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I was sold at the lowest price C404

I was sold at the lowest price C404: Interference


Demiurgus approaches the girl and with each step, the girl’s face becomes distorted with fear. In Demiurgus’ hand was a red anemone-like object.

“Rejoice, I finally know what you are missing.”

Demiurgus said this with a big smile on his face, as if he was very happy that he had found out. Then he began to speak more forcefully.

“You know what that missing piece was? It is negative energy. Pain, suffering, anger, and despair……generate enormous amounts of energy, and you are completely lacking in all of them. That’s why I made this.”

He showed her the red anemone-like object in his hand.

“This is a monster made to eat human nerves but don’t worry. The nerves it eats regenerate at the same speed as it eats them. So the nerves will not be devoured.”

Wait a minute. What are you talking about! A nerve-eating monster?

“Even more amazingly, when the nerves are eaten, they secrete a component that makes them more painful and sensitive. This allows us to feel more intense pain.”

Demiurgus’ expressions become more and more distorted as he speaks in a maniacal manner. Perhaps becoming excited by his own statements, his tone becomes rougher and he begins to speak even crazier.

“It produces a force so mighty that you feel despair at the pain you will feel forever. Wonderful! All you have to do is generate negative emotions and my research will go one step further! How’s that? Aren’t you glad? Aren’t you glad to be a part of my great work? I will give you an immortal body so that you can experience joy forever. With this, you will serve me forever!”

“I don’t want to……!”

The girl who was too scared to say anything uttered words of rejection. Of course, anyone would reject something like this. I was getting more and more angry with Demiurgus.

Demiurgus approached the girl and put something like a sea anemone on her face. She shook her face and rejected it, but the anemone-like monster moved to the girl’s ear and tried to enter her body from there.


I was horrified when I saw it trying to get into her ear. The thought of that thing eating the girl’s nerves made me want to vomit.

My discomfort and anger reach a crescendo, and I reach for that anemone. I was so determined to save her that my hand that didn’t even cut through the air got a grip on the anemone. I then angrily crushed the anemone in my hand. I felt a nasty sensation and immediately threw it on the floor.

“What the hell are you?”

Demiurgus, which had not shown any sign of concern until a moment ago, exclaimed. It seems that he suddenly became able to see me.

I quickly snatched the sword from the waist of a nearby soldier. I kicked down the soldier who was holding the sword, and seeing the situation, I pulled out my sword and smashed the head of another soldier who attacked me with the hilt.

I pointed my sword at Demiurgus who was trying to approach and destroyed the restraints on the girl.

“Can you move?”


“Then we’ll run for it.”

I looked and saw soldiers coming one after another from the back. I knew it was not safe for me to be here, so I suggested. She looked surprised for a moment, but quickly nodded deeply in agreement.

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