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I was sold at the lowest price C401

I was sold at the lowest price C401: Boundary


When Feri touched the transparent sphere, everything in the room began to glow. Then, a faint mist filled the room, and the equipment around it began to move slightly.


Kiyone murmurs as she folds her hands in prayer. Her expression is that of a serious fighter, full of spirit and the emotion of wanting her father back.

Nagisa, Jean, Emmitt, and Mirti are watching over her with concern.

The sphere around the medical pod containing my father glows more intensely. The light becomes a streak and gathers around the medical pod. The gathered light becomes a large, strong mass of light that begins to blink gently.

“Begin repair of the physical body- Begin scan of the astral body- Soul signals received, analysis and design of reconstruction begun…”

I don’t even know if things are going well because I don’t understand the mechanism but Feri is operating the equipment nonchalantly with a serious expression on her face. I don’t think there are any unforeseen circumstances because she didn’t react.

“Analysis of bio-patterns complete…Resuscitation program construction complete…Preparing to chant spells…Begin chanting spell [High Healing]…Begin chanting spell [High Recovery]…Begin chanting spell [Resurrection]…”

The light from father’s medical pod became even stronger and its color changed from white to blue-white.

“Spell normal chanting completed, catalyst lost due to magical binding confirmed, bio-reactions graphed.”

As Feri said this, a sort of three-dimensional hologram appeared above dad’s medical pod. On it was displayed a single thick line.

“The resuscitation process is complete. All that remains is to pray for the return of bio-signs.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“If the bio-signs come back, it’s a success. When that line on the graph moves, it means the patient has come back to life.”

When I heard that, I couldn’t help but wish the line would move. Kiyone also began to strongly pray, however, the line did not twitch. I wonder how long it would take for it to move if the process was successful.

I look at Feri, the only one who knows about it and I can see that her expression is getting cloudier and cloudier. My emotions are being eroded by anxiety as I realize that the time for a normal reaction has already passed.

My heart starts pounding rapidly and the worst possible outcome looms over me. I shouted loudly at father to get up.

“Move your ass, dad! You call yourself the Sword Saint, but you can’t even stand up! I’ve worked so hard to get here, and if you don’t come back to life, I won’t forgive you!”

After me Kiyone shouted at him as well.

“Father, you left two ungrateful disciples behind! You still have so much to teach me! Mother will be furious with you in the afterlife if you give up now!”

The line seemed to move, even if only slightly. I knew dad could hear us. Kiyone seemed to sense it too and we shouted almost simultaneously.

“Dad! What are we going to do if you give up at this point?

“What happened to your usual high spirits? You even said that even if you were seriously injured in dangerous training, you would heal yourself with your power. Please use that power and come back to life!”

Beep – beep – beep – beep – beep – it’s not my imagination. The line clearly responded. I looked at Feri and her expression changed to one of relief.

“Don’t worry, he’s safe now. The resuscitation was successful.”

The moment I heard those words, the strength drained from my body. I felt relief from the bottom of my heart as I fell to my knees.

I’m glad……I can see my dad again…….

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