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I was sold at the lowest price C422

I was sold at the lowest price C422: Drinking


“Yuta, the sake you bought for me is very tasty. Here, how about a sip?”

Kiyone offered me a sip with a warm smile.

“No, I don’t drink alcohol.”

Adulthood in this world generally starts at 16, so ethically it’s okay to drink, but I don’t really like it…….

“I see…….”

Her face that changed from a dusty smile to a sad expression makes my heart ache with a prick. I can’t refuse her if she makes a face like this.

“Ummm……..I think I’ll just take a sip…….”

Kiyone’s expression brightened when I said that. She then smiles sexily, pours a small glass of sake and hands it to me. When she handed it to me, she gave me a bewitching smile, something she usually doesn’t do.

After taking a sip, Kiyone immediately asks,

“Does it taste good?”

Upon closer inspection, Kiyone’s kimono, which is always tight, is a little disheveled. Strangely, I feel sex appeal in her gestures, and I’m starting to get nervous. She is in close contact with me in a different way than usual, and my body is hot, probably due to the fact that I have been drinking.

“Kiyone, I think you’ve had a little too much to drink!”

I become embarrassed and warn her.

“I didn’t drink that much. You see, I drank only two bottles.”

The bottles of alcohol she showed me were quite large. Two bottles of that amount of alcohol would be enough to get her drunk.

“No, you’ve had quite a bit to drink…….”

“But, look, did you enjoy your drink?”

To tell the truth, I was so focused on Kiyone’s strange sexuality that I didn’t have time to savor the taste of alcohol. I don’t know why she wanted to know what I thought so badly in the first place, and it was already too much trouble, so I answered in an appropriate manner.

“It was delicious.”

Kiyone smiled at that and said,

“Then have another sip.”


“What’s wrong? It was delicious, wasn’t it?”

Oh shit. I dug my grave……

“Yuta, a man never lies. You said it was delicious, so it makes sense to take another sip.”

Kiyone, who was wearing the same high spirits that she had during practice, approached me with the sake, emitting a strange, even murderous, spirit. Just when I thought I was going to be beaten, someone came to my rescue.

“Kiyone, leave it at that. What if he gets scared of alcohol if you make him drink like that?”

The old man appears with a bottle of what looks like sake in one hand. He smells strongly, as if he has already consumed a considerable amount of alcohol but he looks the same as usual.

“But, Father! I want Yuta to know the taste of alcohol as well……”

“If you force him to drink, it will have the opposite effect. You can take your time and teach him slowly.”

When Kiyone is teaching swordsmanship, she is slow and careful, while the old man is very forceful, but when it comes to alcohol, the situation seems to be the opposite. But either way, it seems that I’m set to be trained in drinking…….

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