I got a fake job at the academy C55

I got a fake job at the academy C55

I got a fake job at the academy C55: Red Snake in the Mud (2)


Hans, who escaped from the darkness, squatted outside the door of the tavern, waiting for the fight inside to end. There was no reason for him to interfere in the fight between Rudger and the Red Society.

Even though he looked like a ferocious werewolf with black fur and over 2 meters tall he didn’t know how to fight.

‘It’s over.’

Pricking his ears, Hans, who had been listening to the situation inside, got up. The last thing he heard was the pain-filled scream of Red Snake Dutri, the leader of the Red Society, who perhaps was tortured for information.

As expected, when he entered the pub, he was greeted by a strong smell of blood.


Hans, whose sense of smell became more sensitive by taking the form of a wolf, moved carefully so as not to step on any corpses.

Rudger was sitting at the bar, quietly sipping a drink from a clear glass.

“Are you done?”


Rudger replied without looking back.

“Where are the two quasi-knights?”

“Under your feet.”

There were corpses all around Hans so he decided not to ask exactly what happened.

“Ugh. If I keep it this way, I will become sensitive to smells, and my head will start spinning.”

Hans immediately placed the ampoule Rudger had given him into his forearm. The bloated body shrank and returned to its human form. Then Hans quickly put on his jacket, which he had prepared beforehand.

“Brother is great, you can drink alcohol in a place like this.”

“I just got used to it.”

“What kind of drink is that? It smells really good.”

His sense of smell, which had become a little more sensitive due to the effect of his transformation even after returning to human form, captured the smell of alcohol that Rudger was drinking.

The scent is quite sweet and the alcohol in Rudger’s glass was clean enough to have no impurities, and the flavor seemed quite deep, it should be a pretty expensive drink.

“It’s 38 years old Gorgonne.”

“Ugh! Give me some too!”

“Didn’t you say you’re feeling bad?”

“Even if it makes me vomit, I should drink it!”

Rudger handed the bottle to him, Hans took an empty glass and poured it himself.

In a shabby bar full of corpses where the smell of blood and alcohol was strangely mixed, the two men sat side by side and drank a masterpiece.

“You killed that Dutri?”

“He hasn’t been killed yet because I need to extract the necessary information and he still has more uses beyond that.”

“The Red Society has built up notoriety while stepping on the others……If you hand him over alive, the other gangs will be very happy.”

Of course, the entire Red Society had not yet been eliminated, as they are the rulers of such a large city, the total number of people is well over a thousand. However only the 100 people gathered here were the core of the organization.

“Now that the head of the organization is gone, the rest will disperse. What will brother do, absorb all the small fries?”


Rudger shook his head. If there were too many people the organization would be in chaos.

“We will only use the few necessary ones. Of course, we’ll need guys to subcontract, but that’s not all, pick someone with a good head and good character.”

“Hmm. Let’s go back a little bit.”

“Hans, I’ve done everything I could. For the rest of the data, go up to the office on the second floor, all of the documents and secret books will be there, so you should see them and proceed.”

“I will be busy again.”

Hans sighed. He has been working hard for days and days to get information, collect data, and organize it.

Rudger completed all the necessary procedures in just one night. Of course, it was possible because Rudger was that great, but for Hans, there was no feeling of unfairness.

‘No. I chose a safe path without risking my life to fight, so I can’t complain about this.’

Of course, he had to take risks when collecting dangerous information, but it was also possible for him to borrow the power of this unusual constitution. That’s why he thought Rudger was better, otherwise there would be no reason to follow him.

“Even if the hideout is decided, there is only the two of us, right? What are you going to do?”

“I will add more members.”

“But a while ago you said…”

“I am not talking about such nonsense. Hans, you should know that I have some acquaintances.”


At that, Hans’ face immediately crumpled.

“Are you serious?”


“Because, it is…….”

“Ah. Come to think of it, you didn’t get along well with that person.”

“Hmmm. Rather than having a bad relationship…….”

Hans was hesitant because he knew the “acquaintances” ​​Rudger was going to call. Of course, as Rudger directly called them, they were certainly talented in their fields.

“No, by the way, are those stubborn people coming? I wouldn’t even budge with a few words.”

“I have already sent a letter. Surprisingly, he will come to finish what he was doing.”


Just thinking about it made him uncomfortable, so Hans continued to grumble until he emptied his drink.

“Do you hate it that much?”

“I feel uncomfortable, they are not normal people. Well, I don’t mean to say that when I have this type of constitution.”

“Can’t we just get along?”

“Whoa. It sounds like brother doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but they all have very bad personalities, so how can we get along? Some of them treated me like a test subject.”

“Is that so?”

“He’s a bit docile when I’m with you, but while you’re gone, I might really die. Will he stay here?”

“I’m busy maintaining my Rudger status right now.”

“That’s it! Every time you go away as a senior teacher, have you ever thought about how much blood I will bleed?”

“That’s for you to figure out. Would you like to die?”

Of course he won’t die, but he may be under the stress of almost dying.

Hans sighed.

“……Haaa. If I think about it, I don’t think there are other people who can do such stupid things as well as those kids.”

“Because they have great abilities.”

One of them made a huge contribution to making all kinds of equipment Rudger used right now.

“Is brother any better than they?”

“What do you mean?”

“They were a little suspicious of you, so is it okay to just walk around like this?”

“They were that’s why I’m moving like this now.”

It was this part that Hans was worried about. If Theon is suspicious, shouldn’t Rudger refrain from going out to the city like this? Especially since the opponent is a wizard, they may be secretly monitoring him in some way. Of course, it was necessary to move with caution in everything.

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

“Really? Isn’t your opponent a wizard?”

“Hans, what do you think of wizards?”

“Hmm. What’s a wizard? If you use magic, you are a wizard. Still, if I had to answer the question……A very rational and sober seeker?”

“I think the same thing. As you said, wizards are quite rational. No, I think they have to be rational, since they do not want to make any mistakes.”

A calm mind is essential to use magic. Of course, since a wizard is also a human being, he cannot be free from all mistakes. However, it is a basic skill as a wizard to do your best to reduce mistakes in any areas you can.

“The president is a magician of the sixth rank. Since such a person is suspicious of me, I understand your concerns.”

“Are you okay with that?”

“If the president is suspicious of me, let’s say she keeps her eyes closed.”

“Let’s say so.”

“And what if I notice? If I ask her why did she secretly watched me? If so, how would the others feel about the president?”


Hans let out a hoarse voice and did not respond hastily. You have to pursue secretly without being caught, but you get caught? That’s a pretty bad situation, isn’t it?

What if they brazenly say something like ‘I was suspicious of you’?

“Isn’t it okay if you don’t find out?”

“It’s not ‘certain’ to go undetected. However, there is a possibility that there may be at least one chance of being caught. Hans, what are you going to consider here?”

“……Hmmm. I’m sure it’s the latter. They wouldn’t follow you unless they’re really sure they will go unnoticed.”

“The opponent is a Theon teacher, and his true abilities are not well known. If they are caught following such a target recklessly, even the president will be quite embarrassed.”

“So it’s better not to do it because it’s going to cost you nothing?”

“That’s what a wizard is like. Besides, I’ve done a good job as a teacher so far. If she makes a mistake here and disappoint me, the president’s position will be quite embarrassing.”

The president did not trust the teacher and followed suit. That fact alone will make the president’s position worse. Of course, considering the current president’s personality, she will try to keep the situation as stable as possible.

“Even the president can’t do anything to a teacher at a time when the opposing factions do not behave themselves. That place is like that.”

“Aha. I guess so. So you’re saying it doesn’t matter if you move freely like this, aiming for that gap?”

“Of course, if I’m too blatant, I will get caught. If the tail is long, it will be trampled on.”

It was for this reason that Rudger managed his image as a teacher and strengthened his integrity. Thanks to that, even if he goes out freely now, the president will not pursue him, although he may be a little suspicious. Especially on a day like today when Theon became noisy due to a battle between nobles and commoners.

“I understand. Then there’s no need to worry right now.”

“It’s like that.”

“So, if everyone gets together and forms an organization, have you decided what the name will be?”


“Now brother and I are trying to properly settle in Leathervelk. If so, then you should definitely decide on the name of the organization. Well, even if you get rid of ranks and stuff like that, wouldn’t the atmosphere not live up to you without a name?”

“I guess.”

After pouring all the alcohol into the empty glass, the bottle was empty.

“How many people will come?”

“Hmm… With brother and I included, wouldn’t it be about six or seven?”


“It is absurdly insufficient to form an organization with so few people.”

“But more people will come. If I add a few more, maybe 10 people wouldn’t be too bad.”

“Ten people? So, have you decided on a name?”


Rudger suddenly remembered a poem and the original of a famous novel of the same name he had read in a previous life.

There is a character that suppressed his own sins and judged those who could not be dealt with by the law. In the end, he even got rid of himself.

“<U.N. Owen>.”

“<U.N. Owen>? Organization name, Unknown? Did you just change the meaning of the word unknown into a pun?”


“I like the way it sounds.”

Thus, the new organization that Rudger would create was named <U.N. Owen>.

“Brother, one last drink?”


Celebrating the birth of the new organization, Rudger and Hans clapped the last remaining glasses toasting.

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    Thank you for the chapter. I’m really enjoying the set-up, and world building taking place. Very much looking foward to new, and interesting characters, and seeing the changes from the events of the previous chapters.

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