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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C120

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C120

Last chapter of the week.

She sat in her usual chair and Tina sat opposite her. Alisa immediately places a cup of tea in front of them.

“Drink it.”

She tried to look nonchalant, but her mouth was parched and dry. She was drinking her tea with a stiff expression on her face as usual.

S–The two of you are so alike.

Sakura’s strangely calm words annoyed me a little.

L–I don’t care about that. What do I have to do?

S–It’s between Lilia and Tina.

L–Don’t say that. Please.

I said pleadingly, while Sakura sighed.

S–Why don’t you just talk about something bland?

Lilia nods and thinks of a topic. She looks at Tina, sees what she has in her hand, and nods again.

“This tea.”

Lilia said, and Tina looked up. She was paler than the girls who had come to this room a few days before. Seeing this made Lilia nervous as well.

“It’s…….Alisa is the one who always buys them for me. Alisa chooses the kinds too.”

“I see……..It’s always delicious.”

Then they both looked at Alisa.

“I am honored.”

Then they both look back at each other and down at their cups. The conversation doesn’t continue.

L—Sakura, what do you want me to do?

S–Muuu…….I don’t have much experience in this kind of thing, so…….

Sakura couldn’t answer either and fell silent. Not knowing what to do, Lilia took another cup of tea. She was not sure herself, but she was trying to cover up something.

“Um, Lilia.”

When she looked at Tina, she saw that she was staring at her.

“I’ve been having some bad days for a little while now.”

It’s probably about harassment. I know, of course, but I keep quiet to encourage her to talk.

“It’s only recently that it’s gone away.”

Lilia, of all people, hammered the nail into the coffin of those who had been harassing her. When Lilia was inwardly satisfied, Tina smiled thinly.

“Lilia helped you out, didn’t she?”

Lilia’s smile froze.

“What made you think that?”

When I somehow manage to squeeze that much out of her, Tina tells me with a wry smile.

“I asked Alia and she said it was right after she asked Lilia, so there was no doubt about it.”

She asked Alia to keep quiet about it, but it seems that she had told Tina. That was unexpected so it would no longer be possible to cover it up. Lilia sighed and let out a smile.

“I did something selfish without asking you. I am sorry.”

When Lilia said that, Tina shook her head as if in a panic.

“Oh, no! You did it for me, didn’t you? I know, so don’t apologize! Rather, I’m the one who should be apologizing!”

Lilia tilted her head while Tina straightened her posture and bowed to Lilia.

“I’m sorry for saying such terrible things.”

Lilia opened her mouth dumbly for a while and then said.

“It’s nothing.”

She should have gone to see her from the beginning like Sakura had said. She felt disgusted with herself. Lilia looked at Tina and opened her mouth.


I thought for a moment and opened my mouth again.


Tina’s face was distorted with sadness at my manner of addressing her. I felt a little funny about it, but continued.

“I forgive you.”


“I’m sorry to say this, but could you also forgive me for my earlier words and actions?”

Tina raised her eyebrows suspiciously and closed her eyes as if remembering something. She waited a moment, this time opening her eyes vigorously and smiling, just as Lilia had done.


“I see. I’m sorry.”

“I’m the one who’s benefiting.”

We both blurted at the same time. Even though it has only been about six months, it seems so nostalgic. It was our first exchange when we became friends.

“We’ll skip the rest, okay?”

“Let’s finish this.”

“I don’t want to. It’s embarrassing to remember.”

How could she have said those words? Tina laughed funny and said,

“Tina, will you be my friend again?”

Tina nodded happily.

I talked with Tina until after sunset that day. Most of the time we talked about trivial things but perhaps because it had been so long since we had had a proper talk, we had a lot to talk about, and before we knew it, it was time for dinner.

“See you later, Lilia.”

“Be careful on your way back.”

Tina waved her hand in front of the room and walked to the end of the corridor. Lilia was just about to go back to her room to get ready to go to the dining room when she heard a sound in the hallway.

S–Oh, it’s one of the guys from the other day.

Walking from the far end of the hallway was undoubtedly one of the female students whom Lilia had summoned. As she watched her with some concern, the female student suddenly bowed her head. A senior nobleman bowed to a lower class nobleman. Lilia’s mouth dropped open dumbly at that fact.

S–I guess she chose not to antagonize Lilia rather than her pride. But in this case, it would be……for Tina.

Tina seemed mildly dismayed and bowed several times as well. They kept bowing to each other and passed each other as they lowered their heads. As Lilia watched in amazement, a female student walking toward her noticed Lilia.


Lilia thought for a moment and smiled at the female student, whose face was tense with nervousness.

“Keep it up.”

With that, she returned to her room. Just before closing the door, she saw the female student breathe a sigh of relief. Lilia closed the door completely and chuckled thinly.

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