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I was sold at the lowest price C409

I was sold at the lowest price C409: Liberation

Sorry for not posting until now but I had crazy week. I’ll release 3 chapter today and the rest next week.

Gripping my sword, I confront the approaching soldiers. I let Mayu back away so as not to get caught up in the battle, and then I took a big step forward to close the gap with the soldiers at once.

There are at least ten soldiers, but I don’t sense the slightest sign of danger. They all attacked me at once, swinging their swords but each attack was slow and easy to avoid.

Each time I dodge, I swing my sword and cut down a soldier. Against ten soldiers, I evaded ten times and swung my sword ten times. With these actions, I subdued the soldiers.

Even though there were no more soldiers to protect him, Demiurgus’ expression did not change. He was still looking at us with a smirk on his face. Is there something he is up to? It’s so obvious that even I, a slow person, can see it.

“Your swordsmanship is quite impressive, but you are no match for my brains.”

When he said this, he revealed a switch in his hand. I had a bad feeling about this, so I hurried to get closer to Demiurgus.

“Too late! Taste the agony of death!”

He pressed the switch with an exaggerated action then a lightning bolt from the round balls on the pillars at the four corners of the room struck me all at once.


My body goes numb and I feel intense pain. Oh, no. I let my guard down, thinking it was just a fake Demiurgus made from Mayu’s memories.

“No! Onii-chan!”

“Mayu……strike……Demiurgus with that sword…….”

It may be reckless, but I instruct Mayu to do so. Mayu immediately understands my intention and nods, but she is unable to move, perhaps crippled by fear.

“Ugh! Gghh!”

I winced as the pain intensified. Seeing this, Mayu’s expression changed.

“If I don’t do this, onii-chan will end up like my father……me……me…….’”

It seems that Mayu lost her father to this mechanism because it’s impossible for something like this to appear unless she remembers it.

“Mayu!!! Get Demiurgus to……erase your……bad memories!”

In the midst of the pain, I call out to Mayu as best I can to encourage her. Mayu picks up the fallen sword and glares at Demiurgus.

“A young girl like you shouldn’t be playing with such a dangerous thing. Here, give it to me.”

“I hate……you for doing such horrible things to my father and mother……and even my brother……and I……hate you!!!!!!!”

Mayu shouted and swung her sword. It was a careless attack, but the sword hit Demiurgus beautifully.

“Gwahhhh! “

“Get lost!”

Mayu swung the sword once more and the blow cut Demiurgus in two. A white light-like substance spread out from the sword’s double cut, and the Demiurgus was swallowed up. Finally, it became a particle of bubbles and disappeared.

As Demiurgus disappeared, the lightning bolt that had been attacking me also vanished.


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