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I was sold at the lowest price C410

I was sold at the lowest price C410: Treatment Complete



Mayu called out in a cheerful voice and hugged me. Perhaps she thinks she is a five-year-old girl, but I was quite shocked by the unreserved tackle.

“Good job, Mayu.”

I say this and she smiles happily. I don’t think the trauma is completely gone after that, but she seems to have blown through it a lot.

“I confirmed the subject’s mental stability. Yuta, you did well. The treatment is successfully completed. We will now begin disconnection.”

As Feri tells me this, my vision gets darker and darker. It seems that I am temporarily parting with Mayu.

“Onii-chan is fading……Nooo……don’t go! Don’t disappear!”

Mayu, who does not understand the situation, desperately pleads.

“Don’t worry, I’ll only be gone for a little while.”

“Really? You’re not going away!”


As I said this, Mayu’s expression, which looked as if she was about to start crying, became a little calmer, as if she was relieved. After seeing Mayu’s relieved face, my vision completely fades out. The next thing I knew, I was in that medical facility room.

“Feri, I think Yuta is awake.”

At the sound of Kiyone’s voice, I realized that I had awakened. I sat up and looked around to see Nagisa looking at me with concern.

“What’s wrong Nagisa, you look like you’re about to cry.”

“What are you talking about? You were moaning in pain, and I thought something happened.”

“Oh, when Demiurgus electrocuted me? Well, you don’t have to worry about it, because I’m not feeling anything right now.

When I told Nagisa this, she suddenly changed her attitude and said curtly, “I wasn’t really that worried.”

“Anyway, Mayu……no, is that girl awake?”

I was curious about Mayu, who had completed her treatment, and asked her about the situation.

“She is still sleeping. Feri said she is going to wake her up slowly for safety reasons.”

Kiyone explains so on Nagisa’s behalf. It is true that she had been asleep for a very long time, so it seems dangerous to wake her up suddenly.

Anyway, my father came back to life and Mayu’s treatment was finished. With all the tasks completed, all that remained was to return home. We returned to Mirai with father and Mayu, who were still asleep, and began preparing to leave.

“I almost died of boredom. I knew I should have gone with you.”

Linnecarlo, who was waiting alone, says regretfully.

“If something had come up that couldn’t be dealt with without a magicraft, what would we have done?”

When I say this, Linnecarlo replies,

“I didn’t mean that there was no need for a guard, I’m just tired of wasting my time.”

It’s a complete quibble, but it’s certainly true when she puts it that way…….

“Hahahahaha – that’s certainly one way to think about it but most of the time, sentry work ends up being a waste of time. It’s probably a good thing that it ended with no events.”

Jean, who was listening to the exchange between me and Linnecarlo, chuckled. I think Linnecarlo probably knows that, too but she didn’t argue with him.

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