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I was sold at the lowest price C418

I was sold at the lowest price C418: Crossing the Border


After discussions with the individuals, it was decided to take the people from the Epsilon Core to the Amurian Union. When we spoke to Ranelle, the head of state of the Amurian Federation, so that she would accept them as immigrants, she was willing to accept them.

“What did Ranelle say?”

Nagisa calls out to me as I finish the communication.

She just said that we would proceed with the return of the hostages after we go back.”

“That’s it?”

“What’s the matter, did you have something to talk about? Why didn’t you just come in on the call with me?”

“No, we didn’t have anything to talk about, but I was just curious about the Amurian Union situation.”

She’s with us, but Nagisa belongs to the Amurian Union, and she was curious about the state of the country.

“I’m looking forward to going shopping in town once we cross the border of the Kingdom of Lubel. It’s been a while since I’ve been shopping.”

“I see, there are more of us now, and we’re running low on food.”

“That’s part of it, but it’s also because Sword Saint wants alcohol.”

“I see. It is true that we did not bring much alcohol, so the amount we have now will not be enough for father’s supper.”

“There he is! I found my brother!”

Mayu comes running up to me and interrupts my conversation with Nagisa. She had been near me the whole time, but I had asked Kiyone to take her away because she was getting in the way of my communication with Ranelle, but it seems that she has found me.

I’m glad that she loves me as an older brother, but I’m not sure I want her to be all over me at 24/7.

“Mayu, it’s not nice to interfere in others’ conversations like this.”


“Because. You see, Nagisa’s face is very scary.”

“That’s right. She looks really scary.”

Nagisa has been disgusted with me since Mayu started sticking to me, but her expression changed even more at my words. It seems that she has found out that she is being used to educate Mayu.

However, knowing that Mayu’s mental state is unstable and that she is trying to stabilize herself by looking up to me as her older brother, I can’t blatantly reject her, so I cooperate with her with a tight smile on my face.

“Mayu there has to be a sense of distance between people, and even if you are brother and sister. No matter how much you love your brother, you can’t be attached to him all the time.”

“I see…….”

The words were very appropriate, but they seemed to have an effect on the honest Mayu, who reluctantly left me. I hope this will make her stop being a little sticky…….

When we reached the border of the Kingdom of Lubel, the surveillance unit ceremoniously sent us a final message. It was uneventful and I think the captain of that unit was relieved.

As soon as we crossed the border, we stopped at a nearby town. Even though we had left the Kingdom of Lubel, it was still a long way to the Amurian Federation, where Alana and the others were staying. Food was scarce, and above all, there was no alcohol for dad.

“Okay, Yuta, Kiyone, I’m going to buy some sake and you’re going to go with me.”

Father invited me to go with him. Mayu and Linnecarlo wanted to come along, too, but Jean was angry with them, saying that we didn’t need that many people to buy sake and that there were other things to buy, so we would split up.

In addition to alcohol and food, we planned to buy clothes and household items for the people from the Epsilon Core, and we also needed to buy clothes and personal items for Mayu. In the end we split into three groups and headed out to do the shopping.

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