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If Aldis’s maids are inside the Count of Lester’s mansion, they will not be able to stand out either. If it is documents, etc., at least there would be no human casualties like in Broso’s case. They would not think of making enemies with the Duke of Aldis, either.

Lilia’s eyebrows furrowed as she entered her room, wondering how much she should tell Tina.

Tina had a somewhat somber expression on her face as she stared at the large stuffed animal.

“What’s wrong?”

Lilia called out to her, and that’s when she finally noticed that Lilia had entered, and looked more than a little surprised. Tina kept her eyebrows lowered and said.

“I guess me and Keith can’t make up after all?”

Hearing this, Lilia finally remembered.

She asked Broso about the situation, and from there she learned the cause of Keith’s dislike of the aristocrats. Sure enough, she found out the cause, but the solution remained unanswered. As long as Tina is a nobleman, even though she is a baroness, Keith will not compromise.

“I’m not saying you should give up, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“Yeah……..I know.”

“I’m going back,” Tina said as she left the room with her shoulders slumped. Lilia watched her until the door closed.

The door closed and Lilia exhaled slowly. She had become a little irritated with Tina’s condition.

‘If you have something to say, just say it. I don’t understand what you are concerned about.’

Certainly there is sympathy for Broso’s situation, but why does Keith, who is not a party to this, continue to be angry when Broso himself says he doesn’t hold a grudge? Lilia does not understand, at all.


Lilia suddenly came to herself. She sighed tiredly and sat down in her chair. She took a slow, deep breath to calm herself and looked up to the sky.

S –Are you all right?

L –Yes. I’m fine.

She can’t help but get frustrated when she thinks about Keith. Lilia sighs loudly, feeling a queasy feeling that she doesn’t know why.

Next day as usual, Tina visited Lilia’s room to study and was smiling, a complete change from yesterday. Lilia was worried because she looked down yesterday, but she was a little relieved to see her now.

“Lilia, I’m sorry about last night. I was a little distressed.”

Tina says as she unfolds her study materials. Lilia shook her head and replied.

“Don’t worry about it. I know it’s not something that can be dealt with right away but if there is anything I can do, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Thank you, Lilia.”

Tina smiled happily, and Lilia looked away, slightly embarrassed.

They continued studying and occasionally Tina would ask about something she didn’t understand, and Lilia would teach her. Lilia also has the same material open, but does not actually look at it. Most of the time Sakura talked and Lilia listened.

But only today, Sakura didn’t say anything except “Today is for review.” She is usually so noisy, but when she suddenly gets quiet, it bothers Lilia.

S–Didn’t you just now think of something rude?

L–You respond to this kind of thing.


Sakura apologized and fell silent again. She’d be lying if she said it didn’t bother her, but even Sakura has times when she needs to be alone with her thoughts. If it was necessary for Lilia, she would tell her later. Lilia convinced herself and looked down at the textbook.

It was just before noon, and after finishing their studies, they changed their clothes as usual and got ready to go out. Lilia, who only needs to change her clothes to get ready, always waits in Tina’s room, looking at her dolls.

“Tina didn’t know about the Count of Lester?”

Hearing this, Tina smiled apologetically.

“I’m sure father would know, but I don’t know much…….I occasionally go over to say hello, but that’s the only contact I have with him. And I’ve never met Ms. Phrygia.”


“I saw her at school for the first time.”

“Eh,” Lilia opened her mouth, and Tina tilted her head at the sight.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s…….It’s nothing.”

L –Sakura is Phrygia Lester in the same academy?

S–Yes, that’s right. Not only are you in the same school, but you are in the same class. Well, Lilia’s class is full of strong people, for better or worse. It’s no wonder you don’t remember her.

L–What do you mean?

S– Phrygia Lester is a shadowy person. Think back and remember the people around Chris.

In other words, she is among Chris’s cronies. I was a little surprised, but then I remembered my memories at the school. Fortunately, I remembered the names of everyone in the class at least once, so I was able to recall them immediately.

Indeed, one of Chris’s cronies is Phrygia Lester. However, my impression of her is completely different from yesterday’s story. In yesterday’s story, I had imagined an arrogant and selfish individual.

S –It’s like the old Lilia.

The Phrygia she saw at school was fragile and impressionable. She was definitely the most mature student in Lilia’s class and that made her more suspicious of yesterday’s story.

L–I guess that’s why I don’t trust Broso’s story even more.

S–I’m sure.

Even Lilia is suspicious of Broso. If her brother had not mediated, she definitely would not have trusted him. After returning to the academy, she may have to ask Chris about it.

“Lilia, sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Yes…….Shall we go?”

With a little planning to do after returning to the academy, Lilia and Tina headed for the south district after they finished their preparations.

While shopping and eating on the way, they toured the South Ward as usual. Looking back, she saw that Broso had arrived at a certain distance from her today as well.

S –Today, too, strawberry daifuku is delicious.

L –I’m amazed you don’t get tired of it…….

S –When I get tired of Strawberry Daifuku, that’s when I cease to be me.

L –How precious is Strawberry Daifuku?

Lilia looked ahead and saw Tina tilting her head.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.”

When she responded, I looked forward, wondering.



My eyes met Keith’s.

“Why do we see each other so much in a big town…….Are you stalking Tina by any chance?”

“Huh? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“I can’t believe this guy…….We used to play together.”

“That’s when I didn’t know you were an aristocrat!”

Keith shouts as he glares at Tina. Lilia gave a small sigh and turned her back to them.

“Tina. Can you call me when you’re done?”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry.”

“What the hell, you’re running away!”

At Keith’s obvious provocation, Lilia sighed blandly. She looks coldly at Keith and says,

“First of all, realize that you’re not being taken seriously.”

Shaking her head in dismay, she begins to walk away. Keith said nothing more and yelled at Tina.

“I knew it! You people can’t even listen to what we have to say!”

“I don’t think Keith wants me to tell you that, do you?”

“Shut up! You’re no different! I can tell by the way you guys behave, you live your lives without a care in the world anyway! That’s why you won’t listen to people!”

Lilia’s eyes narrowed slightly as she heard that.

S–Lilia. Lilia. Let’s get out of here.

L– …….Yes, we should. Let’s do that.

Lilia nodded at Sakura’s words. Then, trying to walk to where she couldn’t hear their voices.

“Try a little hard work, and you’ll understand our struggles as if they were the tip of a needle. Well, I don’t think you’re going to make any effort!”

Lilia’s cheeks pulled back. Her feet stop and she turns only her eyes to Keith. Neither of them had noticed any change in Lilia’s appearance.

Why is this? Lilia is not a patient person, but she would never show her anger at something like this. She has heard worse insinuations but for some reason, Keith’s words made her angrier than ever. Even though it wasn’t about her, she could feel the blood rising to her head.

What does Keith know? Tina worked hard all the time at the academy. It must have been no ordinary effort for her to achieve a high rank in the examinations over the senior nobles who have been educated from an early age. It is true that this is a different direction from that of Keith’s group, but it does not mean that Tina is slacking in her efforts.

“You’re just sucking up to the nobility anyway! Oh, maybe you bought your rank from the nobility, too? You’re a perfect match!”

Tina has never once flattered anyone. Tina’s environment at the school was not a good one, but even so, I have never heard of her flattering a nobleman.

S –Lilia.

Sakura’s voice could be heard, but Lilia let it pass. She is aware of the blood rushing to her head, but does not try to control it. She was comfortably letting go of the urge to be angry, which she hadn’t felt in a long time.

In the first place who does this guy think he is? He is a mere commoner…….

S –Lilia!

What is a mere commoner saying to a nobleman? He should know his place a little better. What is he talking about if he does not even understand the situation?

Lilia found herself standing right behind Keith. Looking ahead, she saw Tina staring at her with her eyes wide open. Her face seemed to be somewhat pale.

“You’re always……!”

She taped Keith on the shoulder as he tried to say something more. She taped him again and even angrier he brushed her hand off, saying, “Shut up.” This time Keith turned back to Lilia.

Lilia looked back at him, “Shut up, eh……?”

Keith’s voice trails off into a raspy whisper. Then Keith’s eyes, looking at Lilia, changed from anger to fear.

“That’s enough, you’re grating on my nerves.”

Lilia slowly said with a ‘smile’ and Keith stepped back with a frightened look on his face but he soon calmed himself and glared at Lilia.

“What, you got a problem with me?”

“Yes, I do. I wish you would stop pestering us with nonsense about things you know nothing about.”

“What? You’re the one who doesn’t know anything!”

Lilia snickers and continues without cracking a smile.

“I don’t care about that either. It’s deafening. That’s all I need to know. Shut your mouth.”

“I don’t need you to tell me what to do! What a big……!”

Lilia’s eyes narrow slightly. That was enough to make Keith gasp, as if he sensed something.

S –Lilia. Please calm down……

“First of all, you shouldn’t have done that. Who do you think you are talking to?”

“To some baroness……”

“Liliane Aldis.”


“Liliane Aldis, that’s my name. Would it be easier to say that I am the daughter of the Duke of Aldis?”

Keith’s eyes widened. Lilia looked at him with amusement and said,

“I ask you again, to whom are you talking like that?”

Keith was at a loss for words and could say nothing but open and close his mouth. Soon, however, strength returned to his eyes. He stared at Lilia once more and shouted.

“Shut up! What’s with the duke! That’s none of my business!”


The corners of Lilia’s mouth slowly lifted. It was a very happy smile. Then Lilia opens her mouth.

S–No! Lilia, don’t say that!

“How dare a mere commoner talk to a duke?”

As she said this, Keith’s expression froze and Tina’s eyes widened in astonishment. Unconcerned, Lilia continued.

“Keith, it’s easy to find out how you and your family live and work. You know what I mean?”

Lilia’s words made Keith pale, but he nodded.

“You should think about what you are saying and doing. Otherwise……”

I’ll crush you.

Lilia says this with a smile. There is no response from Keith, he just looks at her with wide eyes and is completely frozen.

She stared at Keith with cold eyes, but he let out a short scream, and ran away in a hurry.

Lilia sniffs in a bored manner and suddenly looks at Tina. Tina was staring at her with a somewhat tearful face.


Is it my imagination that Tina’s voice sounds somewhat cold?

“Was that Lilia’s true feelings?”

Lilia raises her eyebrows dubiously. She wonders why she’s asking the obvious. Tina must have guessed from that alone, because she sadly lowered her eyes and muttered, “I see.”

“I’m sorry, Lilia. I’ll go back first.”

With that, she returns, leaving Lilia behind. For some reason, Lilia felt Tina’s distance from her.



S–I didn’t want you to say that.

Come to think of it, I think she was yelling something. I was too busy getting blood in my head to listen.

S — Remember it well. What did I say?

L –I’m not sure.

S–You said that a commoner should not talk to a duke.

L– Am I wrong?

When I asked her that, Sakura seemed to be at a loss for words and fell silent. Lilia sniffed in a bored manner and started walking back to the inn.

S –It’s an aristocratic society, so it’s not wrong, you know. I admit it but you know what, Lilia?

What are you trying to say? I wish you would say it clearly. I’m a little frustrated.

S –The lower class nobles are almost no different from the commoners. I wonder what Tina will think when she hears that.

With a snap, she stopped.

L –Eh……?

S–I think Tina knows that the idea is not wrong. But I think Tina has always thought Lilia was treating her as an equal until now. Not in the beginning, but if you look at how things are going now, you know.

It is the same for Lilia. Tina considers them equal friends despite the difference in family background.

S–I told you that didn’t I? You said it yourself: “You’re a commoner.” If that’s the way you think about your status, you can say the same thing even if you’re talking to a baron.

After hearing that, Lilia finally understood what Sakura was trying to say.

S–Tina, is not mad at you, it’s just that she doesn’t know how to treat you anymore because she can’t have the same relationship with you if you really thought that way all the time.

L –No…….I didn’t mean to…….

S –I just think that even if Lilia didn’t intend it that way, the people who are listening can only take it that way.

Sakura said and then fell silent while Lilia stood there with her eyes wide open.

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