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I was sold at the lowest price C421

I was sold at the lowest price C421: Banquet


The impromptu tables are crammed with food, the menu is diverse and everything looks delicious.

Jean briefly explains the purpose of this party.

“We have prepared a small banquet today to celebrate your safe return and the addition of new members to our group. Although the food and drinks have been prepared just in time, I hope you will enjoy them to the fullest.”

The way he said it was a little bit formal and it was funny to those of us who know Jean normally, but the people from the epsilon cores are taking it seriously. Some of them even tearfully thanked him for organizing a party like this for them.

When Jean finishes his words, everyone reaches for their food at once. I was hungry, so I started with a hearty meat dish.

“You need to eat less meat and……vegetables too.”

Nagisa is always complaining to me as she eats her salad.  I don’t mind it and eat a piece of meat as big as my fist. An unbelievable amount of juices overflow from the meat, and the delicious taste of the meat spreads in my mouth at once.

“This is delicious! You should try some too.”

“What? I don’t like it. It’s so……sticky, and the glow shows the amount of calories it contains.”

“Are you worried about gaining weight?”

“How can there be a girl who doesn’t care?”

Nagisa is always training in her spare time so I don’t think she will gain weight even if she eats a little more.

“If I gain any weight, you’ll have to take responsibility for it.”

“What do you mean I’ll have to take responsibility?”

“What? That’s me and…….”

Just as I was about to say something, Mayu hugged me with such force that I almost fell to the ground.



Nagisa is blatantly disgusted by Mayu’s appearance. I don’t think she dislikes her but they are not getting along well.

“Mayu, are you eating well?”

“I’m eating a lot!”

However, a tip-off came from the side, denying Mayu’s words.

“She was eating a lot of sweets. You should tell her to have a proper meal as well.”

Linnecarlo appears, holding a plate of food that appears to be nutritionally balanced. She looks at me and says, as if she has just thought of something.

“Yuta, look, this is very delicious. Take a bite.”

Linnecarlo pointed a fork at a good-sized fish filet from her plate and brought it close to my mouth. I ate the fish filet without a second thought, partly because I wanted to, and partly because it was suddenly recommended to me. It was indeed a delicious dish, with a rich, fatty flavor, just the right amount of salt, and a unique spice that also added a nice flavor.

“Linnecarlo, make him eat that greasy-looking food!”

Nagisa, seeing this, protested impatiently for some reason.

“Why? He ate it like it was delicious.”

“It’s not about the taste! He just had a rich meat dish, so I thought I’d give him a lighter vegetable dish next!”

“He’s young, so it’s not a problem.”

“Stop it!”

Nagisa and Linnecarlo started to argue. Not wanting to get involved, I slowly left the scene.

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