I was sold at the lowest price C415

I was sold at the lowest price C415

I was sold at the lowest price C415: Awakening


As soon as we left the underground facility, we received a contact from the Kingdom of Lubel. It was to apologize for the matter of Count Suidel and to confirm the situation.

We apologized for not being able to contact them due to the urgency of the situation and thanked them for the excellent work of the surveillance team. Of course, I kept the details of the underground facility and Emitz completely under wraps and told them only what I could talk about.

“I hope that response convinced him…….”

Nagisa said, expressing with all her might the feeling that she wished there would be no more trouble.

“We’re not giving any details at all and not lying about Emitz, so they might be suspicious.”

I didn’t think the Kingdom of Lubel was convinced either but Jean didn’t seem worried at all.

“We don’t have to convince them. Even if we told them the truth, they wouldn’t believe us and it would be meaningless. In the end, all they want is a story they can report to the higher-ups, and the higher-ups won’t make judgments based on the content of the report, but only consider it as a bargaining chip to find out what’s going on.”

“I’m not sure, but does that mean whatever we say is the same?”

“That’s what I’m saying. No country relies on the information that the enemy side gives them. What you just said was just a preliminary exchange because we are in a delicate diplomatic situation, and the content is meaningless.”

“It’s a very troublesome thing to have to do something that doesn’t make any sense.”

“That’s how the adult world works.”

If I can’t understand these things, it might mean I’m still a child.

Whether they were convinced or not, the army of the Kingdom of Lubel, which had come to check the situation, was to accompany us to the border to send us on our way. Well, that seems to have been the main purpose in the first place. Emitz’s surveillance team had been wiped out, and they were probably sent to monitor the situation anew.

“We’ve got to make sure Emitz and Mirti won’t get discovered.”

“Yes, they’d better not be seen.”

The two of them are still wearing the military uniforms of the Royal Lubel Army, as they have no change of clothes and it would be bad for them to be seen.

We’ve established friendly relations with Emitz and others, but we won’t have that kind of time with the new surveillance unit. The other side is simply watching us to make sure we don’t make any strange moves, which makes me feel uncomfortable.

In the midst of such a bit of tension, Feri came to me with a happy announcement.

“It’s about time to awaken the two who are asleep.”

I had been waiting for these words. Finally, I would be able to see father again and talk with Mayu in reality.

Kiyone, like me, began to get nervous at the thought of the two of them being awakened. She was probably the one who was looking forward to father’s awakening the most, as she is his daughter.

Normally calm and collected, she was staring at the medical pod in which father was sleeping with a subtle expression of worry, as if she was wondering if he would actually wake up.

Feri operated the medical pod and after a few moments, the pod’s door slowly opened.


As soon as the door was opened, Mayu and father woke up. I had expected him to awaken more slowly, so I was a little surprised. It was just like him to be so bold.

“I’m really hungry, so please get me something to eat. What? Why are you crying?”

Dad woke up like he always does in the morning. Kiyone hugged him while sobbing but since he didn’t understand the situation at all, was just bewildered by his daughter’s embrace.

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