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I got a fake job at the academy C52

I got a fake job at the academy C52: James Moriarty (2)

Chapter 3/3 for the week.

The air circling in the back alleys of Leathervelk is cold enough to make your skin ache. In that dark space, Hans leaned his back against the wall and lifted his head.

‘It’s too high.’

Although Hans boasted that he had visited many cities and had seen many things, Leathervelk, the metropolis of the Empire, was taller than any city he had ever seen.

Even this shabby back alley where he stands it’s like a prison made of bricks and brass.

‘Shall I carry that wire hook or something like brother later?’

If he had such a thing, it seemed that it would be easy to escape at a dangerous moment in Leathervelk. Of course, the biggest reason is because when Rudger chased the werewolf he looked cool.

At that moment, the darkness trembled over the alleyway and the shadows wriggled. It was a surprising sight, as if a ghost had appeared, but Hans, who had his back from the wall, folded his collar and greeted him.

“Are you here?”


Over time, the shadow changed its form and took on a human form. A black Inverness coat with a cloak over the shoulders and a black leather glove in hand holding a gold and black staff appeared.

Unlike usual, he was wearing a silk hat with his hair completely untied. That alone made Rudger’s impression completely different.

“What is the situation?”

“First let me tell you what I found out. Our hideout is in a back alley, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is.”

“Of course, there are several dark gangs in the vicinity dividing the territory.”

Hans summarized the information he had obtained and gave it to Rudger. In the first place, the reason I worked hard over the past few days was to check this out.

“They are divided into four major groups, one large that is the strongest of them all, and three other medium-sized ones.”

“A total of four? It’s a big city, so it’s a bit crowded.”

“First, I will explain the medium groups. First of all, there is a circus troupe created by the disabled or marginalized.”


“Because in a city like this, it’s essential to make a living with decent skill. This circus troupe, Circus, is a union of such people and a kind of gang.”

Rudger nodded his head in agreement.

“What about the others?”

“The next place is made up of only women. No matter which city you go to, it is a place you cannot miss.”

“A brothel.”

Without a hint, Rudger got it right.

Ordinary people would express discomfort or displeasure just by thinking of that word, but in a back alley like this, it was a place that could never be missed. Even on Earth in the 21st century, such a place has always existed.

“They are weak alone so they depend on the organization. Besides, they are also reaching out to various businesses in the city. People said that they share the pattern of a tiny black rose to confirm that they are members of their own organization, so they called them Black Rose Women.”

“Black Rose Women.”

Rudger muttered the name.

“The last one?”

“Finally, it is a combination created by children and the elderly. People who are old and unable to work properly, but full of know-how and experience, and children who are still young but jump into the front line to make money.”

Rudger nodded. In fact, working as a labor force at a young age was a common sight in this world because if he walks around the streets right now, it’s full of kids selling newspapers.

Other than that, there are children who are pickpocketing, or children who are in charge of house chores. The worst of them would be working in factories or mines without adequate rest.

“They say that this place where old people and children gather is called Old Kids. It is said that they also focus on gathering information, making them a match for the Black Rose Women.”

“Because children hear a lot.”

To summarize the information Hans gave me, it was as follows. A circus, the Black Rose Women brothel, the labor union of the elderly and children called Old Kids and all three were medium sized forces.

“Now there is only the big guy left.”

“The Red Society, the back alley gang.”

“I think I’ve heard the name.”

“These are the people who run the back alleys of Leathervelk. Kidnapping, intimidation, drug distribution, the liquor industry, work that requires a fist, and more, there is very little of the dirty work that they have not touched.”

What if the first three organizations were created by chance because they came together to survive?

The Red Society was literally the shadow of the world, and it was an inevitable existence created by the gathering of insects attracted by its stench.

“This back alley is maintained in a state of balance between the Red Society and the other three organizations. It’s very likely that the Red Society is fighting against the other three.”

“The one that needs to be dealt with is the Red Society.”

“Right. In the first place, the other three organizations don’t even respond if they don’t touch them directly. In fact, the risk itself is low. But……Red Society is different.”

“Yes, they will subdue all the little ones and put them under them or crush them.”

“Be careful. They are quite powerful and it will be difficult to subdue them. Recently, the eyes of the Red Society were watching our hideout. So, start with the tail, one step at a time…….”

“No, we don’t have to catch the tail first, it’s a waste of time.”


“We hit the head, then the rest of the guys will figure it out.”

“But how do you…….”

Seeing Hans bewildered, Rudger grinned.

“Of course it’s a head-on breakthrough.”

For that reason, he has purposely tailored his clothes like this.

For that reason, I have purposely tailored my clothes like this.

Hans was going to tell him not to be crazy, but when he realized that Rudger was saying that, he finally raised the white flag.

Rudger will do what he says and he will succeed because he’s always been like that.

“Are you going to use that identity this time? A self-proclaimed crime consultant, a tycoon in the underworld?”


Rudger answered and put on a gold monocle that could only be worn on one eye.

His usual sharp and cold soldier-like appearance was erased at once. Instead, what appeared was a man with the impression that he was intelligent and quiet, but was like a poisonous snake.

James Moriarty was one of his past identities that Rudger would use this time.

“Are you really planning to break through the front?”


“It is because the atmosphere of the Red Society is quite ugly right now. Unsurprisingly, the members of the organization gathered with their blades standing up.”

“It’s ugly. I think I know why.”

“How does your brother know that?”

Hans was intrigued when Rudger replied that he knew what he had not yet figured out.

“The death of the rich man, Bellbot Rickson is probably why the Red Society is in trouble now.”

“The death of Bellbot Rickson and what are they ……Ah!”

“I guess you noticed.”

Hans’s face became more serious as the question was resolved.

“I think there must have been some kind of connection between Bellbot Rickson and the Red Society.”

“Yes, Bellbot Rickson was notorious for doing a lot of dirty work before. A mysterious case of a competing businessman, or a fire in a shanty town opposing the construction of a factory, etc. Could such a person have done all of these things on his own?”

“So the Red Society was doing Bellbot’s dirty work.”

“That’s right.”

“I guess the rich need someone to do their dirty work.”

“Hans, now that Bellbot Rickson is dead, the Red Society must be quite heated as their biggest source of funding is gone. For now, they will be quiet, but sooner or later they will move to make up for the lack of money.”

“……I guess that’s the reason they’re gathering. No wait. If that’s the case, aren’t you actually the main culprit?”


At Rudger’s cool answer, Hans’ expression became puzzled. Actually, the Red Society was very angry because Rudger killed Bellbot Rickson. Of course, they don’t even know that Rudger killed him, so can they call him enemy?

“And now is the right time to say the least. People who normally would have been scattered are gathered in one place for a long time.”

“……Are you really going to do it?”


“Well, brother is a magician, so even if a few gangsters attack you, you’ll be fine, but the problem is that the Red Society isn’t an ordinary gang either.”

“Not normal?”

“Armed with all kinds of weapons……Well, bullets don’t go out in front of wizards, so even so, there’s a mix of swordsmen among them.”


“Those who tried to become knights, but failed due to money or personality problems, or those with thick bones due to mercenary work. There are many such people in the Red Society.”

“They have quasi-knights, right?”

When you think of a knight on Earth, you think of an old-fashioned armored swordsman, but that’s not the case here. A knight is a superhuman, those with extraordinary physical ability to deflect even flying bullets with only a weapon in their hand.

They have been rivals with each other for a long time, so the most difficult opponent to deal with as a wizard is a knight. Those who deal with Aura will cut through or break through any magic so Hans wanted to take the safe route, even if it took a little bit of time.

“That’s fun.”

But Rudger smiled.

Hans knew he had heard something wrong.

“Brother, are you really going even after this?”

“Is there any reason not to go?”

“There are quasi-knights!”

“A quasi knight is only a quasi knight, not a real knight. Hans, I don’t think you’re familiar with it, but there’s a big difference between a quasi-knight and a real one and the difference is even bigger when you compare them with those that have high ranks.”

“No, I don’t mean to say that now…….”

“Fully fledged knights might make a difference but quasi-knights are insignificant.”


At Rudger’s confident tone, Hans kept his mouth shut and thought seriously, ‘Is that so?’

There was nothing particularly wrong with Rudger’s words. The difference between a quasi-knight and a regular one was actually huge, they are even weaker than apprentice knights who wait by the side of the knights.

“……At first glance, it seems like that?”

Come to think of it, he was too pessimistic. He was afraid only because they had the work knight in their name. Hans, thinking that his worries were too much, nodded his head.

“Well, if that’s what brother said.”

Of course, that was Hans’s big mistake. It is true that a quasi-knight is weak compared to a regular knight or an apprentice knight, but it is not that weak. Although there was a difference, it could not be called decisive.

Even quasi-knights, they are capable of plucking the opponent’s throat with just a spoon. For the people of the other world here, that alone would be close to a wall they couldn’t resist.

Rudger knew about it, he hid it from Hans because even if Hans knew, he would have attacked the Red Society. In that case, it would be more convenient for Hans to follow without knowing what he was doing.

“Take it.”

Rudger threw something at Hans. Hans caught it and immediately went to check it.

“I need your help.”

“……Are you serious?”

What Rudger threw at Hans was a wolf’s tooth.

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