I got a fake job at the academy C58

I got a fake job at the academy C58

I got a fake job at the academy C58: Recruiting an Assistant Teacher (3)

Happy Easter!!![I know I’m late 🙂 ] Sorry for the lack of posts but I had a super busy week. I wanted to post yesterday but I was too tired. One more chapter will be released in a few hours to finish last week releases.

I gave Sedina Rosen two days to submit the application for the assistant teacher position but she wrote down the application form neatly after an hour and came to my dorm.

She was gasping for breath as she ran.


I didn’t know that she wanted to become an assistant that much, so I accepted it with a bewildered face, and Sedina was appointed as my assistant.

Next day I handed Sedina the materials for my class and then slowly made my way to the classroom, telling her to go first and put it on the podium.

‘First of all, I need to imprint who my assistant is on the students.’

Even though Sedina lacks something and looks young, she is very thorough and straightforward to others. She is often wary of others, which I suspect may have something to do with why she joined Black Dawn. Just in front of me, who she mistakenly thinks is the First Order is she acting weird.

‘Now I can go in slowly.’

When I opened the door to the classroom and went inside, Sedina, who was standing on the platform, saw me, and she hurriedly bowed her head.

“Good job,” I said.

I only said one word, but Sedina trembled with excitement and left the classroom.

I climbed onto the podium and glanced at the students.

‘What’s going on with the students?’

Most of them looked at me with their eyes wide open, as if in disbelief. No matter how I look at it, I’m sure it’s because I chose Sedina as my assistant.

Is that so surprising?

‘Besides, why is she like that again?’

Flora Lumos’ gaze stood out even among the students. She clenched her teeth in order not to show her emotions, but she looked at me with a stern gaze, and at that moment, I knew I had become a sinner.

I ignored her gaze and watched the reactions of the other students.

‘It has been quite some time since the start of the class, and the eyes of some students are starting to change.’

Until this point, some students hid themselves while watching each other as if they were spying on each other since it was the beginning of the semester. Is the search war over now?

The momentum of some students has changed considerably compared to the beginning of the class, especially Aidan’s.

“Uh, huh?”

Aidan flinched as if he felt my gaze.

The duel between Aidan and Jevan Pellio was enough to cause a stir in the calm atmosphere of Theon. There had been the werewolf case before, but a confrontation between commoners and aristocratic students must have been the decisive blow.

It cannot be said that it is Aidan’s fault since it was going to happen someday. In a way, it can be said that this guy was very unlucky. Whatever the case, it is true that a wind has been brought to Theon and in time the students affected by it will slowly begin to reveal their true nature. No one knows whether it will go in the right direction or vice versa.

‘It must be because of the noisy atmosphere in the classroom right now.’

Judging by the varied reactions, I think the students are surprised by who I choose to be my assistant.


The students who had been chatting with each other became quiet at my words.

“The class begins.”

Teachers only need to do well in class.

* * *

“What you learned today will be on the next exam, so be sure to review it when you get back.”

After giving the students a simple assignment, I arranged my textbooks and left the classroom.

“Mr. Rudger. I have a question.”

One of the students raised their hand and said.

I was careful not to turn down personal questions after class, but this was the first time a question came up like this. Until this point, everyone looked at me and didn’t even think of approaching me.

“What are you curious about?”

There was nothing I couldn’t answer for now, so I looked at the student who raised his hand and asked. The moment I saw the hair as white as snow I remembered the student’s name.

“Julia Plumhart.”

“You remember my name.”

“Because you are a student listening to my lectures.”

Julia Plumhart with her white hair, pale skin, a strange atmosphere that makes you feel like you will freeze just by getting close and an alluring and subtle smile that looked dark inside has a outstanding appearance but the reason I remember her it’s because she took the first place in the admission exams and it’s also an undisputed rookie from the Tower.

‘Up until this point, she had just been quietly attending classes, but surprisingly.’

“What are you curious about?”

I stood still and waited for Julia’s question.

“How did you choose your assistant?”

Her question was about my assistant?

“I saw her myself and recruited her.”

“Then, are there any conditions? For example, if you are good enough at magic you can be chosen.”

At her words, all the students looked at me with curious eyes.

* * *

Julia’s question seemed out of pure curiosity, but in reality she wasn’t, her intention was to stab Rudger. He suddenly hired an assistant, and she now asks if he is sure that she has the skills worthy of the position.

He might be offended by that subtle attack, but Rudger simply stared at Julia with his still, calm eyes. Eventually, when everyone’s attention was focused, his mouth opened.

“When I hire someone to be my assistant, I see only one thing.”

“What is that?”


Julia was momentarily speechless at the too dignified answer.

“When I look at or select someone, I don’t look at rank, position, or honor, only at personality. The reason I chose my assistant is because of her character.”

“Then do you mean that you don’t consider anything else when choosing an assistant?”

“Yes, anyone is welcome but there will be an interview before choosing anyone.”

Rudger said so and pointed at Julia.

“But, it looks like you can’t be my assistant.”


Julia’s smiling face changed as if she had been hit with a powerful blow because Rudger said that her personality was bad. Rudger looked around her other students and said,

“Anyone else has questions?”


Rudger’s eyes turned to where the sound had come from. Aidan, Leo, and Tracy were there. It looked like Leo was talking, but it was Aidan who was bewildered.

“What else are you curious about Aidan?”

“Uh, yes?”

“Did you not want to ask a question?”

Aidan hesitated to answer Rudger’s question. Obviously, it was Leo who raised his hand, but the atmosphere suddenly shifted to him.

Leo patted him on the shoulder, telling him to do his best but the question that came out of his mouth was something entirely different.

” ……Have you heard of the wish-granting stone?”

He was so flustered that my brain hardened, and just spit it out without thinking. He was going to ask about his Master but wasted his chance.

Tracy and Leo, who were cheering next to him, also stared at Aidan with expressions of ‘What are you doing all of a sudden?’



“I heard, but I want to tell you that it is a rumor.”

No one could answer that question because everyone knew that Aidan wasn’t asking because he was genuinely curious.

“It’s better to hone your magic even a little bit in your spare time than pay attention to such nonsense. Do you know that the first evaluation day is coming soon?”

Rudger’s voice, which had become even heavier, swept the entire classroom. Every student in Theon would be tested that day and it was slowly approaching.

“At that time, those who did not get the proper results will be considered as not being faithful to their studies because they were distracted by useless rumors.”

At Rudger’s last words, some students gulped their saliva.

“Does anyone have more questions?”


“If not, I will go.”

After saying those words, Rudger left the classroom. Sedina, who had been waiting for Rudger with her back against the wall by the door, hurriedly greeted him.

“Thank you for the class, sir.”

“Are you still waiting?”

“Yes. How did it go?”

“From now on, please wait comfortably in the assistant office. Don’t waste your time here.”


Even after Sedina answered that, she wrinkled her hand to see if she had something to say to Rudger.

“Do you have more to say?”

“Huh. That, that…….”

Rudger recalled Sedina’s reaction and Julia’s question to him.

“Is it about Julia Plumhart?”

“Oh no, that’s……!”

“Do not worry, she has no intention of asking for personal matters.”


Sedina nodded her head, relieved.

“Take it.”


When Rudger handed over the pile of assignments he was holding, Sedina hurriedly reached out and accepted it.

It was so sudden that she staggered, but she managed to balance herself.

“Let’s deal with it today.”

“Yes Yes.”

“Answer only once.”


At that moment, the back door of the classroom opened, and a girl with long blue hair came up to Rudger, it was Flora Lumos. Seeing her appearance, Sedina stood behind Rudger, holding the pile of assignments.

“Flora Lumos, what’s the matter?”

“Teacher chose a teaching assistant…….”

“As you can see, one was selected but why are you asking?”


Seeing Flora clenching and opening her fists while still moaning inwardly, Rudger asked sarcastically.

“Are you planning to apply for the assistant position?”

“Oh, no?! Why me?!”

Unknowingly, Flora raised his voice and shouted. Aware of her mistake, she covered her mouth with her hand.

“Opportunities are always open. If you change your mind, you can apply.”

Rudger turned his back after saying those words.

Flora, who was left alone, stared blankly at Rudger’s back as he walked away through the hallway.


* * *

Returning to his office, Rudger was unable to rest and had to get up again.

[Mr. Rudger? Can you come to my office for a moment?]

It was because the president called Rudger.

Rudger had no choice but to make his way to the president’s office. He took the elevator in the main building and climbed to the top, where the president’s office was located. He crossed the hallway and knocked on the door.

“This is Rudger Chelici.”

“Come in.”

The door opened by itself with the president’s voice. Rudger entered and sat down in an empty seat opposite the president.

“What did you call me for?”

“Mr. Rudger, have you heard the rumors?”

She returned his question with a question, not an answer.

“The rumor about the all-powerful stone that grants wishes.”

“Are you talking about the Almighty Stone?”

Rudger nodded his head.

“I did hear a bit. It seems to be quite popular among students.”

“It is.”

“However, I didn’t really care because I thought it was just a rumor.”

“Mr. Rudger thought it was only a rumor?”

The president shook her head with an inexplicable smile then she revealed a bombshell.

“Actually, a stone that can make wishes come true does exist.”

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