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I got a fake job at the academy C61

I got a fake job at the academy C61: Coordinate Designation Magic (1)


“Yes. Well, a Theon teacher solved it.”

[Do you know who the teacher is?]

Erendir answered Trina’s question without thinking.

“Mr. Rudger Chelici, a new teacher.”


“Did it help?”

[Yes. First of all, I will have to meet the teacher named Rudger Chelici as soon as possible.]

“Hopefully there will be progress in Sir Trina’s investigation.”

[Thank you for helping me princess.]


[Princess Erendir.]


As I was about to hang up, Trina Ryanhowl called me as if she had just remembered something.

[The 1st princess wants to contact you. She said she was upset that you hadn’t contacted her recently, and she asked me to let you know.]

“I understand.”


After the call ended, Erendir shrugged her shoulders and had no choice but to let out a sigh. The fact that her older sister, the 1st princess, is looking for her, made her uncomfortable.

The fact that she spoke her words through Trina also made it clear that her older sister was as caring as possible and he might have to say hello.

‘Will Sir Trina come to Theon?’

The werewolf incident seemed more serious than expected, if not the Security Bureau, even the head of the Security Bureau’s, would not be able to move directly.

If there is something to be gained by visiting Theon, that alone is a good thing so Erendir didn’t think about it any further.

* * *

“How is it?”

Her lieutenant Lloyd, who had been waiting for Trina to finish her call, asked, a light flashing through his glasses.

“The 3rd princess said that a teacher solved the werewolf situation in Theon.”

“You mean the teacher of Theon?”

“She also said that this is a new teacher who has just been appointed. I guess I’ll have to meet him in person and talk to him.”

“Will you go right away?”

At Lloyd’s question, Trina I shook her head.

“The investigation in Leathervelk is not over yet. Enya, do you have anything special to report?”


Enya, who was waiting, responded vigorously and stepped out.

“Once upon a time, it seems certain that the burned-out factory area was a secret laboratory that researched or developed something.”

“What matters is who was there and what was going on.”

“So far…….”

“What else?”

“Ugh. Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything else that’s been out of the ordinary, except for the noise of Leathervelk’s dark side.”

“The dark streets are noisy.”

Knights are on a stage that gets everyone’s attention, but they are different from the Security Bureau. Since they’ve seen a lot of dirty things, their connections with the dark district were deeper than normal. In fact, the place where they got the most information from this situation was also in the dark district.

At Trina’s words, Enya sighed slightly and continued the report.

“Well, this time, something a bit unusual happened.”

“Something unusual?”

“The dark district of Leathervelk was dominated by the Red Society, you know?”

“I have heard of it. It’s a little annoying, but we didn’t feel the need to go out and get rid of it, so we left it alone. However, I remember it was quite large.”

“Yeah. It is said that recently the Red Society was destroyed in one day.”

“One day?”

In the darkness that exists behind the city all kinds of organizations are fighting, so it’s not particularly strange that many died. However, the Red Society is big to the extent that it is called an ‘organization’. Since they disappeared overnight even Trina could not help but be curious.

“That’s kind of interesting. Do you think it has anything to do with this case?”

“That doesn’t seem to be the case. However, it seems that a very talented person appeared in the dark district of Leathervelk, so I think it would be better to keep an eye on it for the time being. It might be a threat to the Empire.”

Seeing that the organization called Red Society was wiped out in one day, there must have been quite a few talented people involved. Or was there even a wizard involved?

Contrary to Enya’s concern, Trina shook her head.

“There’s no need to worry about it at the moment. We will focus on our investigation now.”


“Once it is confirmed that there is nothing more to be found in Leathervelk, we will head straight to Theon.”

“All right.”

After her lieutenants left Trina crossed her arms and tapped her fingers in her arms.

‘Is it Theon?’

Although she did not speak to the lieutenants, Trina had been paying attention to Theon since she spoke with the princess a while ago. She was convinced that there was a clue in Theon. It was just her intuition, so she didn’t have to tell her lieutenants.

‘I’ll have to go there to find out more about it.’

Her senses kept telling her that there was something in Theon.

* * *

Even after the president told me about the Almighty Stone, rumors about the stone that grant wishes still circulated in Theon. No, it was actually much worse than before.

‘Is someone instigating rumors?’

It was difficult to pinpoint exactly who it was since the number of people living in the large campus called Theon reached four digits. Although it was called the Academy, it is actually like a small city, so it is realistically impossible to check all the people here.

Even the rumors spread through the Akashic Records, which can only be used by students, and the security of anonymity is so strict that it is difficult to find the source.

‘In this case, it would be better to deal with the Almighty Stone quickly and end the situation.’

Slowly, some of the students started asking, ‘Shall we also look for the stone?’

Maybe they didn’t realize anything during the last werewolf incident, or they think they’re different but there was an increasing trend of students who were not faithful to their studies and focused on the strange rumors.

‘For now, there are no people who crossed the line yet, so I’m leaving it alone, but that won’t last long.’

They were told to stay inside during the werewolf incident, but it was convenient as all I had to do was catch the werewolf out there. But honestly, I was not in a position to say anything about the Almighty Stone.

It doesn’t matter who gets hurt by looking for it. Rather, if we tried to prevent this further, the students might even doubt the existence of the Almighty Stone.

‘The president will take care of this part anyway.’

Just as a student has student duties, as a teacher, I have teacher duties.


As usual, when I speak with a little force, their eyes gather. However, I don’t feel the same enthusiasm as at the beginning of the semester.

I must have raised the initial expectations too high with the source code and since then, I’ve only summarized the contents of the textbook, rather than teaching new magic.

Among the things I taught, there was <Sensation of the Elements>, but it seems that it was not enough for students who are at the age of learning. In the eyes of some students, dissatisfaction with the class is starting to pile up. In the end, I had no choice but to close the textbook in my hand aloud.

“A lot of people seem bored, so today I’ll show you something fun and refreshing.”


Slowly, the students who were about to put their heads down on the desks raised their heads at my words. They’re starting to take an interest now.

‘It reminds me of the past.’

When I was living on Earth, there was a time when I was also a student. I woke up at 6:30 in the morning, listened to the 0 class, and worked until 10 pm.

I spent 15 hours a day studying. It was so desperate, but there were certainly times when I couldn’t stand the boredom of continuing the class. At that time, the teachers always tried to soothe the boredom of the students by talking about topics that were not related to the class.

“When magicians use magic, it always revolves around themselves.”

When I took the rhyme, the students responded by asking what I was talking about but I ignored it and continued.

“Typically elemental magic always revolves around the user.”

With that said, I used the first-tier fire magic [Pyro]. A small spark of fire erupted from the tip of my finger. This is a basic magic that doesn’t even require complicated techniques, so there’s nothing to be surprised about. However,

“If you put your hands on this magic a little, this is possible.”

I extinguished the sparks that rose from my fingertips, and then immediately activated the magic again.

This time, it was the same first-class fire magic [Pyro] but the difference was that the fire this time was not on my hand, but at a place quite a distance away from me.


One of the students, who was almost on the verge of falling asleep, screamed in amazement when he saw the flames rising right in front of him but no one looked at the student and laughed at him.

Everyone’s eyes turned to the flame floating in the air as if nailed.

“What is that?”

“The distance is 10 m away, but there was a spark?”

“How did teacher do it?”

“Isn’t that a scam?”

I knew such a word would come out, so I immediately disarmed the Pyro and activated another magic. Tiny electricity splashed around the classroom, water droplets were created and the wind whirled around.

I activated multiple spells in different locations. It was then that the students’ eyes turned to me as if they really realized there was something. Silence fell in the classroom and the sound of someone swallowing saliva could be heard.

“Do you have any questions?”

Then most of the students raised their hands, it was the opposite of their reactions from a while ago. I smiled to myself and pointed to a student.

“What are you curious about?”

“Teacher, how did you do that magic?”

“The intent of the question is ambiguous.”

At my point, the student cleared his mind and opened his mouth again.

“Normal magic is centered on the caster. Because mana that is the raw material for magic comes from the caster.”

I nodded.


“But teacher’s magic was activated at a distance beyond common sense.”

Most of them will be curious about that so I decided to show it again.

“Come on, look at this magic.”

I set a spark on the palm of my hand.

“Although it is said that the magic is centered on the caster, this magic did not come into contact with my skin. To be precise, it was condensed in the air about 5 centimeters above my palm.”

“Even so, there is such a thing as degree.”

Another girl cut in the middle but I didn’t mean to point it out or criticize it.

“Usually, the limit is up to 1m, it’s virtually impossible to go from this pulpit to the very back of the classroom.”

“But Mr. Rudger…….”

I did that so I understand what students are saying. The magic I showed them was a mystery that they couldn’t comprehend.

“In the end, the principle is similar to what I’m showing you now.”

I extinguished the flame floating on the palm of my hand.

“It is said that 1m is the limit, but it is not impossible to go beyond that. The consumption of mana will increase dramatically however, if the principle is different, it is quite possible, like I just did.”

Instead of manifesting magic around the caster I used a method of invoking a spell at a specific coordinate.

“This is the coordinate designation method.”

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