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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C110

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C110


“Welcome home, Miss Lilia.”

When Lilia entered the room, the maid bowed reverently. Lilia looked at her and smiled, unusually kind for her.

“Yes, I’m home, Alisa. It’s been a while.”

Alisa looked up and rolled her eyes. Wondering what was wrong, she gestured behind her. Then the maids of the mansion entered the room with the luggage.

“Miss, which way shall I take this doll?”

When I turned to look at the voice, I saw a maid holding a large stuffed animal. Unexpectedly, Lilia pulled her cheeks together and muttered in a small voice, “There it is.”


“It’s nothing……..Put it on the bed for now I’ll deal with it later.”


The maid who received the instructions carries the stuffed animal to the bed. Alisa looked at the stuffed animal with interest.

“Are you curious about that stuffed animal?”

When Lilia asks, Alisa says, with more than a little bit of difficulty.

“Yes……..It’s surprising that Lilia-sama came back with a stuffed animal…….”

“It means I’m a girl, too.”



S–Wait, I’m kidding! I’m scared!

Lilia sighs in disappointment. Perhaps interpreting that sigh as exhaustion, Alisa pulled out a chair for her. She had no reason to refuse, so she sat down in the chair and Alisa immediately prepared a cup of tea for her. It was a smooth and fluid process. Lilia took a sip of the tea and sighed.

“Miss Lilia, may I ask what happened?”

At the sound of Alisa’s voice, Lilia gasped, but quickly smiled.

“What are you talking about?”

“You don’t have to hide it. Something must have happened at the Earl of Lester’s estate. It seems that Lady Tina is not with you.”

“She’s not with me all the time.”

“I can tell just by looking, I’m after all Miss Lilia’s personal maid.”

Alisa says somewhat proudly. Lilia was a little happy that she thought so, and the corners of her mouth turned up a little.

S–I guess that means he’s looking at Lilia very carefully. You have to take good care of her.

L–I know, I know.

She had no intention of letting go of Alisa, even if Sakura didn’t tell her but if Alisa herself had a change of heart that would be a different story.


Lilia pretended to think for a moment at the sound of Alisa’s voice, and then,

“I’ll talk to you after my baggage is brought in.”

She looked around and saw that several maids were packing up her belongings. Alisa nodded quickly and bowed her head in awe.

After the cleanup was over and all the maids had left the room, Lilia spoke to Alisa, although she omitted parts of the story.

In the end, nothing special happened after that, and they returned to the main residence in Aldis. She also had several conversations with Tina, but not as much as before. Both of them had become awkward together. It would have been nice if they could have at least spoken naturally.

Alisa, who had finished listening to the story, had a somewhat difficult expression on her face and remained silent. Lilia remembered what she said. Alisa, too, came from a baron’s family and was a low-ranking noblewoman.

“Am I disappointing you?”

When I asked her, trembling inwardly but not expressing it, Alisa immediately shook her head.

“I was surprised, but not disappointed. Lilia-sama has done nothing wrong.”

Having said that, she continues,

“I understand how Tina feels, especially since she probably didn’t know Lilia-sama very well before, especially the old Lilia-sama.”

I was about to drink my tea when

L–Was it me before?


I stopped moving at the sound of Sakura’s mysterious voice.

“Alisa, you mean, it’s like you’re looking at the me from before……?”

“It’s just the way it is. I too am someone who thought Lady Lilia was a very kind person and was disappointed when I actually met her.”

“Is that so?”

“Of course I don’t think that now! I am proud to be Master Lilia’s maid!”

Alisa said this in a flustered tone, but Lilia did not hear her.

She had heard some rather harsh words from Alisa earlier when she asked her about her previous evaluation of herself, but she did not think that she had even been disappointed. However, it is true that Alisa also seemed to think highly of Lilia at the time as the person who saved her life, so I guess it is not surprising that she was disappointed.


Lilia looks up when Alisa calls her. Alisa looked straight at Lilia.

“I have a lot of respect for Lilia-sama now. It is not easy to admit one’s own faults and try to change.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know that. Thank you.”

It is embarrassing to be told in this way. Sakura has had a great influence on me, both in the way I’ve decided to change and in the direction I’m going, but it makes me happy to know that she sees me this way.

S–I’m glad that people are looking at you like this. It’s Lilia who is doing her best, have confidence.

Lilia nodded her head at Sakura’s words.

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