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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C117

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C117


There is a knock at the door of the room. Lilia urges her to come in, and the door slowly opens.

“Liliane-sama, I have brought them.”

“Thank you.”

Alisa bowed and moved to the side. After that, a group of nervous-looking female students entered the room. Some were from Lilia’s class, while others were less common, probably lower or upperclassmen. Everyone had a pale expression on their faces, and their eyes widened when they saw Chris sitting opposite Lilia.

“Thank you for accepting my invitation. Now, without further ado, please line there.”

They lined up side by side with a timid look on their faces. Looking at their faces one by one, all of them looked familiar to her. Those who were not in Lilia’s class may have seen her at an evening party.

“Now, do you know why I have called you all here?”

The girls looked at each other, but no one answered. Slightly irritated, I tapped my finger on the table, and they all shuddered.

“You understand what I’m saying, don’t you?”

Returning to her normal tone, she glared at the people in line. Everyone is staring down, refusing to make eye contact with Lilia. This attitude made her blood boil.

S—Lilia, deep breath.

She takes a small deep breath as Sakura urges her to do. After calming down a bit, Lilia pasted a ‘smile’ on her face.

“I think it was around noon. I heard that a member of a baron’s family was almost pushed down from the top of the stairs. Of course, I don’t have to tell you who it was, do I?”

The girls nodded but they never made eye contact with Lilia.

“Miss Liliane.”

Alisa, who had somehow come next to me, held out a small piece of paper and on it was the name of one of the female students. Turning to Alisa, she bowed reverently and stepped back.

S–Cynthia’s report, I guess?

L—-So the one who pushed Tina down is…

S–I’m scared.

Lilia looks up and slowly checks each face, one by one. Then, at the last one, the girl in the corner, the corner of her mouth lifted.


“Do it.”

Chris says, as if overshadowed by Lilia’s voice. Lilia looked at Chris quizzically, and at the same time, the girl in the corner collapsed and behind her was a maid. The other day, Chris proudly introduced a maid who used to be an apprentice spy.

“Chris, what’s going on? What do you mean?”

When I hid my confusion and asked Chris, she smiled and said.

“I am sure that she is the one who tried to push Tina down the stairs. I told that maid of mine to stay by Miss Tina’s side and protect her if anything should happen to her.”

Lilia’s eyes widened slightly. She had not said anything about that earlier. Chris laughed happily and stood up, bowing deeply to Lilia.

“Liliane-sama, please leave that one to me.”

When Lilia looked at the student who had been knocked down, she saw a look of relief on her face, as if she was glad to get out of here.

Lilia looked at Chris, a little concerned.

“You don’t have to get dirty because you’re trying to start over. I’ll take care of it.”

Lilia’s eyes widen and she exclaims. Chris smiled mischievously and begins to walk slowly. She stood in front of the girls and said in a cold voice,

“What are you relieved about?”


“You pushed Tina Breha down the stairs. You thought you were hiding well, but my maid was watching you closely. One wrong move and it would have been murder, but you don’t think I’d let you get away with that, do you?”

“Wait, wait, I’m……”

“Shut up.”

Chris said coldly, and the female student was at a loss for words.

Chris raised his hand, and the maid helped the student to her feet.

“I did not expect someone who was by my side to do this. It is deplorable.”

Chris smiled slowly and kindly as she said.

“Shall we go?”

Chris walks to the door and the schoolgirl follows, held captive by Chris’s maid. Just before Chris left the room, she turned around and said,

“Liliane-sama says she has something to say, so please stay where you are.”

After bringing the girls back to reality, she left.

S–Lilia, Lilia, Lilia.


S–I’m seriously scared for the first time since I’ve possessed Lilia!

Laughing at Sakura, whose voice was shaking, Lilia turned her gaze once again to the remaining female students.

L–Chris has taken away my best catch, but I’ll trust her for now.

S–But if this continues, will she be guilty of a very serious crime?

L–I’m sure she will be. She almost killed a person.

S–Lilia did it, too.

Lilia closed her eyes, thought for a moment, and then ordered Alisa to bring her a piece of paper and something to write on. Lilia scribbled on the paper Alisa brought and handed it to her.

“Go after Chris and give it to her.”


Alisa bowed and left the room. Lilia gave a small sigh and turned to the remaining girls.

“I’ll tell you something first. I’ve heard that you’ve done nothing more than talk behind my back, so if you answer honestly, I’ll just be a little angry.”

They are still pale, but it is still mild considering the female student who was just taken away. Everyone let out a small sigh of relief.

“But I will not tolerate lies. If I find out that you are lying, I will crush you without mercy.”

Everyone nodded vigorously at her words, turning pale again.

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