I got a fake job at the academy C49

I got a fake job at the academy C49

I got a fake job at the academy C49: Anti Magic (1)


The fight was over.

“Winner! Aidan!”

Shouts erupted from the audience along with the referee’s cry. All these were the shouts of the commoner students who came to support Aidan.

“Aidan! Awesome!”

“Totally dope!”

“That is amazing! When did you learn that skill?”

In particular, the joy of Leo and Tracy was considerable. Conversely, the noble students were displeased, and stared at Jevan who was on the floor.

“That bastard spoiled the honor of the nobility.”

“It bothered me that he was trying to make moves here and there.”

“He lost to a commoner. It’s a shame for aristocrats.”

Jevan looked around with a blank expression on his face.

‘I lost?’

He couldn’t believe this was real but when he tried to wake up from the dream, that didn’t happen. Because this wasn’t a dream, it was reality. The hateful gazes and arrows of criticism that were flying towards him were all real.

On this stage, it was not him who got the joy of victory, but the insignificant commoner who had been so neglected.

‘No. There is something wrong!’

He couldn’t have lost. Yes. There must have been some mistake. That dirty commoner must have used some cowardly trick otherwise, there would be no way to use magic while moving.

‘You fucking commoner’s bastard!’

The fact that he took a potion before the duel was erased from his mind. All that was left now was his endless hatred for the commoner who insulted him in front of everyone and his will to kill him.

‘I will kill you!’

Jevan started squeezing out all of his magical power. Everyone was focused on Aidan, who was in the spotlight as the winner, so no one noticed Jevan behavior.

Who would have known that a man who had been defeated in a fight would suddenly lose his mind and use magic by surprise? Jevan squeezed out all of his own magical power and performed a second-level magic.

It takes about 4 seconds for the magic to be formed. It is quite a long time for an opponent to focus on it, but now that everyone wasn’t vigilant, 4 seconds is a very short time.


Aidan was the first to notice the strangeness. When he just looked around Jevan, his eyes met with Jevan, who was staring at him.


He saw that Jevan used the second-tier fire magic [Raging Wave].

Now that the match was over, Aidan had removed the safety device attached to his body. [Raging Wave] is an attack with the widest range among second-tier magic, so it is virtually impossible to avoid.

However, it was impossible to defend because time was running out. The magic was manifested and bright red flames fluttered.


The referee, who was trying to check Aidan’s physical condition, was also perplexed. He didn’t even think that Jevan would do something like this, so he hurriedly pulled out his staff and raised his magical powers.

He is an employee at Theon, but he can also use magic to some extent but he was too late. The magic was already approaching him.

Aidan jumped out like a spring, grabbed the referee’s back, threw him behind and gripped the sword-shaped staff with both hands.

In the slow flow of time, he could see the audience widen their eyes in amazement. Even the teachers who realized the situation belatedly rose from their seats one by one but it was already too late for them to step forward because the flame waves were approaching Aidan’s nose.


Tracy shouts spread out but Aidan did not look back at her. With his gaze fixed in front, he raised his sword-shaped staff and struck.



Then the unbelievable happened. Following the trajectory of Aidan’s wand, the [Raging Wave] magic used by Jevan was split in half and scattered.

After a while, [Raging Wave] lost its power and disappeared as if it were scattered in the air.

“Just now……What happened?”

When students mutter blankly at the scene they do not understand. Rudger stared at Aidan as if he knew this.

‘Did you use that magic because the moment of crisis came?’

Aidan is a wizard who can use [Special] type magic. Unlike the other four series, [Special] is not classified properly as modern magic, and is not widely known to the public.

[Anti-Magic], one of the [Unusual] series magic, also known as magic that erased other magic, that’s what Aidan was using now.

“It can’t be!”

Chris was on the brink of a blackout. He couldn’t believe that Aidan could use anti-magic.

‘I hope that man knows this……!’

Chris’ eyes turned to Rudger. He was not surprised when Aidan was attacked and sat still.

He had no reason to be surprised because he knew that Aidan would win this battle and that he was the owner of an [Unusual] type of magic.

“Oh my God.”

It was the same for Jevan Pellio. He saw the [Raging Wave] that he used with all his magical power disappearing in vain.

Aidan strode towards Jevan, who had completely lost his will.


“You, how can you? How could a commoner use such magic…….”

“Okay. F*ck this.”


Before Jevan could ask anything, Aidan moved. His clenched fists slammed his cheeks hard. Aidan looked down at the fallen Jevan and said,

“I thought you would at least accept your defeat honorably but I didn’t expect you to be such garbage.”

Jevan didn’t answer because he was already completely defeated by Aidan physically and mentally, and he couldn’t keep his reason.

Belatedly, the referee rushed out and checked Aidan’s body.

“Student Aidan! Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Is the referee okay? Do you have any injuries anywhere?”

“No I don’t. Thank you. Without you, it would have been very dangerous.”

The teachers and the audience who watched the scene had no choice but to check Aidan again.


“Oh my gosh. He said he was a user of anti-magic, and it was true.”

Marie Ross, who had already heard vaguely about Aidan, put her hand on her lips and smiled. On the other hand, Hugo and Chris’ faces were dark. Only Rudger expected this outcome and maintained a consistent attitude.

The students’ reaction was very enthusiastic.

“Did you just see it? He cut the magic with his sword!”

“Idiot. It’s not a sword, it’s a staff.”

“Even so, I didn’t feel that he was using magic. What was it?”

For students who were unaware of the existence of anti-magic, Aidan’s performance a while ago was almost like something out of a fairy tale.

Among the amazed students, there were some students who realized what Aidan’s magic was.

“That kid. Did he use anti-magic a while ago?”

A beautiful girl with pure white hair and an impression as cold as snow stared intently at Aidan. Her words sounded like she was older than Aidan, but she was also one of the freshmen who had just entered Theon.

A girl who deserves to be arguably the best among these first-year freshmen. She is the top student with the highest admissions score and a rookie of undisputed talent who is promoted as a promising wizard in the Tower, Julia Plumhart.

‘I just came to watch for fun but I saw something interesting.’

She looked at Aidan with interest. Because of her character, she wouldn’t even have been interested in a duel between students.

However, this time, the case became particularly large, and it turned into a battle between commoners and aristocrats rather than students. Even after that, it was said that the fight was for pride between two teachers, so she came to watch.

‘The first time I fought, I was so miserable and it was hard to keep my eyes open, so I wanted to go back right away.’

Others thought Aidan was lucky that she didn’t.

‘Where did that commoner learn anti-magic? Hmm. I’m a little intrigued.’

Julia left the arena as she looked at Aidan who had knocked out Jevan. Besides Julia, there were some people who were interested in the magic that Aidan showed. It was Freuden, the student with the most power in the sophomore year.

‘Did he say Aidan?’

When Baron Pellio wanted to join his faction, Jevan said he would fight. Freuden didn’t bother to stop him. It must have been his true intention but he was not even interested in the first place.

No matter who he fights with, he thinks it’s enough if he doesn’t push himself. However, his opponent was a commoner who used anti-magic.

‘The freshmen are strong this year.’

Freuden highly valued Aidan’s anti-magic. Of course, he didn’t know high Aidan mastery was, but his value was at least higher than that of an idiot aristocrat.

“Let’s go.”

Freuden glanced at the fallen Jevan with a pathetic gaze and got up from his seat. Following Freuden, the students of his faction rose up.

Before Freuden left, he glanced at Rudger, who was sitting in the professor’s seat.

Freuden, who stared at him for a moment, turned his gaze away as if he was not interested and left the training ground.

One by one, people left and talked loudly about the events of the duel.


Aidan scratched his head. He originally had no intention of using anti-magic in this battle. No, he had no intention of using it in the future while he was in Theon.

His master told him that this magic was very important and not to use it unless he’s in a crisis or else he’ll be in trouble.

‘This is what Master said.’

Seeing the passionate eyes of the students, Aidan instinctively sensed that his academy life would be really hard in the future.


Aidan immediately turned to the place where the teacher’s seat was. He looked for Rudger, who had helped him win this fight. Fortunately, Rudger remained there, and finding him was not difficult because his black outfit stood out.

Rudger had a normal face. He wasn’t particularly or visibly happy that he won the duel. After making eye contact without saying a word Rudger nodded his head.


Of course, that alone was enough for Aidan.


“Good job! You won!”

Tracy and Leo approached Aidan and smiled broadly. Aidan looked at his friends and smiled.

After watching the three of them for a moment, Rudger stood up. The match is over, now it’s time to look at other things.

“Mr. Chris.”

Chris Benimore, who had been sitting uncomfortable all the time, trembled at Rudger’s call.

His gaze turned to Rudger.

“We still have business to finish.”

At those words, Chris’ face fell even more horribly.

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