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I was sold at the lowest price C406

I was sold at the lowest price C406: Trauma


For a while, Mayu cried on my chest. All I could do was to let her cry.

Mayu, who had been crying for a long time, raised her head and looked at me, her eyes still full of tears. With tears still on her face, she said,

“I’m scared……of that man……who dresses like a doctor……and does terrible things to me……He did a lot of painful things to me……and even my mom…… Why is he doing such horrible things?  Stop it! It hurts! I’m in pain! Yuta, help me!”

That’s right……I was now connected to Muyu’s spirit. I finally remember that situation. Even though she was freed from the epsilon core, she is still being tormented by the Demiurgus, right……?

When I finally understood my current situation, I heard Feri’s voice in my head.

“Yuta, did you do something over there? The treatment program got stuck on something and shut down.”

Oh, I can have a conversation with Feri. Strangely impressed, I reply in a way that naturally sends an image in my mind.

“I talked to her, was it bad?”

“…………I said…………don’t do anything, didn’t I……maybe you made contact with her and left a strong impression?”

“Well, I saved him from something terrible, but……”

“……Yes, I predicted that it was a possibility, but……I had no choice. Since that happened, let’s move on to plan B.”

I ask, uneasy at Feri’s words.

“Was it a bad idea after all?”

“It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that Yuta now has to do work that he shouldn’t have to do.”

I think that if all I have to do is to fix it, then there’s no problem.

“So what do you want me to do?”

“Remove her trauma cause in that spiritual world. It is something only Yuta can do, having already made a strong impression on her.”

It’s an easy mission to say, but it sounds quite difficult…….I wonder what the source of Mayu’s traumatic experience is. Is he the one after all?……But how can I get rid of him? This is not reality, this is Mayu’s mental world. I have a feeling that simply slaying Demiurgus is not going to solve the problem.

Well, what should I do then? There is no doubt that Demiurgus is the source of the trauma. But it probably won’t make sense if I slay the Demiurgus. It’s important to see how Mayu perceives it…….After all, I may need Mayu to work a little harder.

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