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I was sold at the lowest price C411

I was sold at the lowest price C411: The Empire’s Ambition / Yuki


At the glacier ruins in the north, I unsealed and freed two individuals. I understand that Rafishal had made the release of the two individuals an important mission, as they were too much for even me to handle now.

When I returned to the imperial capital with the two men Rafishal was pleased.

“Astaroth, Pernecissa, I am glad to see you back in one piece.”

“Hmph……you’re happy to see your friend again? Or do you mean something else?”

“Hahahaha, do you think I would be pleased to be reunited with a friend? No, I am glad to have a powerful piece back in my hand.”

“I’m glad to see you haven’t changed, Rafishal. That’s a relief.”

What was surprising about this conversation was that Rafishal and Astaroth spoke as equals. As expected, Pernecissa seemed to be in a slightly lower position and was listening to their exchange maturely.

“Yuki did a good job, I will let you take the reward. If there is anything you want, just tell me.”

I didn’t really want a reward, but it would have been unnatural for me to refuse, so I nodded and expressed my willingness to accept.

“I thought you could do a little better than that, Scarfi, I’m sorry to see the result.”


“It’s all right,” he said.” Thanks to Yuki, the two of them have been unsealed. As planned, we will include them in the Ten Gods of War. In exchange, you will be a test subject for a new enhancement program.”

“So……what’s that all about?”

“It goes far beyond Nitro Ludia. It will increase your Ludia value explosively.”

“I respectfully accept…….”

It is a strange experiment, but he seems happy to hear that his Ludia value will increase.

“Call the emperor. I’ll tell him what we’re going to do.”

I was about to leave when I saw him tell the squire to do so, but he asked me to stay. I don’t think there is any point for me to stay here since I am only here to report on the ruins…….

After a while, the emperor came in a hurry. Although he is said to be the emperor by virtue of his position, no one seemed to recognize him as a ruler, and no one showed him sincere respect at that moment.

“What is your intention, Mr. Rafishal?

“First of all, let it be known at home and abroad that the Ten Gods of War are all here. Then, declare war on all the nations of the continent.”

“I think it’s a bit reckless to declare war on all the nations…….At the moment, we are fighting an uphill battle in the Kingdom of Lacia alone. If we are at war with all the countries……”

“Today, the Elysian Empire has quintupled its strength, there will be no problem.”

“Five times……?”

The emperor looked puzzled, however, he was silent, perhaps feeling that his position would be in jeopardy if he gave any further advice.

It was clear that the fivefold increase was due to the addition of Astaroth and Pernecissa. It is true that I understand that he expects a considerable amount of strength from these two, but I think that five times as much is an exaggeration.

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