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I got a fake job at the academy C63

I got a fake job at the academy C63: Chasing the Shadow (1)


It was because Sedina Rosen had something to tell him that she had been waiting in front of Rudger’s office.

“Looks like the guys below are doing things on their own.”

“Oh that……Yeah.”

At Rudger’s words, Sedina tried to explain, but when she realized there was no need for that, she nodded her head right away. It was an undeniable fact that, as Rudger said, they did things on their own.

“Exactly what happened?”

“One Second Order……was trying to get things done on his own.”

“Tell me from the beginning.”

Sedina’s slender body trembled at Rudger’s sullen voice but this was not a reaction out of fear instead she felt thrilled.

“At first, a Third Order that was collecting information about some of the users in Theon realized that one of them had made contact with the source of this rumor.”

The Third Order felt drawn by something and kept trying to obtain more information about the relic.

“That’s how they came to know the truth. Somewhere in Theon, a fairly powerful artifact is secretly kept.”

“And the report must have gone up.”

“You’re right. The Third Order informed his superior, the Second Order and…….”

“The guy who got the report didn’t tell me about it.”


If it was about a Relic, it wouldn’t be strange to let the First Order know. However, the Second Order concealed this information and he did his own thing.

“Did he think I wouldn’t find out?”

Sedina hurriedly responded to Rudger’s voice, which felt even a little angry.

“That’s fine with me…….”

“Who is this Second Order?”

“A man named Demires.”

Rudger tapped his chin and gestured for more.

“Among the Second Order members, he is closely related to the intelligence department, and he was in charge of that part. However, compared to his own greed, his ability isn’t that great…….”

“What do you think is the reason that Demires did this?”

“It’s hard to judge that, but maybe……I think he is trying to become a First Order by making a big play.”

“Become a First Order?”

“Yes. Our Black Dawn founder, the Zero Order, created 7 seats for the First Orders, and said that they could change at any time.”

When the story of the First Orders came out, Sedina’s excitement rose without her knowing because the First Orders are the object of her respect, which she looks up to. The same goes for this man in front of her now.

“Right now, the First Orders are firmly holding their positions, but there are not a few Second Orders aiming for that position.”


Rudger nodded his head, while thinking about the system of the Black Dawn. I thought they were simply notorious bastards who were cruel to traitors, but there are other harsh rules like this inside.

‘Anyone who is culled or who doesn’t do his job properly will lose his place.’

That being said, perhaps even the current First Orders may have already taken someone’s place. However, the thing I am most curious about is the existence of the Zero Order who founded this organization. Who the hell was he to make these crazy rules?

‘He is confident that he will not lose his place.’

There must be a basis for that conviction and the sure reason must be that he has faith in his own strength. I don’t know what kind of guy it is, but the one to watch out for the most is the Zero Order.

“So what is the situation now?”

“It seems that Demires did the job by calling other 3rd Orders who agreed with his opinion. Before the artifact was moved, he raided the storage area, stole the items, and is currently on the run.”


“In this situation I can’t find his location but he must be close.”

“It seems he didn’t left Theon.”


Rudger lightly stroked his chin with his hand. The fact that Sedina did not confirm Demires’ whereabouts until the end was because the situation was so urgent that he didn’t have time to report.

Considering the time the president contacted me, it can be said that the incident has not occurred in a long time. However, seeing that the president needs help, he must have escaped quite well because he was a member of a secret society.

Rudger turned his head and looked out his window. Now the sun is slowly setting and the night is coming, that would make tracking even more difficult.

“I have to move slowly.”

“That……! Fir, no, is teacher going to act?”

“I guess so. I have to deal with this situation before it escalates.”

“What shall I do then?”

Sedina mustered up the courage to ask but Rudger said she didn’t have to do anything, and that made her uncomfortable.



“You did your job well enough just to let me know this fact.”


She has done her part well enough. Sedina didn’t expect those words to come out from Rudger’s mouth.

No, she wondered if she had ever heard these words properly in her life.

“Is that really true?”


Rudger answered without hesitation.

“You did well.”


At those words Sedina felt something inside. It was the first time she was recognized by someone. She was always treated like garbage, so she tried to run away from her family.

She thought several times that maybe this may be her own limit however, Rudger acknowledged her. Her eyes were red and she looked like she was about to cry but she desperately endured it because she couldn’t show such an ugly face in front of the person she respected the most.

Rudger wore his long black coat hanging from his hanger.

“Don’t go out. Please clean up.”


He said passing by Sedina, who had her head bowed down desperately to hold back her tears.

* * *

I said a few words, so why are you doing that? I shook my head, thinking of Sedina, who was alone in the office.

I just said a few words to ease the mood, but she’s crying alone. Even though I didn’t understand it, I thought that it was because she went through so much hardship.

She’s trying hard to pretend she’s strong, but it’s just a shell to hide her weak inner feelings.

‘Is it the Rosen family?’

I’ve heard of the Rosen family. Recently they are an emerging power among famous and prestigious families. Although it is not well known externally, it is certain that they used all kinds of dirty methods to grow the family. If I had to rate them I think the head of the family is worse than Bellbot Rickson which I removed with my own hands a while ago.

‘However, it has nothing to do with me now.’

This is clearly Sedina’s personal business. Whether she hates her own family or has anything to do with Julia Plumhart, it has absolutely nothing to do with me.

Now she’s acting as my assistant, but after all, our relationship is just a shell. I don’t really need to pay attention to it.

‘It must be something else more important than that.’

The priority is to find the stolen Relic <Almighty Stone>. Since I’ve heard the directions of where the other members of Black Dawn fled, it’s easy to follow them.

No matter how wide Theon is, there is plenty of room to hide but that doesn’t mean I can’t find them. As I got out of the building, I slowly walked down the street and looked up at the sky.

When the sun had completely disappeared over the western horizon and night came I stopped walking and looked around but there was no one to see.

No, there were students leaving school one by one, and there were people chatting with each other, but it would be correct to say that no one was interested in me, probably, because I am already completely assimilated with the environment around me.

「Ater Nocturnus」

The black shadow that covered my body flickered, hiding my existence from the surrounding landscape. It’s my original magic called Black Nocturne in Latin.

However, oddly enough, this magic is not a dark elemental magic, unlike its appearance. It’s not even part of the <Manifestation> system I teach my students.

To be precise, this is a <Summon> system magic, one of the four types of <Summon> magic.

There are 4 specializations in <Summon> magic. [Spirit] who inherited the will of nature, [Golem] made of metal and soil, [Soul Code] that invokes and applies the will and the last one is the [Magic Water] that I am using now.

All wizards deal with mana and this mana is a mysterious power that has not yet been properly defined.

When a person deals with this mysterious power, the magical power itself is affected by the person’s inclination, constitution, life process, user’s wish, or hidden talent. Whatever it may be, all such elements are woven into one, and mana itself has a will and takes the form of a ‘summoned beast’, that’s magic water.

These magical beasts, which have different shapes and abilities, are different from ordinary living things. Even this magical beast that I am calling right now takes the form of ‘clothes’ and it’s not a normal summoned beast.

“Let’s go.”

The shadows on the edge of the coat flowed like ink dissolved in water, and then moved along the ground. Before long, the shadows that were darker than the darkness were spread like a carpet on the ground, making a path and I followed the path he was showing me.


“What’s the matter?”

“It felt like something just passed by.”

“I didn’t feel anything.”

No one I met in the dark saw me; they were not even aware of my existence. It is one of the abilities of my magical beast, Ater Nocturnus, however, it cannot be used for long. Because my presence is eaten, if I wear it for a long time, it will devour my very existence.

I took a pill out of my pocket and shoved it into my mouth since I won’t be able to use it for long due to extreme mana consumption. He obeys my orders, but that doesn’t mean he listens to everything I say. He follows me because I feed him, otherwise he will eat me at any time.

‘All the magic I use are missing screws.’

Since I came to Theon and taught the basics, that fact touches me even more. However, I have no choice but to use it.

With that in mind, I continued moving through the darkness.

* * *


“Flora, what’s the matter?”

After finishing today’s study, Flora Lumos stopped while walking down the street with her childhood friend Cheryl. Cheryl was puzzled by Flora’s sudden action, but Flora did not answer it.

‘Just now, something passed me by.’

She couldn’t see it with her eyes or even feel it. Had she been any other person, she would have mistakenly thought that the wind had blown but Flora didn’t.


There was a strong scent of something that moved away from her. It was not just a regular smell, instead it smelled like magic but it was also something she had never seen before. If the usual magic is sweet and stimulating this magic was a little darker and deeper, like black coffee, full of flavor.

‘What is it? It is magic that is invisible to my eyes.’

Flora was a little proud of herself, but curious.

‘The smell remains.’

The smell was like an indicator, guiding her.

‘Let’s go.’

Flora thought up to that point and acted immediately.

“Flora? Flora!”

Cheryl Wagner called out to Flora due her unusual behavior.

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