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I was sold at the lowest price C416

I was sold at the lowest price C416: A Disturbance


When he woke up, he found me and called out to me.

“Yuta, you want me to train you this early in the morning?”

“Well, that’s one thing, but for now, why don’t you put on something, old man?”

Finally realizing that he was naked, he began to change into the clothes that Kiyone had prepared for him, without showing any signs of caring about the situation with all the women around him, including Feri, Linnecarlo, and Nagisa.

“I’ve changed my clothes. By the way, there are a lot of beautiful women here. Where are these ladies from?”

His love of women seems to be as strong as ever, and the way he looks at Feri and Linnecarlo is a little inappropriate.

“Introductions will come later. There’s one more person who’s going to wake up, so wait a minute.”

Feri had already begun to operate Mayu’s medical pod. Dad looked at her and nodded.

“In that case tell me about the situation.”

“I’m glad you’re so attentive. I have a lot of things to talk about, but right now it’s important that Mayu wakes up.”

Just as in the case of dad, gas is ejected from Mayu’s medical pod. It seems that the time has come for her to wake up. Slowly, the medical pod opened. I immediately tried to approach it, but Nagisa stopped me.

“Yuta, she’s not wearing anything yet, so don’t go near her!”

“Oh, I forgot.”

I turned my back and tried not to look.

“Father, too! What are you doing in the middle of all this?”

It seemed that my father was trying to get close to the medical pod but Kiyone mumbled angrily at him and made him stand next to me.

Standing next to me, the old man smiled with the innocence of a mischievous child. I was glad to see that he had not changed at all from before he died.

“How are you, is everything alright?”

“Who are you?”

It’s Mayu’s voice. It seems she has woken up.

“I’m Nagisa. I may be a little small, but I brought you my clothes.”

Just as Nagisa said that, Mayu’s loud voice echoed.


“Hey, hey! Clothes first……”

What just happened?

Just as I thought that, I received a thud on my back. After the impact, I felt something soft on my back. Then I heard Mayu’s sweet voice in my ear.

“Yuta! It’s really Yuta!”

It seemed that Mayu saw me and hugged me before she could get dressed.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

I hear Linnecarlo’s angry voice. However, Mayu did not want to move away from me without a fight. It seems that she is still naked, so I can’t just turn around like this but I spoke with her.

“Mayu, you need to get dressed. I can’t look at you like this.”

“Why not? You can look at me.”

“No, it doesn’t work like that…….”

After that, Muyu, who refused to leave no matter how many times I told her to, was forcibly pulled away by Linnecarlo and Nagisa.

She was resisting, but Nagisa is strong enough to subdue even the strongest of men, so resistance was futile. After a while, they seemed to have managed to get her to put her clothes on, and I finally got permission to turn around.

Mayu looks even more mature than when I met her in the spirit world. She has long, pale cobalt blue hair and a dignified face that doesn’t quite fit the image of the girl who calls me big brother. She is taller than Nagisa, and the clothes she wears seem to be quite tight, probably because of where she sticks out. She was a little pouty, but when she saw my face, she smiled.

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