate a spell. This is a technique that requires separate use of the head and body and it may seem simple at first glance, but for those who have not yet mastered magic properly, there is nothing more difficult than this.

It’s more difficult than drawing a square with one hand and a triangle with the other. Moving the body and casting a spell at the same time were a division of thinking.

‘Aidan, you can do it.’

Leo clenched his fists.

Wizards must concentrate a lot of their minds in order to cast spells so when they do so they don’t move at all so the wizards were always exposed to danger.

Wizards have taken the path of putting a barrier around or shortening the casting time in order to safely manifest their magic but there were also people who walked a completely different path.

There were those who had the idea that if it was dangerous to be immobile when using magic, they could use magic while moving. They are wizards, but they do not sit still and train their bodies to the limit to implement magic.

Unlike those who learn science and explore magic, they wander around the world to challenge and fight the unknown. They are known as [War Mages]. The method that Rudger taught was the [Moving-Magus], which is the most basic fighting method that the war mages learn.


Aidan took a deep breath and raised his magic power. His running legs didn’t stop and he didn’t even have time to catch his breath but no words were needed. What mattered was the will. A spell manifested on Aidan’s hand, who was running. Leo and Tracy, who were watching the scene from afar, opened their eyes wide and mouths fell open.

Aidan’s magic unfolded. It was the first-tier basic magic, and the same [Shining Stone] that Rudger had shot at him.

It was weaker than Rudger’s spell but he managed to cast the spell and shoot it towards Rudger. However, Rudger raised his gloved right hand and caught Aidan’s [Shining Stone] with great ease.

Leo and Tracy, who were watching the scene, unknowingly said, ‘Ah!’, exclaiming with regret.

“Huh. Heh.”

Aidan, who was panting for breath, stopped in front of Rudger.


“Huh. huh. Yes. Teacher.”

“You pass.”

Before Rudger’s answer came, Aidan fell on the floor with a smile of accomplishment.

“The duel is tomorrow, so get enough rest today.”

“Huh. Heh.”

Aidan couldn’t afford to answer.

Rudger grinned at the sight and turned his back.

“You can do it.”

Aidan, who was so exhausted, did not hear him.

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