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I got a fake job at the academy C48: Student Duel (2)


The blunt tip and thick blade looked like something for hitting, not cutting. It was closer to changing a magic wand than a sword, so the danger or lethality was close to zero. The referee thought about it for a while and decided it would be okay.

“Get ready.”

Following the referee’s instructions, Aidan and Jevan stood at both ends of the arena. The audience, who had been shouting, shut their mouths and the second training became quiet.

In the center, Aidan and Jevan stared at each other with intense eyes.


As soon as the referee’s cry fell, the two aimed their wands at each other. The most basic step in a battle between wizards is to analyze the gap between the opponent and oneself first and that is done through the exchange of first-level magic.


The magic that Aidan activated was [Flowing Water], a first-class water element spell. Conversely, the magic that was activated by Jevan was [Stinging Fire], a first-class fire-attribute spell.

“They’re fast.”

“Is their speed the same?”

The spells unfolded at the same time. In other words, Aidan, who everyone thought would be at a disadvantage, implemented the spell faster than expected. And there was also a difference in the elements that the two used.

Aidan used water and Jevan used fire. There would be no need to ask which attribute is superior.


Aidan was happy.

In order to have the edge in the first clash, he had to occupy an advantageous position in the attribute. It’s kind of like rock, paper, scissors, and it wasn’t pure luck.

‘I thought he would definitely use fire-attribute magic.’

Jevan has a fiery personality and he expected that the first magic he would use would be the fire since it has the highest attack power.

Aidan read the opponent’s magic in advance through psychological warfare and prepared the corresponding magic. Some students would have thought it was just a coincidence, but the teachers were different.

“He is ahead from the start.”

Next to the president who spoke happily, Hugo frowned without hiding his discomfort.

“The duel isn’t over yet.”

As Hugo said, it didn’t turn out to be Aidan’s win. When the two magic collided in mid-air, contrary to what people expected, it was the fire that destroyed the water magic.

“Oh my gosh.”

“You can beat water with fire?”

“Is the difference in magic power that big?”

No matter how much a counter exists in an attribute, if the mana is higher, even that counter will be ignored.

The flame that quickly evaporated water and it flew towards Aidan before long. Aidan hurriedly bent down to avoid the flying flame while astonished gazes turned to Jevan.

“Hahaha…This is the difference between you and me, insignificant commoner.”

Jevan did not stop using his magic while talking.

While Aidan evaded, he prepared the next magic. Aidan, who had corrected his posture, also immediately activated his magic. This time Jevan used the lightning attribute while Aidan used fire.

The two spells collided and canceled each other out in the air. However, the difference from a while ago was that the place where the magic was offset this time was that it was a little closer towards Aidan.


Jevan used magic again, and it was the same with Aidan. Their magic collided in the air again.

Aidan knew he was at disadvantage in terms of firepower, so he put in more of his mana and activated his magic. A third crash occurred and it happened right in front of Aidan.


Aidan staggered due to the shock of the magic explosion.

“Aidan has been pushed!”

“Is the difference between nobles and commoners that big?”

Everyone was chatting among themselves in the audience.


Jevan did not miss the gap where Aidan had collapsed and immediately used the next magic. He was going to use the momentum and put an end to it.

Aidan took hold of his stance and tried to point his wand for defense, but immediately changed his judgment.

‘No. It’s too late to use magic now!’

Jevan has already started implementing the technique. Even if he tried to catch up in a hurry here, in the end it all depends on who casts his spell first.

If he focused on speed and used a simple spell, there is a high probability that the magic will fail. It’s power is also inferior to the opponent.

If he had Rudger’s source code he could use magic to win but he didn’t.

‘In the first place, it’s impossible right now.’

He realized he couldn’t cast a spell so he chose another method.

‘From here on, I’ll use what I’ve learned from Mr. Rudger.’

Instead of using his staff, Aidan rushed towards Jevan.


“He’s running?”

“Has he given up?”

Most of the audience thought that Aidan had given up since no normal magician would use his body in the current situation.

“It’s savage. That’s why the common people.”

“Aidan……What are you going to do?”

While everyone despised or felt sorry for him Jevan magic was complete.

“In the end, did you give up because you couldn’t do it?”

Jevan smiled cruelly and used the second-level magic [Burning Thunder]. It is a very powerful magic among the second-level magic that pierces the opponent’s with a quick lightning strike.

Aidan won’t die because there is a safety device on his body, but considering this overflowing magical power right now, he’ll be able to make him feel pain enough to die.

Jevan aimed the magic at Aidan’s forehead.

“Take it!”

Jevan thought that Aidan had reached his limit since was running towards him and activated [Burning Thunder]. The yellow current in the air eventually turned into an arrow and flew towards Aidan.

Everyone who watched the scene thought the fight was over.

‘It’s over. In the end, Jevan won.’

Chris grinned as he watched the match go by as expected. He had already looked back at Rudger, anticipating what kind of face he would make.


Rudger was watching the duel with a nonchalant face as if the fight wasn’t over yet. Suddenly, an unfamiliar chill-like anxiety ran down Chris’ spine.


Chris’ eyes hurriedly turned to the stadium and saw Aidan turning his upper body and heading to the side in a running posture to avoid the magic that flew in front of him.


The [Burning Thunder] brushed past Aidan’s cheeks and shoulders. Aidan’s face was slightly distorted because of the pain, but that was all Aidan didn’t stop.

Chris was shocked to see the scene. He had noticed how Aidan had evaded the attack.

‘Even in the midst of that, he didn’t take his eyes off the other person?’

Usually, when new students engage in magic battles, those who are not yet accustomed to fighting between wizards may behave like a beginner and look away from the other person, or close their eyes tightly and raise their arms when magic flies towards them, instead of defending properly.

When you realize that pain is approaching, your body moves instinctively because that is human nature. There is no way to change that other than to train for a long time. However, Aidan was a freshman who had just entered the school. He was a beginner who didn’t know much about magic.

But Aidan was not afraid of the magic flying towards his forehead, and he kept going without averting his gaze. It wasn’t just a matter of luck, he had a will strong enough to overcome pain. It was an action that was possible because he was convinced that he could avoid it.

‘But it will take time to get up and use magic!’

Chris’ judgment was correct. After all, Jevan still had the initiative. As if responding to that will, Jevan took action. When he realized that his attack had missed, he was embarrassed for a moment, but Jevan prepared the next magic right away.


However, seeing the magic formula created in front of Aidan’s nose, Jevan had no choice but to open his eyes wide. It was the same for Hugo and Marie, and even the president looked with interest.

Chris had nothing to say. He immediately recognized the technique Aidan was using.


A practical skill that battle wizards learn to cast magic while moving their body.

Chris turned his head to look at Rudger. The man who had not taken his eyes off the duel for a while and there was a faint smile on his lips.

In a short period of three days, this man taught the commoner the “[Moving-Magus], which is the technique to outperform the opponent in a magic duel.

‘Did he learn that in 3 days?’

Aidan had learned the [Moving-Magus] in just three days?

‘Are the commoners born with such talent?’

Chris didn’t know.

While Jevan and he were already intoxicated with the toast of victory, Aidan worked hard while being taught by Rudger.

‘Jevan! You idiot! Stop the magic!’

Chris tried to shout, but the last remaining reason made him shut his mouth. If he shouted here it was like giving instructions to Jevan, that would ruin a fair match, and it would be an act of eroding his image.

He had no choice but to hope that Jevan would notice and take a different action.


Chris closed his eyes tightly.

Jevan had never expected that Aidan would use magic while running, so he was preparing his next magic. When Aidan evaded his magic, it would have been better if he didn’t continue his next attack. However, his innate ability became a shackle holding his ankles.

He quickly reacted to the first anomaly he encountered. There was nothing wrong with that judgment, but Jevan did not respond at all to the fact that the anomaly unfolded twice in a row, not just once.


Seeing the completed magic formula in front of Aidan, Jevan realized that things were going strangely. However, he had no way to first complete the spell he was casting now.

The magic that Aidan fired was the [Shining Stone] he had practiced so much. It’s a very simple rank 1 spell but it was lethal since Jevan was careless.

The shining stone hits the forehead of Jevan.


It wasn’t fatal, but the pain was great. Jevan was dizzy from the shock and his movements became blunt.

Everyone stood up in a hurry but Aidan, who had been given the opportunity, was watching silently.

‘It’s over.’

Seeing the scene, Rudger was satisfied. From the moment he lost his composure, Jevan’s defeat was decided. Aidan pointed his staff at Jevan.

“Now it’s my turn.”

“Oh, no!”

But despite all the screams Aidan’s magic, which was immediately activated, hit his body countless times.

The moment the total amount of magical power of the armor surrounding the body became 0, the victory or defeat of the match was decided.

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