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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C108

Chapter 107 is fixed now.

Sakura had been regretting for a while now as she looked up at the cherry blossoms.

Why didn’t I notice it? She had been feeling uncomfortable for some time. She should have wondered more at that time. What on earth was I doing?

It is not possible for a person’s character to change so easily. What I wanted from Lilia, moreover, was a way of thinking that could be called the exact opposite of what she had been doing. It was a way of thinking that Lilia, who had been living as a typical duchess, would not be able to adapt to immediately.

Still, Lilia made an effort. She did. She has forced herself to hold back and do as Sakura has told her to do. It was true that in the beginning there was still a lot of room for improvement, but lately she had been following Sakura’s ideals. How much had she suppressed her own mind?

As a result, a bomb had formed in Lilia’s heart. It was a bomb that has condensed her pride as an aristocrat and the heart of her former self to such a degree. How could it have remained unexploded until now?

I’ve done a bad thing to Lilia…….

Sakura’s mutterings dissolve into darkness as she sighed and began to think about her future plans.


When we returned to the inn, Tina was helping prepare the dining room. I looked up at Tina, our eyes met and I smiled at her. Tina smiled a different, awkward smile. Seeing this, Lilia felt a painful tightening in her chest.

Without exchanging any particular greetings, she went up to the third floor, straight into her room and sat down on her bed.

I remember what Sakura said. My mind is hazy. A friend who has always been my equal might be looking down on me. Tina probably thinks so. Lilia said what she couldn’t help but think. It doesn’t matter if the other person is Keith or not.

Should I explain it to Tina?

Lilia immediately shook her head. Tina asked Lilia and Lilia answered that it was her true intention. How would Lilia explain it now? Right now, she is still smiling back at me, albeit awkwardly. If she is really disappointed and even that would disappear.

I was slightly surprised at myself for thinking so. Had I ever been this weak? I must have thought that I did not care about others. Indeed, even now, there is a part of me that would not mind being alone but at the same time, I do not want to lose the friend I have finally made.

I don’t know what to do. Sakura, the person I rely on in times like these, has remained silent ever since. My heart instantly ached as I wondered if even Sakura had abandoned me. Tears naturally welled up in my eyes.

L–Sakura…….Hey, you’re listening, aren’t you? Answer me……..

No one responds, nothing. Only silence flows.

L–Please, so…….

And so, while crying and calling out Sakura, Lilia fell asleep before she knew it, perhaps tired of crying.

That is how I arrived at the usual black world. That’s where Sakura is. For some reason, the usual cherry blossoms look a bit listless. At the base of the cherry tree, Sakura was sitting and thinking about something.


The moment I saw Sakura, I was relieved. She had not abandoned me. But she still doesn’t know. Maybe she will be abandoned in the future. Just as she thought that, Lilia ran toward Sakura.


I call out loudly. Then Sakura looked up a little surprised.

“Lilia? How did you get here? I’m sure I haven’t called you yet…….Woops.”

I hugged Sakura who was about to say something. I hold her tightly, trying not to let her go.

”Lilia? What’s wrong? I mean, you’re crying! Yeah, well, there’s no use crying about it. Okay, okay.”

Sakura strokes Lilia. Normally she would be a little angry with her, but today, her hands are so comforting. After a while, Lilia finally opened her mouth.


“Hmm? What?”

“Please…….Don’t abandon me…….”

Sakura, however, did not respond to anything Lilia said as she squeezed out the words. She looked at Sakura’s face in anxiety and saw that her eyes were wide open and frozen.

“Let’s see…….Abandon? Me? Lilia?”

Nodding once, Sakura giggled.

“I wouldn’t do that. I and I alone, will stand by Lilia no matter what.”

“But you didn’t say anything about……”

“Oh…….Sorry about that. I was just thinking about the future.”

“The future?”

“Yeah. Lilia, let’s have a little chat.”

At Sakura’s words, Lilia finally got herself up. She did as Sakura asked and sat down in front of her. Sakura cleared her throat once and said,

“I want Lilia to become someone who is loved by all kinds of people. I want her to be adored not only by the nobility, but by all kinds of people, including the commoners.”

“I can’t do it. You know that after what happened today I will fail at some point.”

“Yes, I think so.”

Lilia tilted her head slightly at Sakura’s simple admission. Sakura looked very serious.

“My father said that just being nice is not enough to be adored. It’s people who can be harsh and angry at times who are loved by many people. Lilia has been doing exactly as I tell her to do lately.”

Sakura giggles. I shook my head and she just laughed.

“My knowledge and common sense are from where I used to be, so I’m more like a commoner. I think I’ve caused Lilia a lot of trouble. I’m sorry.”

Sakura bowed her head.

“That’s not true. It’s because I didn’t do it right…….”

“Lilia is doing her best. I’m the one who’s been watching Lilia all this time. I have no doubt.”

Lilia didn’t feel bad when she heard that to her face. She wondered if that was true, but immediately shook her head. This way of thinking is not good.

“But that’s not the point.”

Sakura said, and Lilia nodded.

“I’m a commoner by nature,” Sakura said, and Lilia nodded. “Lilia, please tell me what you think is wrong. I just can’t get used to the aristocratic way of thinking.”

“Yeah……..I understand.”

“Keep it the way it is for now, but you can be angry if you want to just don’t talk down to people like you did today.”

I nodded gravely and Sakura said with a serious expression on her face.

“If you really can’t stand it, I’ll listen to you. You don’t have to be shy with me.”

“Really? I’ll tell you anything I want, okay?”

“I’m kind of scared, but come on! I’ll take you in with my angelic receptivity!”

“Thank you. I will.”

“Ugh…….I don’t like it when people take me seriously…….”

Even though she said it herself, Sakura was blushing with embarrassment and Lilia’s cheeks relaxed slightly at the sight. She had been worried about Sakura for a long time, but after talking to her, Sakura was just the same as usual. That is a great relief to Lilia.

“Hey, Sakura.”


“Can you help me reconcile with Tina?”

Sakura’s expression turned grim. That was enough for me to know Sakura’s answer. Even though it was because of what I said, I still felt sad about our relationship.

Sakura seemed to be thinking with a difficult expression on her face, but eventually she nodded her head firmly.

“I won’t say “time will tell,” as you might expect…….Still, I’m sure you’ll figure it out someday. Don’t worry.”

There is no basis for Sakura’s words but I can honestly believe in them. Maybe it is because I believe that Sakura will never betray me.

“Sakura, today, I’m going to go to that…….I’m sorry and thank you. I’ll be counting on you in the future.”

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s do our best.”

Saying this, Sakura gives her a big smile. Lilia nodded happily at that and closed her eyes.

“Just get some proper rest.”

I thought I heard Sakura say those words.

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