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I was sold at the lowest price C413

I was sold at the lowest price C413: The Four Armies / Yuki


The declaration of war against all the states predictably threw the entire continent into chaos. The smaller nations, powerless to resist Elysia, were flabbergasted and frightened, and the major powers responded with statements of condemnation.

The same confusion existed within the Elysian Empire. No one could understand why they had so suddenly issued a declaration of war without merit. But the word of the emperor was absolute, and there was also no one to voice their condemnation.

Preparations to fight all nations proceeded rapidly. The imperial army was divided into four major armies. The southeastern army, which invaded from the eastern part of the imperial territory, consisted of Yuto’s Legion of the Ten Gods of War and the Legion of Emesis.

The combined strength of the two corps was a massive force of 30,000 magicrafts, which should be sufficient for the invasion of the southeast, where there are many powerful forces.

The southwestern army, which invaded from the west, consisted of newcomer Cruz and my classmate Reyna, who was somewhat competitive toward me.

The west side has many small countries, and perhaps because the invasion was judged to be easy, it consisted of two corps that had little strength among the Ten Gods of War. The total strength of the army was 15,000 magicrafts, half the size of the southeastern army, but it is said to be sufficient since there seems to be no country that will be a difficult enemy.

The Central Area Army, which was to move south to fight the Kingdom of Lacia, was currently led by the Arjain Corps. With my addition to the reinforcements, the command of the area army was to be transferred to me.

The combined strength of my Rose Needle Corps and the corps commanded by Rosetta, one of the Ten Gods of War who was going with me to reinforce the army, was expected to be the largest force in the Elysian Imperial Army with 50,000 magicrafts.

In addition, Pernecissa and Scarfi were assigned as second-in-command to the fourth army commanded by Astaroth, which will report directly to Rafishal.

Although smallest in number at 10,000, the presence of Pernecissa, with his astonishing combat power, and Astaroth, with a power that exceeds that of Pernecissa, makes them, in effect, the strongest in the empire.

The Fourth Army will wait in the imperial capital for the time being, so that it can head to any direction as reinforcements, depending on the situation.

I calmly consider that the command of the Central Army will be transferred to me. The number of magicrafts alone will be 50,000 along with 1,000 ride carriers that will be under my command, and the number of soldiers will be as many as 300,000. To gain command means to take charge of that many lives. The more I think about it, the more anxious I become…….

“I don’t think I can command an army of this magnitude.”

Mary replies to my weakness with a look of no concern.

“Even though you are the 10 Gods of War, you are a higher rank than Arjain, the current commander of the group. Besides, I think Yuki has more of those qualities than she thinks. I’m not saying you’re better, just that you have a higher Ludia value, and your command experience is much better than Arjain.”

Well, not only Arjain, but also Rosetta, will be your second-in-command, so you should be able to count on them. You can handle the general position as long as you are prepared.

“Rosetta’s going to be working for me, you know? I don’t know how I’m going to look to my boss, who has been so helpful to me and tell her what to do.”

Being the same gender, I recall that Rosetta was something of a help to me when I was still getting used to this world. I don’t think she is a particularly jealous woman, but I can’t imagine how she must feel when her former subordinate of the same gender became her boss.

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